Ben je lid van Budgetgaming dan ben je van harte welkom in deze leaderbord.
Ik probeer je request zo spoedig mogelijk te accepteren, geef aub aan je psn naam en je budgetgaming account naam en zal ik je zsm toevoegen.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueTrophy
Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 witteijsbeer witteijsbeer 310,748
The Defense Grid in Defense Grid 2
2 Danny_Johansen Danny_Johansen 272,975
Thumb Together in Velocity 2X
3 ghettosteyl ghettosteyl 227,327
The mirror inside in Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
4 GarfielDNL GarfielDNL 199,041
A true adventurer in Lara Croft GO
5 DColpa DColpa 198,892
Recruit a SixMan in 3on3 Freestyle
6 mouser112 mouser112Destiny fan en kijkt nu moordvrouw 158,313
First Banuk Figure found in Horizon: Zero Dawn
7 LucasV9991 LucasV9991:-) 157,403
Kitty Got Wet in Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (Vita)
8 Jeffrey033 Jeffrey033Gaming 142,683
The Path Unseen in Severed (Vita)
9 QuickBulletHD QuickBulletHD 140,681
Peace Be The Journey in Table Top Racing: World Tour
10 XR-NOFEAR17 XR-NOFEAR17Niche gamer with also a game PC 132,470
Getting Noticed in Need for Speed
11 jeroendewaal jeroendewaal 124,312
Gunslinger in The Order: 1886
12 prawl1984 prawl1984 111,417
Finders Keepers in Jak II
13 amy_moon amy_moonPretty fly for a white guy. 100,173
Pioneer in The Treasures of Montezuma 4
14 Mr_Mojo27 Mr_Mojo27 99,058
All trophies obtained in Horizon: Zero Dawn
15 Henri-Alexander Henri-Alexander 95,859
The Mafia Never Forgets in Mafia II
16 legendofninny legendofninny 93,808
Far, Far Away... in Rocket League
17 Jeffreypep JeffreypepPS4 < 89,974
Drawful: "Art" Connoisseur in The Jackbox Party Pack
18 Mooyini MooyiniUncharted 4, WOW <3 76,730
Relic hunter in Clicker Heroes
19 JorporMark JorporMark 76,057
Victorious with the War-Chief in Horizon: Zero Dawn
20 Chazerx Chazerx 69,067
Pacifist in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
21 BJGreenday1990 BJGreenday1990 58,594
Pull! in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
22 PowerFang PowerFang 53,626
Tools of the Trade in Tom Clancy's The Division
23 j3rryw3s j3rryw3s 43,413
Where's The Arcade in Mortal Kombat
24 Keynes13 Keynes13 35,765
A New Perspective in Grand Theft Auto V
25 Hellz_92 Hellz_92 33,481
Sweet Talker in Touch My Katamari (Vita)
26 The_Dude_1983 The_Dude_1983Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback. 33,358
Tore off 5 heavy weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn
27 Cembrosini Cembrosini 30,493
High Lord Wolnir in Dark Souls III
28 ahubu ahubu 29,453
Through Mud and Blood in Battlefield 1
29 Marnixxie Marnixxie 28,646
Antechamber in Tour de France 2016
30 Calvinhermse Calvinhermse 17,008
Whip It Good in Yakuza 0
31 quadpus quadpus 12,099
Welcome to the Necropolis in NECROPOLIS

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Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Thumb Together Danny_Johansen won the Thumb Together trophy in Velocity 2X for 292 points
jeroendewaal The Order: 1886 Gunslinger jeroendewaal won the Gunslinger trophy in The Order: 1886 for 31 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Quadruple Whammy 2X Danny_Johansen won the Quadruple Whammy 2X trophy in Velocity 2X for 42 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Quarp Zen Danny_Johansen won the Quarp Zen trophy in Velocity 2X for 76 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Left Behind Danny_Johansen won the Left Behind trophy in Velocity 2X for 36 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Cruise Controlled Danny_Johansen won the Cruise Controlled trophy in Velocity 2X for 43 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Thumb Kinda Hero Danny_Johansen won the Thumb Kinda Hero trophy in Velocity 2X for 298 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Not bad, keep going… Danny_Johansen won the Not bad, keep going… trophy in Velocity 2X for 71 points
jeroendewaal The Swindle So Close jeroendewaal won the So Close trophy in The Swindle for 16 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Sonic Spin Danny_Johansen won the Sonic Spin trophy in Velocity 2X for 75 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Turret Takedown Danny_Johansen won the Turret Takedown trophy in Velocity 2X for 35 points
DColpa 3on3 Freestyle Recruit a SixMan DColpa won the Recruit a SixMan trophy in 3on3 Freestyle for 38 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Hot Heels Danny_Johansen won the Hot Heels trophy in Velocity 2X for 45 points
Danny_Johansen Velocity 2X Cautious Kai Danny_Johansen won the Cautious Kai trophy in Velocity 2X for 37 points
Danny_Johansen ModNation Racers Showing The World Danny_Johansen won the Showing The World trophy in ModNation Racers for 41 points
Danny_Johansen ModNation Racers Beat Down Danny_Johansen won the Beat Down trophy in ModNation Racers for 33 points
Danny_Johansen ModNation Racers Pioneer Racer Danny_Johansen won the Pioneer Racer trophy in ModNation Racers for 32 points
legendofninny Rocket League Far, Far Away... legendofninny won the Far, Far Away... trophy in Rocket League for 122 points
DColpa 3on3 Freestyle Leave me alone DColpa won the Leave me alone trophy in 3on3 Freestyle for 47 points
DColpa BATMAN – The Telltale Series I'm Batman DColpa won the I'm Batman trophy in BATMAN – The Telltale Series for 211 points
DColpa BATMAN – The Telltale Series The Legacy DColpa won the The Legacy trophy in BATMAN – The Telltale Series for 32 points
DColpa BATMAN – The Telltale Series On the Trail DColpa won the On the Trail trophy in BATMAN – The Telltale Series for 16 points
witteijsbeer Defense Grid 2 The Defense Grid witteijsbeer won the The Defense Grid trophy in Defense Grid 2 for 301 points
witteijsbeer Defense Grid 2 Master Strategist witteijsbeer won the Master Strategist trophy in Defense Grid 2 for 150 points
prawl1984 Jak II Finders Keepers prawl1984 won the Finders Keepers trophy in Jak II for 22 points