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Finally another platinum!
Good week of gaming, finally finished off Rebel Galaxy after 3 years and a restart. Not a bad game at all considering its made by 2 guys. Only downside is the grind of Pirate Lords. The spawn rate is very long, so requires going round ending events in the hope of a Pirate Lord spawning.

Managed to get a few more trophies in Worms 2, slowly getting the online trophies down. Hoping to get the online completed. Having a slight issue with the 2 mine trophies.

Although the plan was to keep working on other games to reduce the backlog. Decided to break it up by starting Need For Speed Payback. Good to start 1 of the new game and have already earned 21 of the trophies. Gives something different to work on whilst working on the backlog. Hoping to work on PS3 online games (Driver SF and Worms 2) as well as Need For Speed. Will also look to finish AC Revelations to.
Posted by The_Last_DJ on 27 October 19 at 20:28