Weekend Headlines Jan 27-29th Part 3: Trailers, Screenshots and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Following on from the 15 announcements and the myriad of updates that occurred this weekend, we now have the trailers, screenshots and other details that were also revealed over the three-day period.


Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey will be heading west in April. The latest trailer reveals new details about the game's Synthesis gameplay system, new and returning characters, and the all new atilier tent.

Following on from last week's trailer, Birthdays the Beginning has now released a developer diary where the game's creator, Mr. Yasuhiro Wada. In it, Wada describes the "Create" theme that is key to the title, as well as revealing that the game is just the first of many titles that are planned for the Birthdays universe.

While the Steam version of Days of War may have just been released in Early Access, the console version of the title still has a way to go. Heading back to World War II, players can choose to battle as either the Americans, British, Russians or Germans in teams of up to 32 players. Each of the battles are objective based with modes like Domination, where players fight over five flags in a specific order, and Detonation, where one side has to place explosives at certain locations to add time to the game clock. There will be a variety of classes, each with their own unique weapons, strengths and weaknesses. To celebrate the game's release on Steam, developer Driven Arts released a new trailer:

Hob is a "vibrant, suspenseful adventure game" that is set in a world in disarray and peril. Players need to solve the planet's mysteries and see if it can be mended before it falls further into chaos. The stunning landscape will be accompanied by a soundtrack from composer Matt Uelmen (Torchlight, Diablo). In this latest video, he explains why this game's soundtrack is different to anything that he's done before.

MLB The Show 17 revealed its Retro Mode at PSX 2016. Now, developer San Diego Studio has gone into further detail on this mode, and revealed some pre-order bonuses. You can find more details on those here. In the meantime, they also released a new trailer that showcases the mocap process that Ken Griffey Jr. went through to be replicated in the game.

Rounding out this section, Persona 5 (JP) didn't just release one video, they released four. Each of the videos reveals a character: Chihaya Mifune, Ichiko Ohya, Shinya Oda and Yuuki Mishima.


Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom released a series of images covering the game's characters, combat and higgledies. Take a look:

Sundered is currently enjoying an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign where the game is nearly 400% funded. In one of their campaign updates, developer Thunder Lotus introduced us to protagonist Eshe. After a calamity befell humanity, the remaining survivors travel across windswept, dusty land in groups to pool their resources and skills. Eshe, the group's engineer, is able to salvage parts and repair the groups ailing equipment. After yet another member of the group is lost during a salvage mission, Eshe sets out to find them, but a mysterious sandstorm traps her in a deep pit where she discovers the very power that led to the world's destruction. Will she survive the monsters and the madness?


The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk is the sequel to The Inner World, both of which will be arriving on PlayStation 4 this year. This weekend brought along the first screenshots for the sequel, which sees players taking on Emil, a trader who has led the flute nosed creatures of Asposia astray. The only person who can save the Asposians is the last wind monk and only Robert, the heir to the flute nose throne, can find him.


Akiba's Beat will released in Europe this spring. Publisher PQube revealed a limited edition version of the game that will be available from select retailers across Europe. The Limited Edition will include a high-quality art book and a special box. In the UK at least, it will be available exclusively at GAME.

Limited Edition

Despite being released digitally in June 2016, Anima: Gate of Memories will be receiving a physical Beyond Fantasy Edition in the US on March 21st. The edition includes a collector's box, full-color, 52-page hardcover art book, 25-track original soundtrack with jewel case, tarot card deck and a framed art print. You'll be able to purchase it at the NIS America Online Store, Amazon, GameStop and others for $49.99.

Finally, for this week, developer En House Studios released a lot of details about GLITCHED's combat system. Whenever a conflict occurs between two characters, they must try to resolve it verbally. If this doesn't happen, the characters engage in a Battle of FATE, a card-based battle system. You can read the detailed explanation in this blog post.

That's all for this week. Join us next week for more weekend headlines.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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