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August... and September. In SummaryPermalink
It’s the 8th of October and I know you are all struggling to sleep at night, wondering “Where is Slayers blog? Come to think of it, he hasn’t even put out one for August yet, how will we know how things are going!?”

All of your struggles have weighed heavily on my conscience, so without further ado, I bring you the past 2 months blog, rolled into one wink


Apex Legends
So, Season 2 has now ended for Apex Legends. I met my target of reaching the max battle pass rank of 110 without any microtransactions. I will still be playing in Season 3 and beyond, but significantly less time and I do not intend to get max battle rank in any season from here on out.


FFXIV: Shadowbringers
Last update I provided on this one was that I was level 78 on my way to 80 and highly looking forward to the Nier: Automata raid.

I have now reached level 80 and cleared all unique content so far. I no longer take part in Savage content or Extremes while current, as this is a timesink in MMO’s I had when I was younger, but now happy to see all content as the stopping point each patch (I might actually do a mini blog on gaming time management as I was forced to come up with a method for it!)

Overall, I like Shadowbringers and it definitely has some great content available and great to see they aren’t messing the game up as they add content, which is common for MMOs.

The Nier: Automata is also right around the corner now! 5.1 comes out on Oct 21st, so you can bet I’ll be renewing my sub for that toast

Onto new games I started! August first!

1) Burnout Paradise
This was just to help out Wachistwo with the online trophies for the NA version… That’s right, I used one of my coveted 78 game entries just to redo online I had already done and get nothing from! Almost as bad as when I did a Desert Bus VR ride totally forgetting that would count back in March laugh


2) Horizon Chase Turbo
This one I started to have a little arcade racer to play in short bursts between other things as I had an itch for an arcade racer, but not a kart game (Specific itch I know roll). Other folk had been playing this on my feed and enjoyed it so that decided it.

At first, I really didn’t think much of this at all, but I grew to enjoy it more as time went on. I’ll keep coming back to it every now ‘n’ then as but doubt I will ever do the Endurance mode. Just too boring to play in such a big session at once.


3) Metal Wolf Chaos XD
I actually never played this back in the day, so I was glad Devolver picked it up and published it on modern consoles. I wanted a funny game to play while a friend was over for a week and it was between this and Abo Khashem.

Safe to say this game is everything I expected it to be but also some things I didn’t expect at all shock. I didn’t really expect the arcadeyness of the stages or needing to change loadout like an Armored Core game. Going in I kinda thought it was just a funny game was a set of missions you only play once and that you just kinda blast through in a few hours as this unstoppable mech… That approach got me killed a couple of times super early into the game redface

I then came back to it appreciating the game for what it is and have been having fun with it. Still need to go back to complete the 3rd set of levels and finish the story. Will I play beyond the credits? I haven’t quite decided yet, but there is more to the plat than I initially thought and it could be fun to run through.

Last point on this one. The game gives me serious EDF vibes when playing it. That was a surpise, but certainly not an unwelcome one. EDF is fun!!! smile


4) Peasant Knight
Me and JAdamGilman joined the GTTSC, but without any intention of changing out gaming, so we expected to be eliminated super quick. I do the odd quick plat but not too often and certainly less often in 2019 with the 78 limit, though I did Metagal earlier in the year.

Anyway, Surprisingly, the elimination was far easier to stay ahead of than I initially expected. When I got to week 4 and was only 1 week away from securing the community badge, I decided to dedicate a whole 1 HOUR shock to the competition. To keep my games started low, I just did multiple versions of Peasant Knight, Super Weekend Mode and METAGAL (as I had started it already).

1 hour and those 3 games were enough to easily secure me the badge, after which I promptly gave up and got eliminated without even using my bonuses laugh

5) Super Weekend Mode
See above


And that’s all for August folks, Now onto the whopping 1 game I played in September wink

1) Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Well, this game got leaked to be coming out, but I assumed 2020. Turns out they just officially announce and launch the game the same day, September 4th.

Funnily enough, I was considering a good third person shooter to play and was about to sub to ultimate game pass for Gears of War 5. Well that went straight out the window when this was released 1 day before GoW5 laugh

I enjoyed the first two games and played them a bunch with Wachistwo and Reevys so this was an instabuy for me.

Overall, this is a great entry into the series. The maps are good, the characters are good/balanced and the single player is BY FAR the best in the series so far. The exploration is the best I have seen since Mario Odyssey and I had a great time hunting everything down dance

GW1 & GW2 both had their strong and weak points and I struggle to decide which is better out of the two. This game is no exception. It clearly beats out the first two on single player, but time will tell if it is better overall.

For a start, we need the game to officially launch on October 18th to see what the live service is going to be like and how events are run. As usual when I jump into a live service game early, I got burned by later additions. Happened with Apex and Vermintide as well, now this! redface

My September really was mostly just this game. That being said, I did play 90 hours in September alone, so I definitely got my hours in


October Plans
Well, the good news is that I should have more time to game on a day to day basis. Throughout June, July, August & September, not only are those busy months for me every year, but I also had some life stuff that led to a lot of nights babysitting and taken away from my free time cry

This meant less gametime and less time at the gym, so both my health and hobbies took a hit redface. Granted, I still tried to squeeze in an hour a day, 3 to 4 days a week for Apex with Atsuma and to hit my S2 target, but other than that I didn’t get much done with the exception of taking a couple of weekends to go HAM on PvZ. (most of those 90 hours came from 2 weekends I took to myself as my life commitments started to ease off. I can easily rack up 35 hours in a weekend if that’s what the weekend is dedicated to) wink

My work commitments ease off in October and the life stuff is coming to a close so the great news is my gym and gaming routine are pretty much back on track! toast

As I type this on the 8th of October, I have already went back to Bloodstained: RotN and Vermintide 2.

Bloodstained got heavily neglected earlier in the year as games like FFXIV, Apex etc relied on others so I felt those had to come first, but now it is getting the attention it deserves. I fully expect to have it beat this month smile

As for other plans for the month, I intend to continue playing PvZ, as well as jumping back on FFXIV on the 21st. Those really should keep me busy so don’t expect many new starts. Medievil interests me on the 25th but I might be too busy with other games

I also have my sister coming up for a bit and my childhood friend staying 17th-21st, so that will likely mean playing more Smash Bros, along with Mahjong (not Mahjong Solitaire) with the lads.

Oh, that also reminds me, Jackbox Party Pack 6 comes out on the 17th, but as my childhood friend hosts our Jackbox nights and he will be at mine, that will likely be postponed. We never miss a Jackbox though!


Final Thoughts
Overall it was a good, but hectic couple of months. I enjoyed them but am looking forward to a relatively chilled end to the year. Mid October through to February are my months where I really just get to dive into whatever I want and that is right around the corner smile

I haven’t been away for a proper holiday in a wee while, but have one coming up next month so that will do me for 2019.

As for my gaming target of 78 games, As of the end of Sept I am sitting at 44 shock

Honestly, when I created the target, I thought 52 (1 per week) was far too strict, but 104 (2 per week) was too generous, given I usually play around 200-250 games per year. I am now of the opinion that I could have managed to do the year in less than 52

Overall, I am still glad I made it 78, as it gave me the freedom to add a couple games for GTTSC and the spelling challenges earlier in the year, plus now that I know I have plenty of slots left, I am fairly comfortable playing party games, recommendations and surprise releases

Good luck to all who are still in the GTTSC and feel free to leave a comment or tell me your plans for October. Happy Gaming toast
Posted by Slayer1189 on 08 October 19 at 14:05 | Last edited on 08 October 19 at 20:28
JAdamGilman Great read! I had a blast doing the GTTSC with you and look forward to competing again next year. Looks like a lot of fun games that you put your time into over the last 2 months.

Is PvZ: BFN a DLC or stand along game? My gaming news has been terrible here of late. I love the first two but played them on the Xbox.

October looks like a fun month. I finally got to game today! I played the MediEvil Demo and then started on Borderlands 3, not sure how I feel about BL3 but I’m really excited for MediEvil.
Posted by JAdamGilman on 09 Oct 19 at 02:42
Slayer1189 PvZ: BFN is a standalone game. It really is just Garden Warfare 3 but it isn't called that.

Still has the usual Turf Takeover, Team Vanquish and Mixed online modes, as well as a single player for gnome hunting. There are six new classes, 3 for zombies and 3 for plants.

Hope you end up enjoying both BL3 and Medievil! What I've heard consistently about BL3 is that they messed up the humour but the gameplay is good
Posted by Slayer1189 on 09 Oct 19 at 07:01
JAdamGilman I still haven’t got my money worth out of PvZ2, I’ll eventually get back to my Xbox. I’m not sure when but I can’t neglect it much longer can I?

BL3 feels like a CoD game so far. I haven’t gotten far enough to make any claim on the story or humor but I’m not pleased with the changes that have been made.

The camera angle controls for the MediEvil demo wasn’t that great but everything seems spot on for some 90’s nostalgia!
Posted by JAdamGilman on 09 Oct 19 at 21:58