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Welp, with my never ending quest of the backlog I surely jumped into a huge pile of poopy games over the weekend! facepalm If I cared for my completion percent I'd be cringing right now *unclenches jaw* Heh.

I've always collected a pile of easy 1k games except I never got around to finishing them and over the years my interest in completing games dropped to an all time zero. I've waxed lyrically about that before so I won't bother with it.

One thing it has taught me is that when a game sucks (or not to my liking) I'm able to drop it like a hot potato and not look back...BUT...Something about dipping back into this backlog has made me question dropping the games. Don't worry I'll get over it in time SO I'm not going to put myself through endless frustration.

And here is the problem back then when I liked completing the soul crushing 1kers I was happy to waste my time with them BUT these days I don't like wasting my time on them. However, I feel kinda bad if I don't at least try them out (wasted money otherwise and I'd feel back).

I tried BEN 10 Ominiverse, Rio, Assassin's Creed Rogue, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations.

BEN 10 Ominiverse
This one is probably the worst of the bunch. I'd gotten through the training stages which were pretty dull... I got to the end where I had to save or so THOUGHT I did. Anyways, I continued on and I get to this spot where the game was bugged. I couldn't get one of Ben's monsters to perform a trick so I thought I'd just reload my save and I would go on from there (smart idea, right). WELP, I lost everything and I had to go right back to the start as my save didn't save a frigging THING. I swore under my breath and turned the 360 off. I already didn't like the layout of the controls and I've no interest in Ben 10. The only "fun" thing about it was the fact it gave me a bunch of points very quickly.
I finished story mode which was a bunch of pretty dull mini games when playing alone. I'm not even sure these would be fun with others. I know I'm not the target audience for the game but still. So, finishing story mode was enough for me to call it quits on it and place it in the throw out pile.
Assassin's Creed Rogue
Now this game isn't bad but it's really jarring to go backwards after playing Odyssey. I haven't gotten that far into this game but it will be the next one on my hit list to complete the storyline of. Well, I'll see. I'm not big on the ship elements of these games and I skipped Black Flag because I hated how the ship mechanics worked so much..lol In the newer games, sure, I still didn't like it but it was more manageable.
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
I was really looking forward to playing this until I realized they took away the OPEN WORLD aspect of the game cry It's now just a fighter which is okay if you wanna play that. I made my way through young Naruto's life but got to a certain boss battle where you were pit against an unfair boss even on easy. They know your moves the second you start to execute it. I don't believe on easy it should be THAT smart. A few times I came to beating the boss but I'd screw something up and end up dead. So, I've retired the game for now..I'm not completely over it.

This comes to my 3 piles...Finished/Maybe Later/NOPE: I really want most of my games to be sitting in the Finished pile. I've got a nice little bunch sitting in Maybe Later which I hope doesn't grow much larger. The NOPE only has two games sitting in it currently BEN 10 and Rio. The bigger stack is the FINISHED pile though so I am winning on that front.

Going back to older games has really made me appreciate how much games have come when it comes to graphics and mostly the controls. Things that wouldn't of bothered me before are making me pull my hair out now because back then I had nothing to compare it too.

Another cool thing is my backlog pile has done a decent shrink that there are now holes in the collection that I can moved the stacked ones into the holes and somehow it plays tricks on my brain that things are moving along quicker than I think which isn't all that true..lol

Hopefully when I report back next time I'll be able to say Rogue is finished OR near the end and I've set my sights on some other games to start.
Posted by takutoneko on 10 November 19 at 09:22 | Last edited on 10 November 19 at 09:28
Funderballs_007 I think I am in the minority like you with the ship sections in AC games, I hated them in rogue and black flag and I am glad that they are only in small parts in the new AC games. I enjoyed the story on rogue but I just did that and left the game at that, the sailing to everywhere to collect all the 1000s of collectibles I just couldn't stomach.
Well hopefully you will find something enjoyable out of all these.
Posted by Funderballs_007 on 10 Nov at 21:58
takutoneko Bleggghhh...Sounding like I'll be doing the same thing..Storyline complete then quit laugh Sorry, that you don't enjoy those pesky boats tho. Would be good if they were more enjoyable.
Posted by takutoneko on 11 Nov at 10:56