Solutions Rules and Guidelines

Before you consider writing solutions for TrueTrophies please make sure you are familiar with the solution guidelines.

Solutions SHOULD NOT:

  • Copy or appropriate. Copying work from others and passing it off as your own is unacceptable. If you wish to make use of content created by other people, or taken from an external source, you must ensure that you credit the author and cite the source clearly. Solutions consisting only of a link to another site's solution are not allowed - please produce your own content.
  • Contain something other than a solution. Do not use a solution to ask questions (use the game’s Forum Board for this), request help for boosting, or even offer boosting help (both of which you should refer to the Gaming Sessions and Forums).
  • Simply restate the trophy description. Only stating which level or chapter an trophy can be acquired, or that an trophy is story related, isn’t a solution (unless it states information not available by the trophy name or description). Secret trophies not yet updated by the site are an exception, although once the site has been updated with the secret information those solutions are no longer acceptable and should be updated to contain an actual solution. We recommend you write a full solution beforehand to avoid complications.
  • Platinum Trophies. In the case of a Platinum Trophy repeating that all other trophies are necessary does not constitute an acceptable solution, something that is acceptable would be a solution that lists the trophies in the game and the most efficient order to go about getting them, this does not mean you must write a solution for each trophy, you must simply do more than state the obvious, here is an example of an excellent solution: Solution for Burnout Paradise Elite
  • Violate Sony’s Terms. We do not support any solutions that could result in an enforcement action on Sony’s behalf. Equally, anything which contravenes the Cheat Policy should not be posted. Please note, if the solution does not violate Sony's TOS but calls for boosting, cheating, or cheat applications that have been known to result in user bans by the developer, then a clearly bolded disclaimer must be included at the top of the solution, informing users of the possible developer or in-game ban that may occur from using that solution.
  • Contain unnecessary spoilers. Spoilers are acceptable only if they directly relate to the trophy.
  • Violate site rules. Solutions should not abuse or antagonise other users. They should not be used to call out other users or complain about a trophy. Nor should they contain offensive, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate language.
Please note that the rule regarding restating the trophy description also applies to Platinum Trophy solutions.Solutions SHOULD:
  • Be correct. If you are informed of any errors, please make an effort to maintain your solution with correct and up to date information. This includes patches and changes to the availability of the trophy.
  • Be relevant. Solutions must be a means to getting the trophy they are posted for. Avoid repeating information that is available from the trophy itself. Give all the information needed to unlock the trophy in question.
  • Give credit. Copying work from others and passing it off as your own is unacceptable. If you wish to make use of content created by another source, please credit the author and cite the source clearly. If the author of the linked content can easily be identified (such as in a youtube video), credit is deemed appropriately given. Nevertheless, we encourage our solution writers to adopt the good practice of giving explicit credit, even if credit is implied by the content.
Please note that these rules do not comprehensively dictate the actions of The Reported Content Team and are subject to change without notice. The Reported Content Team will use their discretion to resolve situations which require thinking outside of the box to deal with new situations.

Information for Solution Reporters
Aside from reporting solutions that break the rules and guidelines outlined above, please be on the lookout for duplicated solutions. These can occur a number of ways and it is best to try and keep these duplicates to a minimum.If you know or suspect that an author has a large number of solutions similar to the one you are reporting, please mention it in the box provided when you submit the report. We will investigate the rest of their solutions, so there is no need to submit lots of reports regarding the same author.Please do not report solutions because you feel they are similar. We do not investigate similarities, especially when lists are involved. However, if you feel someone’s work has been duplicated wholesale, without their consent , we strongly encourage you to report the solution.We allow for legacy content to remain when they're valid for offline modes or by removing the cache, but you may still ask the authors to update their solutions, and inform us so that we may instruct the author to add a disclaimer to the solution.
If you disagree with the decision of the Reported Content Team to edit or delete on your solution, you can file a complaint. This should always be done by first replying to the PM you received. If you still disagree, after getting an explanation, you can send a PM to the Reported Content Manager Nomstuff