TT Podcast Episode 17 - A Discussion In Review

By Brandon Fusco,
As promised, here's the link to our Extra Life page. Because I was out of town and then working, I didn't have a chance to marathon, but I'll be marathoning quite a bit over the next two weeks, and you've got until the end of the calendar year to make your donation count, so don't hold back!
Welcome to another edition of the TT Podcast! This week, I'm joined by Prince and Ace, as we discuss the lack of review copies for games, how that effects gamers, and what this does to the future. But that's not all! If you listen now, for the low, low cost of shipping and handling, you'll also receive a list of terrible game titles, a 600 year journey through space, a bunch of nerd talk about Square-Enix, and more, on this episode of the candle lighting, room escaping, Evolve game evolving TrueTrophies podcast!


Thanks for listening! Be sure to leave feedback in the comments below, or PM with a stealth message if you have something to say, such as wanting to get a Game Session on the podcast, or to offer feedback on how we can make the show better!
Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
Brandon is an Editor and TGN's Host with the Most. The most what? The most opinions, the most understanding wife, and the most *funny cat videos. Previously Host of the Trophy Talk Podcast. (*Not Verified)
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