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This leaderboard is based on gamers' Trophy XP
Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 TwoThirdsSoul TwoThirdsSoulTwitter: @DirtyInverter 644,595 Dapper Capper in Bugsnax
2 BandarPlaysGames BandarPlaysGames 525,240 Shardbearer Morgott in Elden Ring
3 zultan8212 zultan8212 468,150 Merciful in Lost Judgment
4 MRKILL3000 MRKILL3000 426,180 Killer in Ayleouna (EU)
5 POEman553 POEman553 415,215 Gladiator in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
6 Harris59 Harris59 394,155 Point to Prove in FIFA 22 (PS4)
7 Miss_Valkyria Miss_Valkyria 351,750 Saved the Daunt in Horizon Forbidden West
8 DarthTerrorize DarthTerrorize 344,460 Just do it! in Beholder 2
9 Ryan1597 Ryan1597 343,815 Read It and Weep in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (PS4)
10 l1fthrasil l1fthrasil 329,565 Neptune's Spatula in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated
11 MysticStiv MysticStiv 320,400 Dragonchild in Tribes of Midgard
12 dudeyoungy dudeyoungy 268,035 Funeral flowers in RiME
13 Mr-ttaM Mr-ttaM 263,145 A GLIMPSE OF JERICHO in Detroit: Become Human
14 recoverykit recoverykit 262,260 Border Master in Road 96 (PS4)
15 Ryuzakira__ Ryuzakira__ 257,325 Tsubaki in Bleach: Brave Souls
16 MsLightSite MsLightSite 248,190 Don’t Go - Normal in The Last of Us Remastered
17 patriot36954 patriot36954 241,815 Roadside Spirituality in GhostWire: Tokyo
18 TecnicolorCowboy TecnicolorCowboy 214,125 My Work Here is Done in PictoQuest
19 Eramir Eramir 209,910 In The Nick of Time in Watch Dogs: Legion
20 SnowFleurz SnowFleurzDO U EVEN LIFT? 208,350 Survive The Forest in The Forest
21 ImMagnetz ImMagnetz 206,715 Ghost of Farewell in Days Gone
22 VisOpBrood VisOpBrood 196,815 Got To Remember! in Heavy Rain
23 Covskin Covskin 187,365 A Toe into Madness in DOOM (2016)
24 WelshSkipper88 WelshSkipper88 184,470 Look At Him Go in It Takes Two
25 DJbruce92 DJbruce92Close to getting the Dirt 5 platinum, Just grinding out miles laugh 183,525 Saintified in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected
26 REUBEN-BOWERS REUBEN-BOWERS 179,850 Multiplayer Fame in F1 2021
27 deedeeloo- deedeeloo- 179,400 My Name is Mayo - The Third! in My Name is Mayo 3 (EU)
28 smittenkitten333 smittenkitten333I might be readjusting goals so don't mind me ^^" 175,665 One Night Stand in One Night Stand (PS4)
29 Miriam969 Miriam969 169,215 Rooftop Runner in Gravity Rush Remastered
30 chocobo_breeder chocobo_breeder 167,970 Lovebirds in Haven
31 lisa_sparkz_XOXO lisa_sparkz_XOXO 167,850 Ice To See You in SSX
32 Mitsukaipt Mitsukaipt 139,290 Bear Rouser in Röki (EU)
33 WTF_Scuba WTF_Scuba 138,225 DLC: Mars: Welcome to Mars in Far Cry 5
34 Zombie_God619 Zombie_God619 134,745 Roadside Assistance in Team Sonic Racing
35 Ag-Beaver Ag-Beaver 133,470 Her Name Was Masana Tide in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (EU) (PS4)
36 Daaavs Daaavs 132,750 The Phenomenal Phantom Thief in Persona 5 Royal (EU)
37 VonLoaf VonLoaf 131,370 Trail-Blazer in DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT
38 KazaneHime KazaneHime 120,330 I developed a knack for development! in REUS
39 NamikazeFlashXD NamikazeFlashXD 119,250 Key to Success in God of War (Vita)
40 G-A_L-A_X-Ys G-A_L-A_X-Ys 114,510 Lucky Spinner in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition
41 celedyr celedyr 112,245 …There You Are in Tales from the Borderlands
42 witbyy witbyy 111,630 Short Fuse in Overwatch: Origins Edition
43 TalesofGaming TalesofGaming 105,480 Dragonlord Placidusax in Elden Ring
44 kiraya87 kiraya87 103,200 The Thaumamancer in Salt and Sacrifice
45 Jackusmaracus Jackusmaracus 100,905 Healed the Land-gods in Horizon Forbidden West
46 propokken propokken 100,785 Boom Headshot in Paladins
47 Duderonomy420 Duderonomy420Horizon Zero Dawn's story was so good. Definitely lived up to the hype. The more it unfolded, the more I loved it. 98,850 Friendship in flOw (PS3)
48 MiraiDematro MiraiDematro 98,100 Level 3 S Rank in Thumper
49 kucyan__ kucyan__ 95,970 No Matter What - Easy in The Last of Us Remastered
50 Spriggsy88 Spriggsy88 92,580 Blonde bombshell! in My Name is Mayo
51 KingoftheWoods23 KingoftheWoods23 92,460 Lessons Taught in Lost Judgment
52 Kesme63 Kesme63 88,365 Real Star Power in Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon
53 Fellknight257 Fellknight257 81,495 Plant a Seed in Manifold Garden (EU) (PS4)
54 Joker-8487 Joker-8487 76,665 Positive vibes in F1 2021
55 SuperSades SuperSades 75,480 Rock Solid in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (EU)
56 asadmustafa13 asadmustafa13 73,605 Overseer Ira in Nexomon (PS4)
57 serrotnodnarb serrotnodnarb 66,240 Volcano Guardian in Patapon Remastered
58 ChloeF098 ChloeF098 62,520 IMPOSSIBLE TASK in Among Us
59 Sarphir Sarphir 60,315 Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in Elden Ring
60 crabbyonion crabbyonion 59,595 Winners don’t use drugs in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt
61 nutty13nat nutty13nat 58,590 New Hersir in Tribes of Midgard
62 M1kr0byte_N1nja M1kr0byte_N1nja 57,390 Great Rune in Elden Ring (PS4)
63 Pierle73 Pierle73 57,375 Inconceivable! in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition
64 Avalon1592 Avalon1592 57,210 Lightning-Riding Treasure Hunter (I) in Genshin Impact
65 bradderspmtv92 bradderspmtv92 56,970 Furious Fists in Sifu
66 daring_claymore daring_claymore 54,015 Tiny Trounced in Crash Bandicoot: Warped
67 giorgia-sko giorgia-sko 50,640 Ivory Tower in The Sims 4
68 JR9--GAMING JR9--GAMING 47,955 Ensemble Tragedy in Deathloop
69 Solifis Solifis 47,250 All Done in Outer Wilds (EU)
70 PhoenixLefteria PhoenixLefteria 44,955 Initiated in Mass Effect: Andromeda
71 SadMafioso94 SadMafioso94 44,145 Saviour in Sackboy: A Big Adventure
72 drumrollplease95 drumrollplease95 43,545 Legendary Crafter in Tribes of Midgard
73 Scythe_Winder Scythe_Winder 40,350 Elden Ring in Elden Ring
74 DeEchteNiels DeEchteNiels 39,045 Half the Battle in Yakuza 0
75 psychofrodo psychofrodo 37,905 Take a Bow in GhostWire: Tokyo
76 Leeowen_321 Leeowen_321 34,260 Two Enemies One Kick in Resident Evil Resistance
77 MagicalFrog24 MagicalFrog24 32,055 The Convict in Legendary Edition: Mass Effect 2
78 AkItachi041 AkItachi041 31,455 First Blood in Final Fantasy VII
79 MrMothman3572 MrMothman3572 29,820 Crest Fanatic in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
80 Shadowztriker007 Shadowztriker007 22,695 Neptune's Spatula in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated
81 NickStrife_7777 NickStrife_7777 20,400 Reach For the Stars in Team Sonic Racing
82 malockne malockne 16,095 Underwater Archeologist in Shadow of the Tomb Raider