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I really want to give back to the TT community for making my daily visits to this site worthwhile. I did put up a competition this morning but since i had no posts i thought there must be no interest. What i really want to do is to give a random person on my friends list an early christmas present but i really dont know how to go about this.

I love reading all your posts regarding what you think of the latest games your playing and other stuff going on in the gaming community, and if it wasnt for all of you i wouldnt even visit this site. Your the ones that keep me motivated playing a hard or grindy game, your the ones that keep me aiming for that next platinum, your the ones that congratulate me on a completion. I just want to show you all some love and give something back.
Posted by LiquidCode on 16 November 19 at 17:57
BenNoddy It would be fun to do a random draw gift exchange with people! Would need to be country based, though, because international shipping would be annoying.
Posted by BenNoddy on 16 Nov at 18:20
Najinceil I usually make it a goal to read everything later at night when my day has quietened down! I'm sure most of the others are the same, especially with it being the weekend now.
Posted by Najinceil on 16 Nov at 18:35
Slayer1189 I think it is a great idea to give back to the community!

As others said, It can take me a couple of days to get round to blogs especially at the weekend depending how things are and the same seems to be true of comments on my own blogs from others.

I certainly support the idea! The TT community is great and I love my time spent here, especially with the small niche of friends on my feed that I have carved out toast
Posted by Slayer1189 on 16 Nov at 18:45
Badly_Worn_Toy I wasted an hour looking for the perfect picture of you cry

I don’t comment often, I prefer to lurk in the shadows and make select comment at opportune times, hopefully something witty or offensive lol

This community is a lot better than TA. Much more friendlier on this site.

Also, I’ve never won a competition so I think that puts me firmly in first place.

Posted by Badly_Worn_Toy on 16 Nov at 19:21
LiquidCode Lol, sorry about that, i think the intention was there but i implemented it wrong. Upon thinking a bit more maybe a code for playstation store credit as a reward would have been better and easier to do, plus people wouldnt have to give me their home address if they felt uncomfortable doing so. Btw, do codes work universally or are they region specific?

I was also thinking of something like assigning everyone a number then just using a random number generator but i couldnt prove that i just didnt choose someone over someone else. I want it to be fair and random so everyone has a chance, and i want it so i have no involvement in choosing a winner so no bias can be involved by me.
Posted by LiquidCode on 16 Nov at 19:41
Slayer1189 I think some sort of voting like you initially planned would be better than at random so it involved the community and you couldn't be accused of rigging it.

PS Store points would be a great idea to make it worldwide! They are region specific but you can buy all major regions easily through sites that sell the codes. That way you can just buy a code for the region that won and send them the code on here. no address needed smile
Posted by Slayer1189 on 16 Nov at 19:49
Najinceil Codes are region-based unfortunately.
Posted by Najinceil on 16 Nov at 20:11
Slayer1189 @Naj - They are region based, but you can just buy depending on the winner. So if a UK persons wins, UK card, but if US wins US card.

As long as the card isn't bought until the winner is known then there is no issue smile
Posted by Slayer1189 on 16 Nov at 20:25
biff_beefcake Sorry I missed your original competition! I actually usually check up here pretty often, but today was my son's birthday and involved hosting well-wishers for pretty much the entire day laugh

Anyway, I agree that TT is great and you guys are great! <3 And contests are fun! :D
Posted by biff_beefcake on 17 Nov at 02:06
Harris59 Yeah, codes is a good option to cover all regions and people uncomfortable with addresses. As for random stuff I think ultimately when you're giving something free I'd just trust that you've done it completely random regardless of proof or not, the way you randomly choose etc. is more of a 'for you' thing. Though I think there's sites that can be used for giveaways and stuff that save the winner and whatnot.

The community is a great place, after all I'm banned from half the site features due to personal disagreements with the owner but I still come here and read/comment on the feeds and read the blogs. A great bunch of chaps we got here laugh
Posted by Harris59 on 17 Nov at 03:02
LiquidCode Ok, so Playstation Store codes seem the way to go. Someone would have to point me to a reliable seller of them though as i usually only trust online sellers who are well known or have a uk high street store (yes im old fashioned).

And a competition where other members vote on the winner seems like the best idea too. Im just struggling to think of something where everyone can get involved.
Posted by LiquidCode on 17 Nov at 10:09
LiquidCode Ive been thinking a bit more on this and i was thinking maybe i could ask 1 question a day about myself and the people with the right answer go to the next round until 1 person is left. This way you lucky people could know a little bit more about me, laugh The questions would be like:
How many physical games do i own in my collection 45 or 145? Do I own a pet yes or no? How old am i 37 or 73? Where in wales do i live swansea or cardiff? etc. What do you think of this idea? or can you think of something better?
Posted by LiquidCode on 17 Nov at 13:45
Badly_Worn_Toy Something more appropriate where I’m able to be guaranteed a win without luckily guessing my way would be good.
Posted by Badly_Worn_Toy on 17 Nov at 15:32
biff_beefcake I think you should just write a blog about yourself so we lucky people can know a little bit more about you anyway! smile

As far as an online seller who is reliable for PSN codes, I was pointed towards and have since had good experiences with buying codes through them: the payments are routed through paypal and once it's cleared, they email you the codes (all in all takes only about 10 minutes).
Posted by biff_beefcake on 17 Nov at 16:25
LiquidCode Ok thanks for the seller info. This is really tough trying to think of a comp though. Another idea was having virtual loot boxes with one having the prize in and everyone picks a numbered box, but i dont know how i could get that to work either laugh I suppose i could take a picture of my house number then use that as proof of the numbered box the prize is in then everyone gets to open one box per day sort of like an advent calender? im really stuck on what to do.
Posted by LiquidCode on 17 Nov at 17:06
Slayer1189 I think your first idiea was a good one. Getting the community to send in pics of themselves and then some voting.

Good way to get to know each other better and get everyone engaged.

Totally random isn't as good and the questions about you is more like guesswork, plus as Biff said that could be a blog wink
Posted by Slayer1189 on 18 Nov at 15:45
LiquidCode The first idea for those that didnt see it was to send in a pic of what you think i look like and then ppl vote on the best one (i was waiting for loads of sheep related pics tbh). I just thought that some ppl might be a little shy to post pics of themselves unless we have some cosplayers in our midst then that would be fun laugh How would ppl think about a comp where they send in a pic of themself as a video game character, one with the most votes wins?
Posted by LiquidCode on 18 Nov at 17:16
Badly_Worn_Toy Can I do the invisible man?
Posted by Badly_Worn_Toy on 19 Nov at 15:04
LiquidCode Lol. Been thinking about this again and it would be quite easy to take a selfy then edit it using Microsoft paint (I think its called Paint 3D now) to make yourself look like your favourite video game character, maybe if everyone did that? Or maybe just draw your favourite character if you dont like taking pictures of yourself? I dont know, im just trying to come up with an idea everyone is happy with.
Posted by LiquidCode on 19 Nov at 15:35
Harris59 Yeah, something with some kind of community involvement could be a lot of fun. As long as it's not overly competitive and all in good fun, the picture and/or drawing could always be a laugh, I suck at drawing so it'd be funny to try and draw anything that vaguely represents a character I like lol.
Posted by Harris59 on 19 Nov at 19:35
LiquidCode Join the club, mind you its quite hard to draw with Paint 3D:
Posted by LiquidCode on 19 Nov at 22:37
Slayer1189 Damn Liquid, That's a good Sonic! Plus I am guessing you just quickly threw it up smile

I really wasn't born with any of the creative characteristics... sure, gimme maths, trends, charts anyday of the week, but a hard pass on the creative arts laugh

Anyway, here is the Sonic I made in response. This took me a good 30 minutes of concentrating redface
Posted by Slayer1189 on 20 Nov at 00:33
biff_beefcake Dang, those are really decent! Has this turned into a best computer drawing of Sonic competition? laugh I will try my hand at it tomorrow wink
Posted by biff_beefcake on 20 Nov at 01:43
LiquidCode Lol, this is just for fun although you could use the sonic pics in the comp. Im thinking you can enter as many times as you want during a week period, and maybe just limiting it to using the free paint program on your laptop/pc (Microsoft paint/Paint 3D). That way people who own progs such as Photoshop wont have an unfair advantage. Then we have a week of voting. What do you guys think?
Posted by LiquidCode on 20 Nov at 09:12
Slayer1189 Sound good. Enter whatever characters you like then voting commences. Maybe limite the number of entries per person to 5 or something toast
Posted by Slayer1189 on 20 Nov at 09:48
LiquidCode The game im currently playing:
Posted by LiquidCode on 20 Nov at 11:01
LiquidCode Yea, ok up to 5 entries per person, ill post a new competition blog on friday and spam my friend feed once per day for a week to get people entering. Then we will have a further week of votes.
Posted by LiquidCode on 20 Nov at 11:06
LiquidCode On second thoughts ill just put the weekend after the entries for votes. It wont take a week for everyone to vote, 2 days should be fine. So the winner will be announced on monday following last entries on friday.
Posted by LiquidCode on 20 Nov at 11:20
LiquidCode Btw, i forgot how to insert pics onto this cause i made a pic for the header of the competition:
Posted by LiquidCode on 20 Nov at 12:39
Badly_Worn_Toy I can’t use paint but I could perhaps draw something in CAD for you? I could maybe make you an .stl or .dxf of a fancy machining?
Posted by Badly_Worn_Toy on 20 Nov at 15:07
LiquidCode Oh, just another quick question. How much are games to buy in other countries? Because i was thinking like £50 PS Store credit to the winner. Can you buy full games for $50 USA or $50 Australia as well for example or do they sell for more? I want the winner to be able to buy themself a decent game and not just be able to afford to buy a couple of Ratalaika Games.
Posted by LiquidCode on 20 Nov at 15:15
LiquidCode @Badly - I really have no idea what you just said lol. I know nothing about CAD. I really wanted everyone to use the free paint program that comes with your computer so that noone has an unfair advantage of using something like Photoshop. I could waver this if someone has a condition or disability where they cannot use paint though, if thats your case then feel free to use CAD.
Posted by LiquidCode on 20 Nov at 15:25
BenNoddy New, recent games in the US are $60 for basic editions so I think $50 is reasonable and wouldn’t mind kicking in the extra $10 for a new release.
Posted by BenNoddy on 20 Nov at 16:04
blooddogg757 Great idea fam, glad you care enough to give back!
Posted by blooddogg757 on 20 Nov at 18:06
Harris59 I'd love to use paint but I can't (I don't own a functioning computer belive it or not laugh) but I'd love to take part for the giggles. Would using the built in drawing tool in the gallery on mobile work? I can take a photo or screenshot of something white then just draw on top of it.
Posted by Harris59 on 20 Nov at 19:49
Harris59 Also I should add, holy smokes this filled my inbox, I don't know why every individual blog comment is it's own message while feed comments you get just one to say there's new comments laugh

And while also on the subject of community involvement, I wonder if anyone would like to start doing some kind of interviews with other members or the like in their blogs, I'd love to get to know more about the people here.
Posted by Harris59 on 20 Nov at 19:52
biff_beefcake That's a fun idea, Harris! Maybe it could even be like "Community Interview" Tag: like I make and post and interview of you and then you make and post an interview of the next person, who will then be responsible for making and posting an interview of the next person, etc. That way everyone can participate without the interviewing responsibility just being on one person and consenting to being interviewed means that you're willing to pay it forward to the next interviewee.

And I agree: new blog comments should fill your inbox the same way feed comments do laugh

Also, most new games cost CAD $80 in my part of the world... which worked out to be about 46 GBP. But unless my Paint skills end up being impossibly charming and/or hilarious in their crappiness, I don't think it will even need to be a consideration LOL wink
Posted by biff_beefcake on 20 Nov at 21:21
LiquidCode @Harris - Yea, if you dont have access to paint use whatever you can, i also like the idea about interviews. Maybe a couple of people together could interview others using Discord or PS group messaging for half an hour each or something then post the convo in a blog. If you didnt do something like that where the conversation flowed you would have to have a set questions for everyone which would be simpler but maybe less personal.

@biff - Yea, i thought as much when i saw that some countries PS Store credit was cheaper to buy than other regions. I'll make up the difference and have this conversation with whoever wins, but whoever does win ill make sure the reward is enough to buy a full price game.
Posted by LiquidCode on 20 Nov at 21:55
AtsumaKarin Hey, hang on a minute, why random people on your list? As your fellow teammate in GTTSC, surely I should be first in line??? wink

In all seriousness, though, I am intrigued by the idea of a contest for sure, though if it is drawing based, I can guarantee I would get no votes as art is my weakest field. redface Well, maybe sports as well but some of those, I'm at least kinda OK, the ones I'm dreadful at (AKA most) would rival it, though. laugh

Also, on the subject of interviews: Nicole is doing something like that on TA, I even did think about running that sort of thing myself at one stage so I'd potentially be down for something like that. I would also like to know more about my teammate as embarrassingly, I know very little about you. redface
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 21 Nov at 00:30
LiquidCode Lol, i think you prob know most of the people on my list better than i do. Yea, some people have said that their drawing skills arnt very good but have you seen my attempts? There are numerous ways to enter, you could do some masterpiece in art, you could do something thought provoking, you could do something funny, you could even do a short comic strip.

At the moment i think your the first person who has volunteered to take on the job of interviewing people, i havnt followed TA for years so i dont know how Nicole does things but if you or anyone else ever wants to interview me then you only have to ask wink
Posted by LiquidCode on 21 Nov at 08:32
Slayer1189 I like the interview idea as I would like to get to know the group a little better. I would agree to be interviewed and I would also be okay with the baton idea of then passing it forward to the next person.

My only concern is that I don't really know how to conduct an interview, so I would say if we do the passing it forward idea then someone who is good with interview questions would need to set up a template that others could use smile

Then again, we could just 'steal' the template from the official TT/TA interviews laugh
Posted by Slayer1189 on 21 Nov at 09:11