Next Patch, New Pantheon, Map Changes, Season 4 and More Previewed for SMITE

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
The end of Season 3 is nearly upon us in SMITE. There's just under a month left to finally get that Grandmaster ranking (maybe not, but I can dream right?), enjoy your favorite character before they're inevitably nerfed, and spend precious moments with the maps before everything changes. At this week's SMITE World Championships, Hi-Rez has announced the upcoming changes to the game in the next patch, revealed the latest goddess and new pantheon, and previewed the heap of adjustments coming to ranked, several game modes and more. There's quite a lot to take in, so roll up your sleeves and get ready for a lot of information.

Before we can roll into Season 4, patches for Season 3 haven't yet completed with another one on the menu scheduled for the upcoming week. The Celtic pantheon, which was revealed earlier, has its first addition to the god pool with The Morrigan, who is able to transform into any god in the match with her ultimate ability.

With arrival of The Morrigan and the Celtic pantheon, the Fanfir's Wonderland winter event will come to a close and a new event will begin. This one is different than events like Xing Tian's Mountain and Fafnir's Wonderland and is instead more comparable to something like the Season Ticket or The Odyssey, where players can buy in to earn cosmetics and rewards for meeting goals. If players buy in, they will gain access to the Path of the Phantom Queen event, which is a board game. Players earn a handful of rewards for participating in the event and earn two special awards for making it to the end of the board game:

Players will have to buy into the event to be able to participate [1,000 gems]. Players who have Twitch Prime will be able to play for free.

Players will receive these items for the initial buy in:
  • Spriggan Terra
  • Oak-Seer Artemis
  • Celtic Loading Frame
  • Celtic Music Theme
  • Druid Shrine Pedestal
Finishing the board game, by reaching the end, grants the player:

  • Woodland Rogue Morrigan
  • Cutesy The Morrigan Avatar

While The Morrigan is the obvious attraction of the patch, there is still some light balancing and quite a few skins (pictured above). The big changes are being saved for the first patch of Season 4. You can check out the full patch notes for 3.25 here, although they may vary from the console patch notes, which have not been posted as of this writing.

Further down the road, Season 4 will begin. A new season is always when we see the biggest changes to the game. The team has been focusing on allowing more variety in the ways of level 1 builds and says "In Season 4, all tier one items have been re-balanced and repriced to be paired with a starter item, giving players control of their builds in a way they haven’t had before." The consumables tree, from early game health and mana potions, to late game power pots, has received new additions and options. While these changes will affect every game mode, Hi-Rez also has plans for individual modes as far as map changes. Of course, there will be god balancing, about which we haven't gotten any hints yet. The developers talk specifically about the Conquest game mode in the video below:

Along with the changes to Conquest, ranked will be getting a complete revamp as well. Due to so many ranked changes over the past few years, players Elos have become distorted thanks to the addition and later removal of tri-queue, bugs taking away too much TP for a loss, last season's addition of the Grandmasters tier and more. Season 4 will be wiping everyone's hidden Elo and ranks across the board, allowing for a new start.

For the first time, the season will also consist of individual "splits," mimicking the style of the professional scene. Each split will last for an equal amount of time and players can climb the leaderboard as high as they can. At the end of every split, the ladder will see a soft reset, so prior players won't have lost all their progress, but new players will be given the opportunity to make an emergence onto the leaderboards. Players will also receive rewards at the end of each split for achieving certain ranks, although details haven't yet been divulged on this.

For those who prefer casual modes as opposed to the ranked battlegrounds, Clash has been confirmed to be receiving a huge overhaul. While a fun and fast-paced mode, it has been criticized for its lack of jungle, ease of going from one lane to the next, and the tendency for the leading team to snowball. There also previously wasn't anything unique about the map since it just used the Conquest bosses of the Gold Fury and the Fire Giant. This is all going to change in Season 4 when the map is rebuilt and will be getting its own boss, Apophis.

Mythology buffs might know who Apophis is and have their interest piqued — he's the Egyptian god of chaos. This means that yes, the Clash map will be completely redesigned to have an Egyptian theme instead of the current Greek theme. The developer seems keen to make sure each pantheon is represented in the varying maps, and Conquest is already decked out in the Greek theme. There hasn't been an Egyptian-themed map since the Domination point control game mode, which was removed during the PC beta.

While this is all the information that has come out of this weekend's Hi-Rez Expo so far, the grand finals of the SMITE World Championship are today, so keep your eyes peeled for more reveals and teasers. A couple promotions have also come out of the event this week. If you're a Twitch Prime member (which is also included with Amazon Prime), you can claim your free Twitch-themed Janus JT-6000 skin by linking your PSN account with your Twitch Prime account (by following the instructions here). Last but not least, if you're still chipping away at the Season Ticket, which will go away once the Morrigan patch arrives, there is a still another day left of the Triple Fantasy Points Event.
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