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Hello all 2 people that read that peruse this blog! (Love both your faces no lie) I return from a vacation to Florida to visit my folks and see my nephews sunburnt and with just a couple of trophies under my belt to keep my streak alive. Something my parents commented on was how happy they were that I spent less time in my room with a game and more time out and a bout with the family, heck I even went out and had drinks while in Tampa I feel like a socialized human being!

But my parents comments did bring up something I think a lot of us gamers struggle with and that is time management when it comes to our gaming habits. As kids we have a little more luxury to play to our hearts content without responsibilities overtaking us and tearing us away from our screen time. Still even today I dont have a kid and a pretty small circle of friends who are also gamers and trophy hunters so while my time is more precious I still have more free time then say a parent or a more socially active adult. Growing up I would much rather play a game then step foot outside and that still holds somewhat true today but now I am aware of this flaw and seek to adjust it. That is not to say that I still dont value my game time or that it is not helpful which brings me back to my trophy streaks.

A while back I set a goal to earn a 100 day streak for trophies on this site. As of writing this I have an 81 day streak going and am inching my way to the finish line and couldn't be happier. This goal has had positive impacts in my life and day to day operations however more so than any other gaming goal I have set myself towards. By earning one trophy a day at least I get some game time for myself without having to totally sink ALL of my free time into gaming and feeling satisfied. So I can take a 30 minute to a 1 hour game session instead of sinking a whole day into a game (Not that I still dont mind doing that). Having this goal and sticking to it has inspired me to start and maintain other personal goals for example I have cut out soda from my diet, stuck to a 30 minute exercise routine, and organized my work time in a more reasonable manner. Is it all do to a gaming schedule and goal? No but it has helped motivate me.

So TLDR: Setting a reasonable daily goal for gaming has helped me set and keep real world goals in my life. How bout you guys adults and teens a like? Have gaming goals helped keep you on track or is that too much structure in your free time? Also big shout out to the Vita which allowed me to grab trophies even while on Vacation to keep the streak alive and made my parents think I was a more sociable human being XD.
Posted by Eva0102 on 01 July 19 at 13:20
TowerThirteen I think it's hard to explain to the older generation. I grew up with nes and SNES but my parents never touched it. Now I have a switch and PS4 and the most fun I have is playing with my daughter.

I find having gaming goals keeps my mind organized. It may sound kind of crazy but it's my hobby and a good way to de stress from work. It actually keeps me around my kids which I love as I can play while they are doing legos or dolls etc.
Posted by TowerThirteen on 02 Jul 19 at 17:52
JAdamGilman Work, life, family balance is insane for me. I can't give my time management and drive for my goals credit to gaming but I can say that if gaming is what helps you in managing your time due to your goals than that is great.

My work schedule is crazy. I normally work shifts between the hours of 7am-10pm but this week I have two days of working 8pm-8am. During the summer it's even worse as my wife is a teacher and the kiddos have no school so my normal relaxation time during the day is gone.

Don't judge me but I actually make a powerpoint presentation and keep a calendar. It has slides ranging from continuing education to holidays/ vacation to gaming. It's also rough having numerous hobbies and managing your time is very important to having balance in your life.

I'm cheering for that streak of yours and can't wait to see it pop on my news feed.
Posted by JAdamGilman on 06 Jul 19 at 06:52
HakuMH4U I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post and your take on time management as an adult. I can relate to everything you're saying, as I am in a similar situation: employed adult, no kids, small circle of IRL friends etc. In fact I recently wrote a blog post about my yearly trip to the Grand Tetons as a chaperone for a bunch of middle school students, and the challenge of maintaining my streak while appreciating my time and the beauty of the Grand Tetons.

I knew the community on TrueTrophies would understand where I was coming from, so I used that as an outlet to express my plan. However, the last evening of the trip, I took my Vita down to the common area to upload the days trophy onto PSN. A few of the other teachers asked me about it and I had the opportunity to share a little bit about Playstation Trophies and TrueTrophies with people that had little to no experience with video games beyond Candy Crush. I was surprised by how genuinely interested they were.

Keep on rocking that streak! I'm looking forward to #100!
Posted by HakuMH4U on 06 Jul 19 at 19:48