Liga Trofeos Meristation

Liga Trofeos Meristation por GamerScore
This leaderboard is based on gamers' Trophy XP
Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 Disseverment Disseverment 524,745 First Blood in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
2 Superwon SuperwonI'm Scree, bitches. 285,810 I'm sure I lose if I give up in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
3 Keybladerdcl_94 Keybladerdcl_94 247,590 The Hero of Heroes in Ratchet & Clank
4 sephiroth_19851 sephiroth_19851 221,760 Awake, Dear Heart in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm
5 SirMantel SirMantel 203,445 Path of the Zealot in God of War
6 the_big_boss2027 the_big_boss2027 155,865 Quench Their Thirst in Mad Max
7 Pablopictures Pablopictures 151,875 I Like What You've Done There in Trials Fusion
8 KaiserJHG KaiserJHG 149,505 Be Brave in DiRT 4
9 hinigo_3 hinigo_3 134,925 Fall apart in Unravel Two
10 Drak_ner Drak_ner 130,395 Vendrick in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
11 gymmmmm gymmmmm 120,900 Past Haunts in God of War
12 FlareBlaze FlareBlaze 100,965 First Metal Flower found in Horizon: Zero Dawn
13 kudynov kudynov 86,385 Scrap Collector in Mad Max
14 Raikoh_Sanshiro Raikoh_Sanshiro 82,845 Yeah! I Did It! in Tekken 7
15 reevolz0 reevolz0 81,465 They're so cute! in Rayman Legends
16 Sariot Sariot 67,395 Coming On Strong in Rocket League
17 Manteca85 Manteca85 66,285 Father and Son in God of War
18 victor_jakub victor_jakub 65,415 Vault-Tec Architect in Fallout Shelter
19 recre recre 57,630 Valley of the Wanderer in Shadow of the Colossus
20 Sanheee1995 Sanheee1995 50,115 Scout in Rayman Origins (Vita)
21 Rubeneli Rubeneli 45,945 A True Samurai in Nioh
22 dp3rucha dp3ruchaBeat the game! 41,610 Welcome to the Club in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
23 KhanPhelanWard KhanPhelanWard 38,325 Wasteland of Opportunities in Mad Max
24 Jacks2k Jacks2kEstar tranquilo 30,585 VERSUS (COM) in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (EU)
25 panete4 panete4 25,185 Spinning a Yarn IV in Final Fantasy XV (EU)
26 manuleto manuleto 17,145 Legacy Found! in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy