Rocksmith 2014 Edition Goes Acoustic With Latest Patch

By Luc1d,
Have you ever wished that you could play Rocksmith 2014 Edition unplugged? Ubisoft has patched the game and has added microphone input for acoustic guitars, along with Endless Replay Mode in Guitarcade and Disconnected Mode for when you want to play along without your performance being judged. Full details are in the patch notes below.

Until now Rocksmith 2014 Edition has required players to use a guitar or bass that is electric, electroacoustic or fitted with a removable pickup and connected to their console with the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable. This has been a barrier to many players who want to give authentic performances of songs in the game library that feature prominent acoustic guitar parts. The new Microphone Mode gives much more freedom of expression to players and also makes the game accessible to people who only have access to an acoustic guitar.

Microphone Mode

If you don’t have an electric guitar or simply want to use an acoustic to play Rocksmith, now you can! Use a USB microphone as your input device, point it at your acoustic guitar or bass, and enjoy strumming and picking in Rocksmith without a Real Tone Cable. (We still recommend using the Real Tone Cable for best results and the most direct/cleanest signal input for any guitars with pickups.)

Disconnected Mode

Want to just play along without plugging in? You got it. You no longer have to have a Real Tone Cable plugged in to play along with Rocksmith – note detection is deactivated, and you can just read the notes on the screen for more casual practice sessions.

Endless Replay Mode in Guitarcade

Guitarcade fans asked for less downtime between games — request granted! Instead of kicking you back to the menu after each round, you can now immediately restart your next run.

We’ve also tweaked a few other key elements, thanks to the feedback we’ve received from players:
  • You can now edit your Song Lists from the Learn a Song menu as well as the Nonstop Play menu
  • Rocksmith can now hear your guitar better during Calibration
  • Added ability to choose Other Arrangements in Score Attack
  • Added the ability to replay the “Welcome to Rocksmith” introductory lesson
Does Microphone Mode work the same as if I were using a Real Tone Cable?

Yes – all your songs are available, dynamic difficulty adjusts to your skill level, Emulated Bass mode is available to you – it’s the Rocksmith experience you know and hopefully love. The only audible difference: Your guitar signal will not be processed through Rocksmith 2014’s Authentic Tones when you’re in Microphone Mode. You won’t hear stompbox effects, but you will be scored normally when playing songs.

Will any acoustic guitar work with Microphone Mode?

Any normal six-string should – we tested this mode with a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles of acoustic guitars. Specialty acoustics like 12-strings or baritone instruments still aren’t recommended, but a standard six-string acoustic should be fine.

What kind of microphone do I need?

Any dedicated USB microphone that your machine recognizes should work fine. (We do not recommend using a microphone that is part of another device, like a webcam or chat headset.) Not all USB microphones are supported by all gaming platforms. If in doubt, please contact the microphone’s manufacturer.

Any tips for best results with Microphone Mode?

You bet:
  • Be sure you have a working, dedicated USB microphone plugged into your computer or console. Sounds simple, but it’s worth checking.
  • Recalibrate any time your set up or environmental conditions change. Notes above the 15th fret may not be accessible on some acoustic guitars.
  • Minimize background noise as much as you can. If the background noise is too loud, Rocksmith won’t be able to distinguish your guitar from everything else.
  • Different microphones have different ranges of sensitivity, so you’ll need to make sure you’re close enough for it to hear you. If you’re having trouble with note detection, trying adjusting the angle and distance of the microphone itself.
  • Be sure the microphone is pointing the right direction. Some microphones are designed to pick up sound from any direction while others can only pick up sound from one particular direction.
The latest patch for Rocksmith 2014 Edition is available now on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.
Written by Luc1d
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