Playstation Friends ITA

Il LeaderBoard "Playstation Friends ITA" nasce con l'idea di creare una classifica di giocatori italiani di Playstation.
La classifica viene calcolata sul TT Ratio.

Se siete interessati a scambiare opinioni e consigli ci potete seguire sul gruppo da cui è nato tutto
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TT Ratio
Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 Gabry_Montez Gabry_MontezNo Gods, No Masters 2.1613 Mean Streets in F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch
2 Demask DemaskIt's not who I am underneath... but what I *do* that defines me. 2.0466 Dark Room in Life Is Strange
3 BIGG__sottone BIGG__sottone 2.0194 Race Driver 2 in GRID Legends
4 scemopagliaccioh scemopagliaccioh 1.9733 Wing It in Marvel's Spider-Man
5 BdCHighVoltage BdCHighVoltage 1.9488 School's Out in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
6 Artorias_v91 Artorias_v91THe HunT iS oPeN!! 1.8364 Adventurer in Lifeless Planet
7 PolliAllaBrace PolliAllaBrace 1.8198 Master Marsupial in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS4)
8 killer91ITA killer91ITA 1.8081 Vault-Tec C.E.O. in Fallout 3
9 Cloud_Strife_81 Cloud_Strife_81Devil's Never Cry! 1.8011 So Long, RC in Resident Evil 3
10 APCGrayLocked APCGrayLocked 1.7822 Curiosity Killed the Cat in Trials Fusion
11 DemyxIX95 DemyxIX95 1.7127 Loom for Improvement in Hogwarts Legacy (EU) (PS4)
12 RedSquirrel87 RedSquirrel87Power to Squirrels! 1.6799 Look at you go! in F1 2020
13 Elolly Elolly 1.6682 Fashionista! in Sackboy: A Big Adventure
14 pintonator pintonator 1.6545 ROAD TO NOWHERE in GRID Legends (PS4)
15 Delcaran Delcaran 1.5915 Space Normandy in Vanquish (PS3)
16 Nuccio86 Nuccio86 1.5430 Batter Up! in Persona 5 Royal (EU) (PS4)
17 ilBrandolo ilBrandolo 1.5371 Making Friends in Watch Dogs: Legion (PS4)
18 vegettosky vegettoskygameplayer on PS4 PS3 PSP PSVITA XBOX360 NDS IPHONE - AssassinsCreed - LittleBigPlanet - ResidentEvi 1.5004 Welcome to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
19 iDeadlyFog iDeadlyFog 1.5003 Petting Zoo in Tearaway Unfolded
20 Lucamaleonte LucamaleonteNon Giochiamo Mai 1.4538 Comeuppance in God of War Ragnarök
21 PS_Froz PS_Frozuattafac! 1.4414 Quantum Mechanic in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
22 Piperprinx Piperprinx 1.4290 Living Legend in Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)
23 manzoGe75 manzoGe75 1.3896 The Johnny Experience in Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)
24 S3bdaman1 S3bdaman1 1.3860 Obsolete Models a Specialty in DiRT 4
25 demon_rp demon_rpWorking on World of Final Fantasy (PS4) & many others... 1.3488 Stop the Abyssal Ritual in Dark Alliance (EU) (PS4)
26 Intensofox IntensofoxObrigado PlayStation!!! 1.3401 I Hit Someone in Sports Champions
27 Torakiki TorakikiNo, you can't. 1.3315
28 D3luX118 D3luX118Bualle 1.3035 King of Swing in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered
29 DAKENH DAKENH 1.2796 Cutting Corners in Cuphead
30 iDimePS iDimePSE chi se lo aspettava. 1.2772 Born to Ride in Marvel's Spider-Man
31 theBaldZ theBaldZ 1.2084 En Guardian! in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
32 MsLightSite MsLightSite 1.1867 The Bog in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
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