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Hello Everyone! As of posting this we are deep into the GTTSC Contest on the site and while initially I was content to score here and there, maybe not get eliminated right away, instead I have found myself itching to make top 20 and try games that before never were on my radar. My team (The Trynotsohards) was named as such because I really believed I would be able to control my competitive spirit in such a way that I wouldn't try so hard. I partially succeeded in a way so maybe I should have called the team the Trynotsohardokaymaybealittlehardbecauseyoulikedoingwellbutitsokayifyournotthebest. My wonderful teammate MajesticStyles has been very encouraging and has earned some trophies in games honestly I either didn't know existed or had no initial interest in playing so big shoutout to you MS this team rocks!

But the main topic I wanted to cover is competitive things in gaming. Contests like this I really do believe are healthy to keep community engagement, participation and attention for the future of the site and its users going forward. Competition helps unify our primitive tribal inclined brains to find a sense of purpose and get those endorphins rushing! Now a lot of people dont care about a contest and just want to relax and play games and earn some trophies and you know what? That is OK. Some people like others dont what matters is that we are all unified here under the same love for games.

I also believe it does shed some light on games that may go unnoticed. For example Inksplosion I just completed and while it was an easy Platinum it also was quite enjoyable, something I will keep on my hard drive for a burst of entertainment. I would NEVER have bought the game if it was not for this contest and sure a lot of easy platinum games are never the greatest AAA masterpieces (I'm looking at you Knack!) you still support an indie team and get to try out their hard work. In fact I think I may try highlighting some indie gems that are found or recommended to me more often I think we as trophy hunters could use a break from grinding out XP in online games or scouring maps for collectibles every once in a while.

Alright finally last but not least I gotta find a way to make my alliteration work from my title...hmmmm something to do with Carnage....ummmm...rumor has it Spiderman 2 on the PS5 will include Carnage and Venom? Yeah that will work. Phew! Integrity in the title restored! alright guys gals and all gamer pals good luck if you are in the contest and have a wonderful month!
Posted by Eva0102 on 20 August 19 at 13:41
MajesticStyles Honestly I wanted to join your team just because of the team name. Like first place seems a little far fetched to me but I do not want to be eliminated early either. I want us to go as far as we can. toast
Posted by MajesticStyles on 21 Aug 19 at 01:51
HakuMH4U Knack is certainly not a AAA masterpiece, but it’s certainly not an easy platinum. It is currently sitting at a 9.3% TT completion rate and a 0.6% PSN rate. Truly, Knack is a shitty game with an obnoxious platinum, reserved for only the most masochistic of trophy hunters. laugh Says I, HakuMH4U of the GTTSC team “Knackin’ on Heaven’s Door”

Good luck in Period 6 toast
Posted by HakuMH4U on 16 Sep 19 at 03:58
Eva0102 laugh Great Pun! And good luck to you as well!
Posted by Eva0102 on 16 Sep 19 at 11:16