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By subscribing to a TrueTrophies Pro account, you'll receive the following benefits:

  • You won't see any advertisements on the site
  • You'll have full access to the mobile version of the site - check and comment on your feed, post in the forums, check your games, send and read PMs, even force a profile scan!
  • You'll be put on the super-fast Pro Subscriber scanner and have unlimited forced scans
  • You'll be able to download a backup of your game collection
  • You'll be able to compare your game collection with up to 5 gamers
  • You'll be able to receive Unobtainable and Discontinued flag change notifications
  • You'll be able to have up to 70 items in your Trophy Case
  • You'll be able to have up to 25 un-registered friends in your feed
  • You'll be able to have up to 100 active Gamer Goals at any one time
  • You'll be able to have up to 50 site leaderboard tracking bots
  • You'll be able to have up to 1000 items in your To-Do List
  • You'll be able to have up to 6 series panels on your homepage
  • You'll be able to vote on up to 15 site wish list ideas
  • You get all these features for only $25 a year! (UK and EU pricing also available)
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