Getting started with TrueTrophies

Firstly, welcome!

If you're not sure why you're here or what this site is about, here is a full explanation of the scoring system of both PSN and TrueTrophies.

Scanning your PSNID

There is one important thing you should know about PSN - your trophies are not sync'd automatically with the Playstation Network unless you have a PSN Plus account. That means, in order for your trophies to appear on TrueTrophies you may need to do a manual sync. You can do this by going to My Trophy Collection on your PlayStation XMB.

Some of the features of (you'll need to be logged in to see many of these pages)

Here are some of the biggest features on the site that when understood, will make using this site a truly magical experience:

My Settings. You can also find this under your gamer menu in the Account Settings section. Here you can change the way you view the site and how others view your profile. There are too many options to go in-depth with, so if you have a question on one of them, hold your mouse arrow over one of the blue question mark icons next to the specific item to find out exactly what it does.

Customize My Homepage. You can also find this in your Account Settings menu. Here you can decide which panels appear on the right of your homepage, which order they appear in, and even what colour the headers are! Have your homepage just the way you want it!

Friends Lists. Got some friends on PSN that you want to keep an eye on? Simply go to the My friends item under your PSN Profile Pic menu, and add them in! If we are already tracking them then they will appear immediately on your friends feed. If not, we will start tracking them straight away. You can group your friends into different groups, set them up with different colours, and choose which ones you want to appear in your friends feed.

Badges. If you look at your profile page, you should see that you've already earned some badges, just for registering! There are a whole lot more you can earn by doing things around the site, have a look at the Badge Info page for some inspiration!

The Forums. It's where all the awesome people go to chat about games, the site, or anything in general. In addition to each game on the site having its own forum, we also have dedicated forums for leaderboards, off-topic discussions, and more.

The leaderboards. Under the Community menu option, you can find the two different categories of leaderboard. We have hundreds of site leaderboards that you are already a part of, covering the different sony platforms, geographical regions, and game genres! And as a user, you can create your own where you can add and invite other gamers, and even enjoy the comfort of your own leaderboard forum which can be found on the Forums page of the site under the My Leaderboard Forums section. The sky's the limit!

Gaming Sessions. Got some multiplayer trophies you are struggling with? Why not create a session for them and see if you can get a few people to help you out?

And much much more. It's impossible to try to list all of the site's functionality without a massive 100-page essay. So it's worth just having a click around the menus, and check out the friend feeds of other gamers to see what they are up to on the site. We are also constantly working on improving the site with newer and better features for you all to enjoy.

Got any suggestions?

Remember, your voice matters here, and we take all user suggestions seriously. Have a look around the Site Wishlist Forum, and if you notice that an idea you have for improving the site hasn't been suggested yet, simply create your own thread and we can all work on it as a group, eventually coming up with something the whole site can enjoy.

If you have any questions at all, please post in the Site Help Forum.