Playstation Friends ITA

Il LeaderBoard "Playstation Friends ITA" nasce con l'idea di creare una classifica di giocatori italiani di Playstation.
La classifica viene calcolata sul TT Ratio.

Se siete interessati a scambiare opinioni e consigli ci potete seguire sul gruppo da cui è nato tutto
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TT Ratio
Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 LoStraniero91 LoStraniero91Perfezione! 2.1507 Unlock Khalnayak in RA.ONE The Game
2 Gabry_Montez Gabry_MontezNo Gods, No Masters 2.0436 An Unstoppable Force in For Honor
3 BIGG__sottone BIGG__sottone 2.0375 The End in SOMA (EU)
4 BdCHighVoltage BdCHighVoltage 1.9028 School's Out in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
5 Adryano91 Adryano91THe HunT iS oPeN!! 1.8475 Expert in Beat Saber
6 Demask DemaskIt's not who I am underneath... but what I *do* that defines me. 1.8430 The Chef in Heavy Rain (PS3)
7 octacon90 octacon90Trophies Hunter 1.8346 Hobby Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2
8 PolliAllaBrace PolliAllaBrace 1.8060 The Key to San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PS3)
9 APCGrayLocked APCGrayLockedWarHawk (2007) and Twisted Metal (2012) online trophies done. SIIIIIICK! 1.7999 Herald of the Scribes in Pyre
10 Cloud_Strife_81 Cloud_Strife_81Devil's Never Cry! 1.7740 The City is My Family in Marvel's Spider-Man
11 killer91ITA killer91ITA 1.7156 Dragon cup in Mahjong World Contest
12 RedSquirrel87 RedSquirrel87Power to Squirrels! 1.6536 Way of the Pirate in KINGDOM HEARTS III
13 Elolly Elolly 1.6423 Three's a Crowd in That's You!
14 pintonator pintonator 1.6233 Father and Son in God of War
15 TheTime90 TheTime90 1.6121 Devastator in Darksiders
16 Delcaran Delcaran 1.5671 Irresistible Force in Resistance 3
17 Nuccio86 Nuccio86 1.5411 In and Out in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
18 iDeadlyFog iDeadlyFog 1.5339 What are you, like 80? in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (EU)
19 Big_esse Big_esse 1.5079 First Kills Are Special in Resident Evil
20 Lucamaleonte LucamaleonteNon Giochiamo Mai 1.4584 The Champions in FIFA 19
21 vegettosky vegettoskygameplayer on PS4 PS3 PSP PSVITA XBOX360 NDS IPHONE - AssassinsCreed - LittleBigPlanet - ResidentEvi 1.4568 Capture Pro in Monster Hunter: World
22 PS_Froz PS_Frozuattafac! 1.4417 The Rabbit Hole in KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX
23 Piperprinx Piperprinx 1.4026 End Game in Marvel's Spider-Man
24 manzoGe75 manzoGe75 1.4012 War Master in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
25 S3bdaman1 S3bdaman1 1.3823 THANK YOU in Detroit: Become Human
26 demon_rp demon_rpWorking on World of Final Fantasy (PS4) & many others... 1.3822 The Bright Minds in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
27 Torakiki TorakikiNo, you can't. 1.3304
28 DesOurs DesOursBualle 1.2777 The Journey Begins in God of War
29 iDimePS iDimePSE chi se lo aspettava. 1.2576 Ended the war machine threat in Horizon: Zero Dawn
30 theBaldZ theBaldZ 1.2038 En Guardian! in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch