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Pos Gamer Score Latest trophy
1 Cloud__StrifeGR Cloud__StrifeGR 1.9106 Top of the Heap in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS3)
2 l_-Kuroi-_l l_-Kuroi-_l 1.7980 Miniature Crown in Monster Hunter: World
3 BdCHighVoltage BdCHighVoltage 1.7937 School's Out in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
4 Adryano91 Adryano91THe HunT iS oPeN!! 1.7254 Temper Temper in Monster Hunter: World
5 Metazeta Metazeta 1.7130 Golden gun in RESOGUN
6 likesound_ likesound_ 1.7098 Epic Raider in Destiny
7 octacon90 octacon90Trophies Hunter 1.6897 Mystery in the Sand in Shadow of the Colossus
8 snoker_89 snoker_89 1.6884 I'm Just Getting Started in Assassin's Creed Origins
9 Dux-Gargaros Dux-Gargaros 1.6785 Escaper in Machinarium
10 CaVcO CaVcO 1.6202 Tell Me a Story in Yakuza Kiwami
11 unmibatti unmibatti 1.6135 Dilapidation in Dishonored 2
12 pese-97 pese-97 1.5828 Quick Learner in The Escapists
13 lefantome89 lefantome89 1.5698 Shadows Over the City in Gravity Rush Remastered
14 augusto8589 augusto8589scemo chi legge 1.5512 The Last Stand in Call of Duty: World at War
15 FraLu77 FraLu77 1.5440 What If in Life Is Strange
16 Elolly Elolly 1.5437 Three's a Crowd in That's You!
17 barcomon barcomon 1.5273 Welcome to the New World in Monster Hunter: World
18 TheValeyard85 TheValeyard85Please Lord give me back Freddie Mercury, we give you in exchange Justin Bieber. 1.5266 Hitman in God of War (PS3)
19 jet_black79 jet_black79 1.5234 Abandon All Hope in Rise of the Tomb Raider
20 Silver_Br4in79 Silver_Br4in79 1.5056 General of the Army in Call of Duty: WWII
21 Dr-Thom-Snake Dr-Thom-Snake 1.4989 Build bridges in FIFA 18
22 iDeadlyFog iDeadlyFog 1.4793 Sins of the Father in Yakuza Kiwami
23 Dies_Iraez Dies_Iraez 1.4733 Revelations in Assassin's Creed: Revelations
24 dnt_wraiter dnt_wraiter 1.4679 Timing is Everything in DOOM
25 Big_esse Big_esse 1.4628 Everything Lost Again in Mad Max
26 Nicelittlewood Nicelittlewood 1.4517 Two's Company in That's You!
27 PropHilaX PropHilaX 1.4489 Boy Love Aficionado in South Park: The Fractured but Whole
28 robbe_881 robbe_881 1.4468 Miniature Crown in Monster Hunter: World
29 Maelstorm85 Maelstorm85 1.4464 Secrets of the Kuna in Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita)
30 greatfede greatfede 1.4389 Ho ho ho... What an Unexpected Thrill in Dragon Ball FighterZ
31 raytitan raytitan 1.4312 The Battle Ends in Nioh
32 PS_Froz PS_Frozuattafac! 1.4156 Goku Isn't the Only Super Saiyan... in Dragon Ball FighterZ
33 SniP_T4LBoKiLL4_ SniP_T4LBoKiLL4_ 1.4134 Big Adventurer in Little Adventure on the Prairie
34 REBEL4LIFE87 REBEL4LIFE87 1.4131 The Cleaner in Star Wars Battlefront II
35 RickyPio RickyPio 1.4115 Runner in Party Hard
36 Triistan05 Triistan05 1.4003 Magic Time in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
37 MattDD90Murdock MattDD90Murdock 1.4003 Feeding Time in Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
38 RaidenOn RaidenOn 1.3953 Platinum in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Remastered
39 Deckard_92 Deckard_92 1.3880 Support Enlistment in Battlefield 1
40 BiaGalantino BiaGalantino 1.3844 Let's Go! in Nights of Azure
41 Kyle_SR84 Kyle_SR84 1.3822 So Close in Little Nightmares
42 vegettosky vegettoskygameplayer on PS4 PS3 PSP PSVITA XBOX360 NDS IPHONE - AssassinsCreed - LittleBigPlanet - ResidentEvil 1.3805 The Empress of the Highlands in Monster Hunter: World
43 ColeBlack77 ColeBlack77 1.3263 Death Begets Life in Monster Hunter: World
44 evil_ evil_ 1.3252 Get over here! in Stories: The Path of Destinies
45 il_vene il_vene 1.3176 Collateral Damage in Assetto Corsa
46 Ganon1979 Ganon1979 1.3170 The Lindwurm Turns in Tales of Berseria
47 Samvise83 Samvise83 1.2958 Though We Are Far Apart in The Last Guardian
48 FeliXGV FeliXGV 1.2654 Valley of the Wanderer in Shadow of the Colossus

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TheValeyard85 God of War (PS3) Hitman TheValeyard85 won the Hitman trophy in God of War (PS3) for 17 points
TheValeyard85 God of War (PS3) Rocking Out TheValeyard85 won the Rocking Out trophy in God of War (PS3) for 16 points
TheValeyard85 God of War (PS3) Matador TheValeyard85 won the Matador trophy in God of War (PS3) for 16 points
dnt_wraiter DOOM Timing is Everything dnt_wraiter won the Timing is Everything trophy in DOOM for 23 points
Nicelittlewood That's You! Two's Company Nicelittlewood won the Two's Company trophy in That's You! for 18 points
Nicelittlewood That's You! Impressionist Nicelittlewood won the Impressionist trophy in That's You! for 15 points
evil_ Stories: The Path of Destinies Get over here! evil_ won the Get over here! trophy in Stories: The Path of Destinies for 20 points
TheValeyard85 God of War (PS3) It's the HUGE One TheValeyard85 won the It's the HUGE One trophy in God of War (PS3) for 31 points
TheValeyard85 God of War (PS3) 1.21 Gigawatts TheValeyard85 won the 1.21 Gigawatts trophy in God of War (PS3) for 15 points
Dies_Iraez Assassin's Creed: Revelations Revelations Dies_Iraez won the Revelations trophy in Assassin's Creed: Revelations for 106 points
Dies_Iraez Assassin's Creed: Revelations Priorities Dies_Iraez won the Priorities trophy in Assassin's Creed: Revelations for 35 points
Maelstorm85 Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita) Hangman Maelstorm85 won the Hangman trophy in Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita) for 17 points