We Sing Patch Fixes Trophy Issues

By Jon,
The greatest crime committed by We Sing is letting just anyone butcher classics such as Lady GaGa's Bad Romance or the song that put Britney Spears on the map, Hit Me Baby One More Time. The second greatest crime committed by We Sing was including glitched trophies. The following two trophies will now unlock normally for all users:

We SingClassic ModeThe Classic Mode trophy in We Sing worth 33 pointsPlayed Karaoke mode at least 10 times

We SingGet yourself a drink!The Get yourself a drink! trophy in We Sing worth 35 pointsPlayed Marathon 5 times

The other less important bug fixes are as follows:
  • Fixed a bug where X would close the on-screen keyboard
  • A Timer has been added during song gameplay
  • D-Pad Navigation Implemented
  • Other minor bugs addressed and fixed.
We Sing Patch 1.02 is available now for the PlayStation 4.

We've got the full list of We Sing trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Jon
A College Librarian by day, Jon's managed to work games into his professional research. After running 360voice and working with TrueAchievements as Dog of Thunder for 5 years; Jon's now a Newshound for TrueTrophies under the original AOL screen name he created when he was 12.