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In the last week (and a day), plenty of work has been done across different games including MP. AC: Revelations, PS4 has been 100% in the main missions as well as the other misc trophies, just leaving the DLC to complete. Plenty of work still to do for the PS3 version.

Work continued on Fifa 20 with the Pro trophies completed as well as plenty of others. Decided to work on FUT and will look to build up a good team to be able to get into division 4. Also looking to get the rest of the trophies before just focusing on FUT.

Decided to start Rebel Galaxy again and look to get the plat for that. This time seems very doable. Looks like getting close to the end of the main missions. Currently making money to get the best weapons to be able to do the last missions and continue to work on getting the best weapons.

Worked more on the MP trophies in Worms 2 and Driver: SF.
Posted by The_Last_DJ on 14 October 19 at 11:12