Screenshot Saturday January 14th: LEGO Dimensions, Mutant Football League

By Rebecca Smith,
Last Saturday, another 15 games provided screenshots of their upcoming titles. The subjects ranged from new levels to very minor details that might make all the difference when a game is released. Here are the most interesting images from last weekend, starting with the gifs and finishing with the still images. For further information on any of these titles, click on the headers to be taken to the game's hub.

Fury Unleashed

Mainframe One

Pixel Ripped 1989

Sir Eatsalot (Vita)



Mad Fellows' rail shooter tasks players with avoiding obstacles and shooting enemies, all in time to the musical beat. Here's a brief look at one of the levels that players should be able to try out "very soon".
Screenshot Saturday 14/1/17

Children of Morta

Players will get to explore caves within the land of Morta, but what purpose does the cave paintings serve?
Screenshot Saturday 14/1/17


After getting a look at the Forgotten Fields last week, this time we get a look at the quiet town of Betiwxt.
Screenshot Saturday 14/1/17

LEGO Dimensions

In the new LEGO Batman Movie story pack, many easter eggs will be hidden for players to find. “Forget it, Lloyd. It’s Ninjagotown.”
Screenshot Saturday 14/1/17


Since the game's conception, Linelight's developer has spent a lot of time streamlining the game's levels. Below is a before and after shot of one of those levels.
Screenshot Saturday 14/1/17

Mutant Football League

Most people release just a single screenshot for the day. Digital Dreams released three for the spiritual successor to the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis title of the same name. These screens for the 7-on-7 arcade-style American Football parody show everything from gigantic opponents to the lush grass on the pitch.

Rainbow Skies

Meet Bamesman, the fiercest Monster Breeder in Rainbow Skies! You'll get to meet him when the game releases later this year.
Screenshot Saturday 14/1/17


Many prototypes were put forward for the role of the game's hero. This is the one that won. Here's an early look at the game's unnamed hero.
Screenshot Saturday 14/1/17

The Other 99

This screenshot is a perfect example of those important, seemingly minor details. Light is important in the dark and unsettling world of The Other 99. This image shows a sneak peek of the revamped lighting in the game.

Screenshot Saturday 14/1/17

Join us next week to see what another #ScreenshotSaturday will bring.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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