The Golf Club 2 Talks Motion Capture and Improved Animations

By VestedTomb32,
When The Golf Club 2 was first announced, many gamers remembered some of the stiff animations and small hitches that were present in the original The Golf Club when it was released in 2014. The developers at HB Studios have taken this criticism to heart and have worked on updated, motion captured animations for the sequel.

The below video features a brief Q&A discussion with the Head Animator, Joel Thompson, and the various ways that they are improving the animations of their digital golfers.

With the addition of some professional golfing talent, an understanding of what could be improved from the first The Golf Club and a focus on making the sequel better than its predecessor as much as possible, your digital golfing avatar should be looking better than ever.

TGC2- 11152016

Currently The Golf Club 2 does not have a firm release date, but it is expected to be available in early 2017.

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