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Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 Roughdawg4 Roughdawg4 2,270,273
Leave Possible in OXENFREE
2 TrophyDad TrophyDad 1,198,116
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head in Fallout 3
3 killerJAZZ420 killerJAZZ420Loligagging 733,126
Threat assessment in Sniper Elite 3
4 kakihara301 kakihara301Welcome to the world Ruby Sofia, my new baby girl! 12-11-16 624,782
Big Teddy in Far Cry Primal
5 ThEIiteOne ThEIiteOne 565,284
Survivor Evolved in ARK: Survival Evolved
6 Tracidic 514,247
A World in Peril in Valley
7 Knightedrik Knightedrik15,000 Trophies! 464,165
Zhengzhou Wow in Mahjong Deluxe 3
Birth of a US Champion in WWE 2K17
9 Tankor_smash Tankor_smash 441,528
Ultimate True Believer in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
10 WyldonesGirl WyldonesGirl 404,382
Now YOU Know It All in Skylanders Trap Team
11 tylerh1701 tylerh1701 396,127
Jirga Para Lhao Revolution in Gravity Rush 2
12 Imagine2345 Imagine2345 310,026
The Dark Soul in Dark Souls III
13 Blackballhog Blackballhog12 platinums in 1 day and a bunch else led to just under 8k TT...not to bad at all! 299,535
Party of Three in Final Fantasy XV
14 bloodedgereaper bloodedgereaper 296,036
Crow Carrion in Darksiders II
15 JesseBlur JesseBlurGood to be back...trophy hunting mode 294,340
Welcome to the Club in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
16 merciful84 merciful84WOO HOO! I just passed my CompTia Security exam!!!! ^_^ 268,957
Business And Pleasure in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3)
17 daemont101 daemont101The evil 7 day survivor trophy in Dead Rising is back. *nightmares from Xbox 360 days* 263,051
Nice Try in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
18 Kinglink Kinglink 230,362
The World Wanderer in Final Fantasy XV
19 izzyrules izzyrules 230,359
Talisman Crafter in Gravity Rush 2
20 FromMarsToVenus FromMarsToVenusJust finished Firewatch. Great game, A few framerate issues and no Platinum but still a really good game. Would highly recommend it. 227,708
A Man Unhinged in BATMAN – The Telltale Series
21 redknightalex redknightalexAnyone else having problems retrieving comments on PSN? I always get error notifications saying a comment doesn't exist. 205,403
Master in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
22 CowboyBucket2013 CowboyBucket2013happy new year 202,081
Constructors' Champion in F1 2016
23 dvdmanpa dvdmanpa 198,851
Quest Busters in LEGO Dimensions
24 IISkyLanderII IISkyLanderIIOnly True Trophies. Contempt to cheaters. 195,525
Yes, NOW you are a pro in Motor Strike: Immortal Legends
25 VikingWarrior719 VikingWarrior719 174,382
Kleptomania in Killzone Shadow Fall
26 Badger2385 173,732
Sic 'Em in Far Cry Primal
27 EternalJehuty EternalJehutyDear Devs: Stop making annoying DLC trophies, please. 167,297
Standing Stones in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
28 HUKU117 HUKU117Machinarium (Google Play - Android) 100% Complete 167,202
Star Extractor in Disney Infinity
29 phantasystar77 phantasystar77 164,910
20 to 1 in SMITE
30 Oily__Discharge Oily__DischargeME3 MP Addictive O_o 162,712
The World Wanderer in Final Fantasy XV
31 RyanMushr00ms RyanMushr00msAnyone need help with Resogun still? Aside from challenge boosting. 158,526
Note: Doubled the watch in This War of Mine: The Little Ones
32 Zenkure Zenkure 155,281
Gigolo Begins in Killer is Dead
33 AShadowPhoenix AShadowPhoenix 145,061
The Heroes We Need in LEGO Dimensions
34 dmland12 dmland12 125,882
Quartermaster in The Banner Saga 2
35 McHale1980 McHale1980 125,113
Cop Rank 5 in Need for Speed Rivals
36 UrbanaSupernovA UrbanaSupernovAUrbanaSupern0vA on Xbox Live/* 40 PlayStation platinums, 26 Xbox completes, 7 PSN complete 116,910
Room for Reflection in INSIDE
37 dmmx32 dmmx32 116,769
Informer in Watch_Dogs 2
38 ounit666 ounit666Battlefield 1 is amazing ! Add me if any of you love it and want to squad up. 103,700
Reckless Abandon in Borderlands
39 L4DANathan L4DANathan$20 PSN card for X-mas? Bloodborne w/ all DLC on sale for $20? Coincidence? I think not. 100,799
For Auld Lang Syne in Batman: Arkham Origins
40 xEl_Cidx xEl_CidxCleaning up the backlog ;) 98,621
Beat School: Fast Times in Sound Shapes (PS3)
41 daggerjane daggerjaneHaven't changed this status thing in over two years. Hi. 97,821
All The Goat! in Goat Simulator
42 agentexx agentexx 96,721
Proficient Fortune Hunter in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered
43 I-Reaped-U I-Reaped-U 94,824
Learner's Permit in Gravity Rush (Vita)
44 ashleyj1988 ashleyj1988Resident Evil 7 comes out today!! 86,820
Ominous... in AdVenture Capitalist
45 PerfectCoolBurn PerfectCoolBurnHere we go, here we go, here we go! 86,288
Taking care of yourself in Stories: The Path of Destinies
46 khaki_pants khaki_pants 82,600
Apprentice in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
47 SunfireDragon SunfireDragonDat Uncharted 81,584
En Guardian! in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
48 Angma74 Angma74cleaning up on old games, waiting for fallout 4 release :) 81,266
Apex Predator in Titanfall 2
49 avianINFLUENZA avianINFLUENZA 79,658
Through Mud and Blood in Battlefield 1
50 oneluckybullet oneluckybulletCurrently playing- Xbox one, Ps4, Vita, Wiiu, and Pc 76,445
Awakening - Cat person in Dead Effect 2
51 Gwen_Allstaria Gwen_Allstariawon 147 Trophies in 17 games, for a total of 3,895 TrueTrophy points (3,075 Trophy XP) in September 2016. 70,659
Relic Seeker in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
52 AkmGamer AkmGamer 70,281
Inbox (1) in Hyper Void
53 ladynadiad ladynadiad 65,601
All Abilities Acquired in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
54 minedcoolperson minedcoolperson 62,461
Nothung To Lose in Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations
55 strifekun strifekun 54,554
Talismaster in Dragon's Crown
56 z___70pp3r___z z___70pp3r___z 52,402
Third Time's the Charm in Watch_Dogs 2
57 IIAnomaly17II IIAnomaly17IIHunting Achievements more than Trophies 51,573
Bloodborne in Bloodborne
58 LBPfool LBPfool 50,399
Dimension Destroyer in Tales of Xillia 2
59 Xenodolf XenodolfIn the age of super-boredom, hype and mediocrity... celebrate relentlessness - menace to society. 50,314
Master Collector in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist
Served Cold in Battlefield Hardline
61 alklein92201 alklein92201 47,294
Golden Opportunity in Rock Band 4
62 The_Rottler The_RottlerAdd me on PSN for score towards your Pinball FX trophies! 46,154
The Doctor in Tom Clancy's The Division
63 ShadowFlare23 ShadowFlare23 45,763
This Is What You Are in Warframe
64 Tiawyn Tiawyn 44,478
Epic in Fat Princess: Piece of Cake (Vita)
65 darthkiwi666 darthkiwi666Check out my Coop session for borderlands: the pre sequel! 42,391
Spinning a Yarn V in Final Fantasy XV
66 EmpathicMIMIC EmpathicMIMICThinking about jumping back in to MGR for the DLC's... 40,719
Firearm Accessed in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist
67 SuprEvilPoptarts SuprEvilPoptarts 35,900
The Student... in Titanfall 2
68 GrecianGoddess GrecianGoddessMessage me via PSN if you want to boost. Please don't send a blank friend request. 35,347
Third Time's the Charm in Watch_Dogs 2
69 RealBulletHead RealBulletHeadMy grass is blue and my sky is green. Perception is everything. 30,740
Golden Touch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
70 mchsTom mchsTom 30,104
Summer's End in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
71 rabidpanda513 rabidpanda513happy new year everybody! 28,278
Who Dares Wins in Fallout 3
72 GrmRpr69 GrmRpr69Yaaa top of my friends list on here LOL headspin sup new friends on tt 25,856
Grand Champion in Galaga Legions DX
73 a44Special a44SpecialGetting back on PS4 25,680
Honouring Wishes in Bloodborne
74 Llamas_Galore 23,207
The Free Folk in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
75 Zalinth_MWS Zalinth_MWS 20,692
Enemy Combatant in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition
76 thai420 thai420He once parallel parked a train 18,839
FlashForward in Battlefield 3
77 CoruptAI125 CoruptAI125 18,830
358/2 Days Master in KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days
78 StruggleWithin StruggleWithin 18,287
Head of the Class! in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
79 CarnivoreFarmer CarnivoreFarmer 16,249
What a Disaster in Just Cause 3
80 TooBeast2Quit TooBeast2Quit 15,796
Don’t Go - Easy in The Last of Us Remastered
81 NonStopHaddocK NonStopHaddocK 14,110
Arkham City Sirens in Batman: Arkham City
82 Kitsune_USMC Kitsune_USMCI always seem to forget I can use my PS3 for more than just Netflix... 13,700
20 Headshots in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
83 Flonne-sama Flonne-sama2 days until DAI. 3 days until my birthday woot. 11,708
Specialized in Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3)
84 Dragonpwnsz Dragonpwnsz 7,731
Saviour of Uranus in Warframe
85 Abraxas814 Abraxas814Working my way through FFX. Quiet around here eh? 7,369
Jedi Master in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
86 pp4isnfs pp4isnfsBeen having so much fun on xbox again, i have no clue when ill play PS4 again lol. Plus, forza horizon 3 coming out soon wont help 7,281
Sky High in Rocket League
87 honeycut1 honeycut1Super Star Wars is still great. 6,066
Grand Standing! in AdVenture Capitalist
88 jimbo7776 jimbo7776 5,581
Socket to Me in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
89 safe_EL_ZEE safe_EL_ZEE 5,525
Armed and Dangerous in Fallout 4
90 ClockWorkPhantom ClockWorkPhantomResistance 2&3 mp and coop done time for a double platinum day then kingdom hearts 5,108
Mega Buster in Marvel vs. Capcom 2
91 Cobra7 Cobra7Believe , God with Us. 4,555
First Race in Assetto Corsa
92 CimbaSolutions CimbaSolutionsPlaystation Plus membership (digital download) available for $29.99 at various online stores ... 3,860
(1+4)x in RESOGUN
93 chaotic_dragon84 chaotic_dragon84Freaking bored, not sure what to play now... lol 3,666
The Meaning of Bravery in Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because IDK
94 jaysondomino jaysondominoNot quite the same community here as TA..... 2,500
Completely Gelled in Madden NFL 25 (PS3)
95 d4MLiVE1 d4MLiVE1 1,113
Blinged Out Secret in Jetpack Joyride (Vita)
96 Pirate_Rexmit Pirate_RexmitNew to PS3, starting the grind for trophies 1,073
Negotiator in Heavy Rain (PS3)
97 TerminalHate TerminalHateJust put up 4 solutions for a GTA SA Trophies, have a look and up vote! toast 628
Assert Yourself Next Time in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PS3)

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z___70pp3r___z Watch_Dogs 2 Third Time's the Charm z___70pp3r___z won the Third Time's the Charm trophy in Watch_Dogs 2 for 16 points
Tracidic Valley A World in Peril Tracidic won the A World in Peril trophy in Valley for 21 points
Tracidic Valley Headhunter Tracidic won the Headhunter trophy in Valley for 20 points
Tracidic Valley Her Darkest Hour Tracidic won the Her Darkest Hour trophy in Valley for 22 points
Tracidic Valley The Descent Tracidic won the The Descent trophy in Valley for 20 points
kakihara301 Far Cry Primal Big Teddy kakihara301 won the Big Teddy trophy in Far Cry Primal for 20 points
Tracidic Valley The Plant of Heartbeat Tracidic won the The Plant of Heartbeat trophy in Valley for 40 points
Tracidic Valley Like an Eagle Tracidic won the Like an Eagle trophy in Valley for 40 points
AkmGamer Hyper Void Inbox (1) AkmGamer won the Inbox (1) trophy in Hyper Void for 17 points
AkmGamer Hyper Void Overclocked AkmGamer won the Overclocked trophy in Hyper Void for 15 points
Tracidic Valley The Madman’s Hubris Tracidic won the The Madman’s Hubris trophy in Valley for 20 points
AkmGamer Driveclub VR Soul Captured AkmGamer won the Soul Captured trophy in Driveclub VR for 24 points
Tracidic Valley The Ascent Tracidic won the The Ascent trophy in Valley for 19 points
Tracidic Valley The Fly Lordship Tracidic won the The Fly Lordship trophy in Valley for 19 points
Tracidic Valley Leg day Tracidic won the Leg day trophy in Valley for 40 points
Tracidic Valley Nowhere to Go but Up Tracidic won the Nowhere to Go but Up trophy in Valley for 17 points
ladynadiad Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Maximum Alchemy ladynadiad won the Maximum Alchemy trophy in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for 22 points
Tracidic Valley Pathfinder Training Tracidic won the Pathfinder Training trophy in Valley for 47 points
Tracidic Valley Chipmunk Tracidic won the Chipmunk trophy in Valley for 42 points
Tracidic Valley The Journey Begins Tracidic won the The Journey Begins trophy in Valley for 15 points
Tracidic Valley Tree Hugger Tracidic won the Tree Hugger trophy in Valley for 38 points
Tracidic Valley Arboricide Tracidic won the Arboricide trophy in Valley for 22 points
Tracidic Valley Carnivore Tracidic won the Carnivore trophy in Valley for 45 points
phantasystar77 SMITE 20 to 1 phantasystar77 won the 20 to 1 trophy in SMITE for 64 points
CowboyBucket2013 F1 2016 Constructors' Champion CowboyBucket2013 won the Constructors' Champion trophy in F1 2016 for 176 points
CowboyBucket2013 F1 2016 World Champion CowboyBucket2013 won the World Champion trophy in F1 2016 for 157 points
CowboyBucket2013 F1 2016 Unbeaten CowboyBucket2013 won the Unbeaten trophy in F1 2016 for 55 points
CowboyBucket2013 F1 2016 Seasoned Veteran CowboyBucket2013 won the Seasoned Veteran trophy in F1 2016 for 25 points