Screenshot Saturday January 7th: A Sneak Peek at Upcoming Titles

By Rebecca Smith,
#ScreenshotSaturday is a Twitter tradition that has been going on for years. Every weekend, many developers and publishers post a single still screenshot, piece of artwork or short gif of their game in progress. Let's take a look at some of the best ones from last weekend, starting with the gifs and finishing with the still images.


Pixel Ripped 1989

Rogue Singularity

World to the West

ARK: Survival Evolved

There's a major update coming on Playstation 4 on January 16th that will bring consoles up to speed with the PC version. Here's a tease for the upcoming content:
Screenshot Saturday 7/1


Players will be able to modify weapons in the game. Although it's arriving in Steam early Access on February 25th, a release date for the console version is unknown.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1

Children of Morta

Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Children of Morta is a "story-driven hack ‘n slash roguelike" title that puts players in the shoes of the Bergson family. Each of these family members has their own unique abilities but they must work together if they are to protect each other and return peace to their land. In this screenshot, enemies are succumbing to the power of the guardian.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star

There are just ten days until this game is available for players to buy on Playstation 4 and Vita.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1


The Forgotten Fields area of the game.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1

Jenny LeClue – Detectivú

A LeClue family portrait of Jenny and her mother.

Rainbow Skies

Ashly found a treasure in Wooden Abyss.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1

That post-new-year back to work feeling even hits game characters.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1

Strikers Edge

Concept art of the character Eir, the Valkyrie.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1

Sublevel Zero Redux

Publisher Merge Games promises that pre-orders of the game's signature edition will begin soon, although we still don't have a release date for the title.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1


Sundered is a Metroidvania title that includes procedurally generated dungeons and "dynamically spawned" enemies. Players will need to either resist or embrace the ancient eldritch powers that can corrupt abilities and make them more powerful, but at the same time will make them lose thier humanity. The concept art below is the final concept art for the weapons that are used by the game's heroine.
Screenshot Saturday 7/1

Surf World Series

This title brings the sport of surfing into the hands of gamers. Amongst many things that players will be able to do is to travel to five different locations to ride monster waves. Both Australia's Bells Beach and Hawaii's Waimea Bay will produce waves like the one below:
Screenshot Saturday 7/1

Join us next week to see what another #ScreenshotSaturday will bring.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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