Final Fantasy XV's First Story DLC Dated

By Kevin Tavore,
Final Fantasy XV was certainly the biggest JRPG to launch last year and while fans of the genre have new titles to look forward to this coming year, FFXV isn't quite done with us yet. The developer has been producing content for the season pass since release and they've been teasing a Gladio DLC, but it wasn't until today that the DLC was formally unveiled and given a release date: March 28th.

The DLC will see Gladio taking on various trials to become a better man and to become stronger. That seems to fit the character quite well, but beyond that we still don't really know what the DLC is about other than that it stars Gladio all on his own.

Also announced is the next armor pack. This time it's called the Magitek Exosuit. That fits the theme of the world until you see that really it's a not so subtle take on the Power Rangers. Not that there's any issue with that at all. It's awesome.


The Gladio DLC for Final Fantasy XV will launch on March 28th. We'll get the Magitek Exosuits earlier on February 21st. We'll keep you updated as soon as we hear more.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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