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This walkthrough is for all walkthrough 'Owners', as well as any 'Editors' that contributed significantly towards one or more walkthroughs. Thank you for all of your contributions!
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Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 Rick_Nya Rick_NyaAre the scanners broken again? 579,263
What Are You Doing in NieR: Automata
2 Kornfan2007 Kornfan2007 287,630
Make It Rain in Yakuza 0
3 davem300490 davem300490Currently really poorly, cannot seem to get over any infection and keep getting floored by it. I am still here, just having to take it steady. 261,471
No Flipping! in Dangerous Golf
4 Prem-aka-Prince Prem-aka-PrinceNo way to set a site goal for DLCs completed... that's a shame 237,487
Under-the-Table Goods in Persona 5
5 recyclosaurusrex recyclosaurusrex2/100 games ready for '100 plats in a day' day. 214,873
Pagie Rampagie in Yooka-Laylee
6 RitaRival RitaRivalMutism 151,455
Crystal Weapon in Dark Souls
7 Retroclank RetroclankHey friends on my friends list: If you've received a friend request of SNES_Prime, just wanted to let you know that that is me. I'm going to be 136,713
Quick and Painless in Rise of the Tomb Raider
8 iWantEllenPage iWantEllenPageFound out how invisible I really am in life. 3 weeks of complete solitude and not one person reached out to me. 122,331
En Guardian! in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
9 Murder_of_Birds Murder_of_BirdsKeep Moving Forward! <3 82,640
Execution Leading to Rebirth in Persona 5
Angry Eyes in Tales from the Borderlands
11 Nomstuff NomstuffMy 24 hours starts now! - Donate here - 58,022
Angry Wings in Jetpack Joyride Deluxe (Vita)
12 SNES_Prime SNES_Prime 57,017
Tsundere Shark in Shütshimi
13 Twinkling82 Twinkling82Gamingtalk discord server - currently disussing why exclusive games is happening 48,315
Take My Wings in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition
14 Punkyliar PunkyliarSniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass is FREE on EU Playstation Store. Pretty sure it's a mistake 39,065
Fire in the Hole! in Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
15 ASlimeAppears ASlimeAppearsAnyone know of some good coop RPGs? Preferably PS3 since we don't have 2 PS4s. 33,908
A True Star King in Rogue Galaxy
16 Spilner1001 Spilner1001KZ shadowfall is pretty 24,553
Singles Club in Rocket League
17 PrettyPanther70 PrettyPanther70PrettyPanther70 status: Latest YouTube video is up :) GTA Online Shenanigans Episode 1: Skate Park Hilarity 20,727
Prophet of Odd in Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
18 Bs4xCoMmAnDeR Bs4xCoMmAnDeRI do not check this site often. Contact me on TA - Link on my profile page 10,034
Intermediate Technician in WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010
19 jhayami jhayami 6,819
Acquire Hardware in Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
20 counterUAVbaby counterUAVbabyWorking on Gran Turismo 6 and The Last of US. 6,080
Portrait Pro in Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince
21 xMC0REx xMC0RExRead and share my blog, win awesome content! 5,307
Mutiny! in FIFA 16 (PS3)
22 BrothersCider BrothersCiderI have a walkthrough published for the Four Kings Casino. Be sure to check it out! 1,746
Rocket in my Pocket in The Four Kings Casino and Slots
23 Eurydace Eurydace 518
First Core Overridden in Horizon: Zero Dawn

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Rick_Nya NieR: Automata What Are You Doing Rick_Nya won the What Are You Doing trophy in NieR: Automata for 22 points
Rick_Nya NieR: Automata The Circle of Death Rick_Nya won the The Circle of Death trophy in NieR: Automata for 17 points
GO_WITH_OREO Tales from the Borderlands Angry Eyes GO_WITH_OREO won the Angry Eyes trophy in Tales from the Borderlands for 97 points
Prem-aka-Prince Persona 5 Under-the-Table Goods Prem-aka-Prince won the Under-the-Table Goods trophy in Persona 5 for 29 points
Kornfan2007 Yakuza 0 Make It Rain Kornfan2007 won the Make It Rain trophy in Yakuza 0 for 23 points
Prem-aka-Prince Persona 5 A Sublime Experiment Prem-aka-Prince won the A Sublime Experiment trophy in Persona 5 for 26 points
Rick_Nya NieR: Automata First Errand Rick_Nya won the First Errand trophy in NieR: Automata for 16 points
Rick_Nya NieR: Automata Vestiges of Prosperity Rick_Nya won the Vestiges of Prosperity trophy in NieR: Automata for 15 points
Rick_Nya NieR: Automata Resuscitated Body Rick_Nya won the Resuscitated Body trophy in NieR: Automata for 15 points
GO_WITH_OREO Tales from the Borderlands Maneater GO_WITH_OREO won the Maneater trophy in Tales from the Borderlands for 32 points
Kornfan2007 Yakuza 0 Call Me Kornfan2007 won the Call Me trophy in Yakuza 0 for 29 points
GO_WITH_OREO The Saboteur Bridge Buster GO_WITH_OREO won the Bridge Buster trophy in The Saboteur for 40 points
GO_WITH_OREO The Saboteur Demolition Derby GO_WITH_OREO won the Demolition Derby trophy in The Saboteur for 20 points
GO_WITH_OREO The Saboteur Master of Disguise GO_WITH_OREO won the Master of Disguise trophy in The Saboteur for 21 points
RitaRival Dark Souls Crystal Weapon RitaRival won the Crystal Weapon trophy in Dark Souls for 27 points
RitaRival Dark Souls Prayer of a Maiden RitaRival won the Prayer of a Maiden trophy in Dark Souls for 59 points
RitaRival Dark Souls Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight RitaRival won the Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight trophy in Dark Souls for 49 points
RitaRival Dark Souls Covenant: Forest Hunter RitaRival won the Covenant: Forest Hunter trophy in Dark Souls for 43 points
Rick_Nya Nioh Regular Smith Customer Rick_Nya won the Regular Smith Customer trophy in Nioh for 64 points
Rick_Nya Nioh Legendary Swordsmith Rick_Nya won the Legendary Swordsmith trophy in Nioh for 23 points
Rick_Nya Nioh Yokai Telepathy Rick_Nya won the Yokai Telepathy trophy in Nioh for 27 points
GO_WITH_OREO The Saboteur Gold Medalist GO_WITH_OREO won the Gold Medalist trophy in The Saboteur for 20 points
GO_WITH_OREO The Saboteur Crashlander GO_WITH_OREO won the Crashlander trophy in The Saboteur for 37 points
GO_WITH_OREO The Saboteur Buried Secrets GO_WITH_OREO won the Buried Secrets trophy in The Saboteur for 18 points
GO_WITH_OREO The Saboteur Casanova GO_WITH_OREO won the Casanova trophy in The Saboteur for 25 points
GO_WITH_OREO The Saboteur Trick or Treat GO_WITH_OREO won the Trick or Treat trophy in The Saboteur for 21 points