This War of Mine: The Little Ones to Receive Free DLC

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Although it just made its way to consoles in January, This War of Mine The Little Ones celebrated its two-year anniversary this week. As a thank you to the community for all of the support that they've offered since the heart-wrenching survival game launched, developer 11 bit studios has announced the release of free DLC that will be available to anyone who owns the game.

This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition

Although the devs are calling it "DLC," on PC it could be obtained just by updating your version of the game without actually having to claim any new DLC from the store; it's not clear if it will materialize the same way on consoles. This updated version is called This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition. The update contains three new locations, new NPCs with whom to interact and a completely new ending to reach. The Steam version also included one new achievement for players to earn.

In the tribute video below, fans talk about what draws them to This War of Mine:

The free content is available now on PC with consoles soon to follow, although an exact date was not given.
Kelly Packard
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