Playstation Friends ITA

Il LeaderBoard "Playstation Friends ITA" nasce con l'idea di creare una classifica di giocatori italiani di Playstation.
La classifica viene calcolata sul TT Ratio.

Se siete interessati a scambiare opinioni e consigli ci potete seguire sul gruppo da cui è nato tutto
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TT Ratio
Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 Gabry_Montez Gabry_MontezNo Gods, No Masters 2.3082 Star Performance in Control
2 BIGG__sottone BIGG__sottone 2.1405 Girls' night out in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan
3 BdCHighVoltage BdCHighVoltage 2.1333 School's Out in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
4 Artorias_v91 Artorias_v91THe HunT iS oPeN!! 2.0900 Spaceport of Greed: Obliterated in Persona 5 Royal (EU)
5 Demask DemaskIt's not who I am underneath... but what I *do* that defines me. 2.0551 Store no more in RESOGUN
6 PolliAllaBrace PolliAllaBrace 2.0114 Fire of Life in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
7 Cloud_Strife_81 Cloud_Strife_81Devil's Never Cry! 2.0086 Platinum Trophy in Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered
8 killer91ITA killer91ITA 2.0008 My Name is Mayo - The Second! in My Name is Mayo 2
9 APCGrayLocked APCGrayLocked 1.8599 Party Hard in ACT IT OUT XL! A Game of Charades (EU)
10 DemyxIX95 DemyxIX95 1.8585 Fruit Fighter in Crash Bandicoot: Warped
11 pintonator pintonator 1.8528 NOPE in Amnesia: Collection
12 RedSquirrel87 RedSquirrel87Power to Squirrels! 1.8453 Look at you go! in F1 2020
13 Elolly Elolly 1.8109 Chalice of Torment in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
14 Delcaran Delcaran 1.6709 Space Normandy in Vanquish (PS3)
15 iDeadlyFog iDeadlyFog 1.6683 A Parting Gift in Darksiders III
16 ilBrandolo ilBrandolo 1.6233 Making Friends in Watch Dogs: Legion (PS4)
17 Lucamaleonte LucamaleonteNon Giochiamo Mai 1.6178 Goblin Hunter in Knack
18 vegettosky vegettoskygameplayer on PS4 PS3 PSP PSVITA XBOX360 NDS IPHONE - AssassinsCreed - LittleBigPlanet - ResidentEvi 1.5784 Welcome to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V
19 Nuccio86 Nuccio86 1.5734 The Languages of Pao in No Man's Sky (PS4)
20 PS_Froz PS_Frozuattafac! 1.5335 Onetime Gig in Final Fantasy VII Remake
21 Piperprinx Piperprinx 1.4515 Living Legend in Ghost of Tsushima
22 manzoGe75 manzoGe75 1.4176 Dabbler in Tanning in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS4)
23 S3bdaman1 S3bdaman1 1.4025 First Day in South Park in South Park: The Stick of Truth
24 demon_rp demon_rpWorking on World of Final Fantasy (PS4) & many others... 1.3876 Do It For Me in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
25 Intensofox IntensofoxObrigado PlayStation!!! 1.3875 First encounter in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD
26 iDimePS iDimePSE chi se lo aspettava. 1.3701 Pyramid of Wrath: Plundered in Persona 5 Royal (EU)
27 Torakiki TorakikiNo, you can't. 1.3368
28 D3luX118 D3luX118Bualle 1.3238 Veloci-Skates in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4)
29 theBaldZ theBaldZ 1.2136 En Guardian! in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch