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Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 diskdocx diskdocx 1,011,013
King of Battle in Knack
2 QuantumMercury 932,853
Divisional Commander in Call of Duty: WWII
3 BeautifulTorment BeautifulTorment 799,969
Go All The Way To The Top! in One Piece: Burning Blood
4 alesserevil alesserevil 741,082
Down Under in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
5 GIONAScm2 GIONAScm2This user is flagged for being better than thou 462,045
【ムヒとプレゼント】 in Punch Line
6 AcE-Reri AcE-ReriPlatinum or go home! 461,261
Grim Synergy in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
7 Mike12888 Mike12888 447,706
Well Begun Is Half Done in Rise of the Tomb Raider
8 shawnbenham shawnbenham 391,725
Kingiest King EVER in New Little King's Story (Vita)
9 biff_beefcake biff_beefcake 238,702
Hotshot in Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Vita)
10 WalIflower WalIflower 199,492
Jumping for Joy in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
11 kidbestcode kidbestcode 194,976
Iron Will in Rise of the Tomb Raider
12 leprekon666 leprekon666 190,518
Valley of the Wanderer in Shadow of the Colossus
13 SticklySnipe44 SticklySnipe44Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, etc. 179,282
No Pain, No Gain in Tekken 7
14 Wilkz13 Wilkz13 170,966
True Grit in Grand Kingdom
15 txster txsterHow am I supposed to get any work done with so much stats to browse? :P 168,119
All Metal Flowers found in Horizon: Zero Dawn
16 Str8Flushin Str8FlushinPS4 Pro. Yay or nay? 166,094
An Inquisitive Mind in Monster Hunter: World
17 kazimodo99 kazimodo99 145,900
Grow it Out in NHL 16
18 teflontactics teflontacticsCheck out for PSVita news and reviews! 143,785
Old Hunter's Essence in Bloodborne
19 Bman54X Bman54X 106,686
Death Dodger in South Park: The Fractured but Whole
20 alitar13 alitar13 90,278
Taken for a Ride in Fallout 4
21 Khillasaurus KhillasaurusTales of Symphonia!!! My favourite game of all time! =D 89,884
Rocket Genocider in Rocket League
22 MLSxGHOST MLSxGHOSTTwitter @LewdLila 65,531
Full House in Backgammon Blitz (Vita)
23 coldkilla_255 coldkilla_255 54,764
50 Kills: Micro - 9mm in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
24 P4r4n0_o1aC P4r4n0_o1aC 54,213
Enemy Within in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
25 Crackur CrackurPlaying Uncharted 4 36,741
Blessed in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
26 MrGuster MrGuster 9,502
3 Strikes From Above in Horizon: Zero Dawn
27 Mecandes Mecandes 5,296
That Achievement's Name... in AdVenture Capitalist
28 ClockWorkPhantom ClockWorkPhantomResistance 2&3 mp and coop done time for a double platinum day then kingdom hearts 5,118
Mega Buster in Marvel vs. Capcom 2
29 GhostVelocity GhostVelocity 208
Individual Pursuit in Defiance

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diskdocx Knack King of Battle diskdocx won the King of Battle trophy in Knack for 251 points
diskdocx Knack Gladiator diskdocx won the Gladiator trophy in Knack for 38 points
diskdocx Knack Speed King diskdocx won the Speed King trophy in Knack for 261 points
diskdocx Knack Relic Runner diskdocx won the Relic Runner trophy in Knack for 33 points
diskdocx Knack Ruby Medal diskdocx won the Ruby Medal trophy in Knack for 36 points
diskdocx Knack Perfect Action diskdocx won the Perfect Action trophy in Knack for 245 points
diskdocx Knack Dynamic Play diskdocx won the Dynamic Play trophy in Knack for 79 points
diskdocx Knack Total Victory diskdocx won the Total Victory trophy in Knack for 73 points
diskdocx Knack Amethyst Medal diskdocx won the Amethyst Medal trophy in Knack for 40 points
diskdocx Knack Sunstone Medal diskdocx won the Sunstone Medal trophy in Knack for 40 points
diskdocx Knack Emerald Medal diskdocx won the Emerald Medal trophy in Knack for 41 points
diskdocx Knack Aqua Medal diskdocx won the Aqua Medal trophy in Knack for 37 points
diskdocx Knack Forced Breakthrough diskdocx won the Forced Breakthrough trophy in Knack for 67 points
diskdocx Knack Knack Challenger diskdocx won the Knack Challenger trophy in Knack for 66 points
diskdocx Knack Guardian Badge diskdocx won the Guardian Badge trophy in Knack for 22 points
diskdocx Knack Knack Beginner diskdocx won the Knack Beginner trophy in Knack for 24 points
diskdocx Knack King of Adventure diskdocx won the King of Adventure trophy in Knack for 79 points
Wilkz13 Grand Kingdom True Grit Wilkz13 won the True Grit trophy in Grand Kingdom for 21 points
Wilkz13 Grand Kingdom Leave It To Me! Wilkz13 won the Leave It To Me! trophy in Grand Kingdom for 19 points
diskdocx Knack Crystal Relic Master diskdocx won the Crystal Relic Master trophy in Knack for 87 points
diskdocx Knack Katrina Badge diskdocx won the Katrina Badge trophy in Knack for 21 points
diskdocx Knack Relic Passion diskdocx won the Relic Passion trophy in Knack for 23 points
biff_beefcake Nom Nom Galaxy Chef de Cuisine biff_beefcake won the Chef de Cuisine trophy in Nom Nom Galaxy for 228 points
biff_beefcake Dragon Quest Builders Perfectionist biff_beefcake won the Perfectionist trophy in Dragon Quest Builders for 603 points
diskdocx Knack Combo Professional diskdocx won the Combo Professional trophy in Knack for 69 points