I’m sorry, but I think The Last of Us P2 ending and story overall was well written and I don’t see anything wrong with how it was all handled. 4.5/5


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Don’t get me wrong I love myself some trophies, but this week in the GTTSC has been a rough one. Many people are attempting to one up each other and Ratalaika seems to be the way... fortunately I didn’t play too many of their titles to begin with until now, but I do hope next year we stray away from these easy games. As much as some are fun—I won’t lie many of them miss the mark creating a total headache. I do recommend Daggerhood though. I think it was one of their better titles. Even if it was fairly easy.

Now it’s time to ready myself for the finals, because I’m not ready to give up just yet! toast
Posted by daemont101 on 17 October 19 at 21:52
Mayadome Honestly I'd like to see some punishment for earning trophies with low TT ratios. Like they decay much faster. It just ends up being a who can play the most easy games (which if you're already plat them all previously would put you at a disadvantage).
Posted by Mayadome on 17 Oct 19 at 23:49
Mayadome One good way would be to multiply the final period score by the TT ratio for that period. That way people who play harder games will get a nice bonus at the end.
Posted by Mayadome on 17 Oct 19 at 23:50
daemont101 I completely agree. I’m going to try and finish the Binding of Isaac next week since I finally Put my brothers account back on my system. It’s been a real headache running through these games to just stay alive at the moment.
Posted by daemont101 on 18 Oct 19 at 00:20