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This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueTrophy
Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 GatorBeerGeek GatorBeerGeek 903,515
Saved Meridian from its foe in Horizon: Zero Dawn
2 TehCro TehCro 731,002
Complete a set in Dead Island (PS3)
3 Velo214 Velo214New Baby Girl Liliwyn Sky is Here! ;) 660,679
Chimp on the Barbie in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
4 Cloud_Squall78 Cloud_Squall78 524,087
Casino of Jealousy Shut Down in Persona 5
5 simmias simmiasSteins;Gate 0 was way worse than the original, unfortunately. 419,402
Sacred Trio in Gravity Rush 2
6 tylerh1701 tylerh1701 415,172
One Battle Ends in NieR: Automata
7 MildObstruction MildObstruction 413,541
Cat Fight in Injustice 2
8 Wrencrest Wrencrest 376,127
That's a Lot of Coins in Shadow Warrior 2
9 Sophrosync Sophrosync 374,679
Philosophy in My Name is Mayo
10 EIPsyCongroo EIPsyCongroo 365,900
King of the Dragon Mountain in Shadow Warrior 2
11 PippInMR2 PippInMR2 324,571
Call for Backup in Dark Cloud
12 munkywawa munkywawa 287,718
Cleaning Up the Kitchen in Marvel Heroes Omega
13 Zimm108 Zimm108 271,164
Wall Rider in Type:Rider (Vita)
14 TopsideKracker TopsideKrackerMUCHO BADGUYS SPOTTED 253,396
Walking Carpet in Angry Birds Star Wars (PS3)
15 Guardian_owl Guardian_owl#71 - Uncharted: Golden Abyss 191,614
Latent Ability in One Piece: Unlimited World Red
16 Thermopyle2 Thermopyle2 188,605
Kickboxer in God of War (Vita)
17 DerekTheExtreme DerekTheExtreme 180,316
Coaching Hero in Clicker Heroes
18 StellarInertia StellarInertia 169,069
Cleared all the Bandit Camps in Horizon: Zero Dawn
19 needavacation needavacation 167,006
It Goes Deeper! in SteamWorld Dig (Vita)
20 mmitch079 mmitch079 154,849
The Force is with you in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
21 Garrus_Lannister Garrus_Lannister 151,300
Almost an angel in Pure Pool
22 laboy229 laboy229 147,518
The Root Of Evil in Assassin's Creed Unity
23 russdornisch russdornisch#30 Need for Speed 143,987
The hot seat in MLB The Show 17
24 pitfall_harry219 pitfall_harry219 140,354
Plus One in NBA 2K17
25 BumslieOG BumslieOG 134,514
Open Sesame! in Letter Quest Remastered
26 laundrymatt77 laundrymatt77 127,365
Welcome To The D-List! in Dangerous Golf
27 madchemist76 madchemist76 117,163
Gator is Greater in Disc Jam
28 PapiChullo PapiChullo 117,074
Fought back the corruption in Horizon: Zero Dawn
29 NotRic NotRic 116,243
Acrobat in Dishonored 2
30 micbelt micbelt 112,125
Fully Charged in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin (Vita)
31 kilik123 kilik123 107,573
I can see your house from here! in Assassin's Creed II
32 JRW-SAW-PLAY3 JRW-SAW-PLAY3MyWorstNightmare 103,621
Ravenous Stud Collector in LEGO Worlds
33 jimbo8574 jimbo8574 100,743
Master of the Wildlands in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
34 IXICleaner7IXI IXICleaner7IXIFuck you, Sage! 99,128
Romantic Getaway in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
35 ritchardf ritchardf 98,021
Under-the-Table Goods in Persona 5
36 AgentSage AgentSageGo back to your xbox Cleaner! 94,706
Cleaning Up the Kitchen in Marvel Heroes Omega
37 blueArcana blueArcana 93,637
The Sneaking One in Persona 5
38 TheVila TheVila 84,231
Overlord in Injustice 2
39 EldritchOnRye EldritchOnRye 78,003
I'll Do It Again in Injustice 2
40 MC-2SD-Out MC-2SD-Out 69,802
Bookworm in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
41 A_Different_Nate A_Different_NateMrNinjaSquirrel ^_^ 57,978
Tag, You're It in Resistance 3
42 Kameleon-san Kameleon-san 57,715
雲雀編クリア in Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (Vita)
43 MattNY MattNY 55,380
A Way Forward in Final Fantasy XV
44 jkam2 jkam2 55,143
Saved Meridian from its foe in Horizon: Zero Dawn
45 Crunchewy CrunchewyWhat? 50,635
Quarter Master in Flinthook
46 DarkZion9 DarkZion9 41,673
Mission Accomplished in Mass Effect: Andromeda
47 Equistina Equistinaslowly giving up on that FFX plat! 15,240
Charted! - Easy in Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita)

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Garrus_Lannister Pure Pool Almost an angel Garrus_Lannister won the Almost an angel trophy in Pure Pool for 23 points
Garrus_Lannister Defense Grid 2 High Voltage Garrus_Lannister won the High Voltage trophy in Defense Grid 2 for 21 points
Wrencrest Shadow Warrior 2 That's a Lot of Coins Wrencrest won the That's a Lot of Coins trophy in Shadow Warrior 2 for 22 points
Thermopyle2 God of War (Vita) Kickboxer Thermopyle2 won the Kickboxer trophy in God of War (Vita) for 22 points
Thermopyle2 God of War (Vita) Scape Goat Thermopyle2 won the Scape Goat trophy in God of War (Vita) for 21 points
Thermopyle2 God of War (Vita) Soul Search Thermopyle2 won the Soul Search trophy in God of War (Vita) for 21 points
MildObstruction Injustice 2 Cat Fight MildObstruction won the Cat Fight trophy in Injustice 2 for 206 points
Zimm108 Type:Rider (Vita) Wall Rider Zimm108 won the Wall Rider trophy in Type:Rider (Vita) for 18 points
Zimm108 Type:Rider (Vita) Time Attack Zimm108 won the Time Attack trophy in Type:Rider (Vita) for 21 points
Zimm108 Type:Rider (Vita) 360° Zimm108 won the 360° trophy in Type:Rider (Vita) for 16 points
Zimm108 Type:Rider (Vita) Explorer Zimm108 won the Explorer trophy in Type:Rider (Vita) for 17 points
Zimm108 Type:Rider (Vita) Collector Zimm108 won the Collector trophy in Type:Rider (Vita) for 15 points
Zimm108 Marvel Heroes Omega Pursuing the Hood Zimm108 won the Pursuing the Hood trophy in Marvel Heroes Omega for 22 points
EldritchOnRye Injustice 2 I'll Do It Again EldritchOnRye won the I'll Do It Again trophy in Injustice 2 for 30 points
EldritchOnRye Injustice 2 Skill Gap EldritchOnRye won the Skill Gap trophy in Injustice 2 for 31 points
EldritchOnRye Injustice 2 Fish Food EldritchOnRye won the Fish Food trophy in Injustice 2 for 23 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) Complete a set TehCro won the Complete a set trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 29 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) Light my fire TehCro won the Light my fire trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 28 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) Fancy TehCro won the Fancy trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 26 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) Extreme Firefighting TehCro won the Extreme Firefighting trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 51 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) Out of honey Chew bees! TehCro won the Out of honey Chew bees! trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 25 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) Rageman TehCro won the Rageman trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 25 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) People Person TehCro won the People Person trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 27 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) How many days exactly TehCro won the How many days exactly trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 19 points
TehCro Dead Island (PS3) Banoi Redemption TehCro won the Banoi Redemption trophy in Dead Island (PS3) for 43 points