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PermalinkApril... and May - In Summary
So… Looks like I just totally missed my April blog, so lets just roll April & May into one and get back on track shall we? laugh

1) Baba Is You
So, I actually played this in March, but I totally forgot to include it in my March blog. This is a super unique puzzle game. I love the entire concept. I am not that far in, but I can already see that the late game puzzles and gonna lead to some head scratching.

Also, the funniest thing about this game is how obvious EVERY solution seems once you know it. The amount of times you stare at the screen for like 5 minutes straight, seeing nothing, then once you see it you can’t ‘unsee’ it redface.

I’ll keep going back to this game but honestly, I will prob only do 1 or 2 levels at a time. Not something I could play for hours.


2) Earth Defence Force: Iron Rain
Now onto the games I actually played in April, with this one being that took up most of my gaming hours.

This is a spin-off made by different devs, but still has the same EDF feel to it, albeit westernised in a lot of the design choices.

It certainly has its flaws, but I really enjoyed it. All of the classes are fun to play and the general progression is far better in this game than the main series.

I really hope an EDF 6 comes out that takes the gameplay from the main series (which is superior to this) and combines it with the design choices of this game, as the main series disincentives fun, which really bothers me as it is otherwise great.

I probably won’t be returning to this, as I reached my target of clearing all missions on Disaster difficulty… Which I did in a single, 9+ hour session… which when I sat down to play I only intended to jump on for a few missions… whoops redface

Mission 49 on disaster? Pure chaos, but I loved it! smile


3) Enter The Gungeon
Got back to this now that all content has been released and the game is in its final state. I have played Gungeon on multiple different platforms, but finally decided to stick with it on PS4 and get through it.

I really like Gungeon, but I still have a LONG way to go as I’m just in the beginning stages of the game. I only do the odd run here and there, but other games keep taking me away from it.


4) Islanders
This is the epitome of a comfy city builder. All of the complexity removed, just a minimalistic shell remaining, simple interface and relaxing music. Okay for when you just want to zone out for a bit.

In a weird way, this actually reminds me of the Kefling games, which were also maximum comf (yes, I shorten comfy to comf when describing the level of comf, deal with it dance).

This game isn’t as good as the Kefling games, but it serves the same function


So I gave myself one quick plat game just to scratch that itch and rake in some quick points. Not much to say here as I have only did 1 stage. It doesn’t strike me as very good, but I won’t pass judgement until I have actually beat the game.


6) One Finger Death Punch 2
Man, this game was stealth released! Never even knew of its existence until it launched and I love the original. This is more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing. Perfect example of what happens when you take a simple idea, then just keep refining it until you have something that just works.

I played the original for 23 hours… yup, that’s right, I played a game that is the exact same thing over and over again for 23 hours. But I’ll tell you something more. I can see myself doing it for another 23 hours in the sequel wink

This game is a good example of why I disagree that a game being repetitive is a bad thing solely on the basis it is repetitive. A game being repetitive, minimalistic etc is only bad when the core is boring or dull.


7) Reigns: Game of Thrones
This is my mobile game that I jump on when I have 5-10 mins. Basically identical to Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty, just set in the GoT universe.

Game of Thrones and Reigns go together like gid ol bangers ‘n’ mash, like mince ‘n’ tatties, like chalk and cheese! - I never really understood the chalk and cheese one. How exactly do those go together? laugh

The main difference with this entry is that you get to choose between 9 characters and the events are pretty different depending on who you are.

Does what it says on the tin. Decent for what it is and at £3 really can’t complain.


Okay, so now on to May. Luckily, rolling April and May into 1 blog is not going to make this huge, because I only played 2 new games in May and I never really played much of them.

1) Castlevania Anniversary Collection
Game of the Year. Buy it. The End wink


2) Guilty Gear
The 20th anniversary rerelease of the original game that started it all. So far I have only did one run of arcade mode, but I’ll get round to doing the others.

Guilty Gear is my favourite fighting game series of all time, so I really couldn’t resist getting this. The original Is definitely rough around the edges compared to newer entries, but it is still a solid fighting game.

Slayer isn’t in this game but at least Millia Rage is <3.

The movement was still fantastic even in the original game, but the destroyed system is not very good in this game and got heavily refined in future entries. The Baiken run should be fun but just gonna come back every so often and do an arcade run.

Side-note: If you look at my trophies and achievements in this series, you could be forgiven for being confused that it looks like I barely play them yet claim to love them. Strange thing with this series is that I play local with a friend mostly (we are talking 3-4 hours of straight vs matches in a single session). I have never had a game in which I have been so evenly matched with someone. GG isn’t the fighter I am best at, nor is it the fighter my friend is best at, but we are so ridiculously evenly matched it isn’t even funny laugh

For example, one day we were doing vs matches for a few hours and the 2-3 other people in the house stopped what they were doing to watch, after like 30 mins when we asked if they wanted to take turns, no one wanted to kill the hype shock.


Final Thoughts
So that wraps up both April and May. What does June hold? Well I just bought Mordhau, so I’m going to be jumping on that today, as well as continuing some of the other games like GG, Castlevania, Gungeon etc.

A slight funny aside on this one that has nothing to do with the game itself, I thought Castlevania was just called “Castlevania Collection”. Somehow, the word ‘anniversary’ totally eluded me for weeks, so when Atsuma was talking to me about CAC, I thought he meant an entirely different game, since where did the ‘A’ come from facepalm

June plans
I have also resubbed to FFXIV, as I need to get up to speed in time for Shadowbringers on the 28th, which will be my main project probably for the next 3-4 months.

Other than Shadowbringers, June has 3 more games I am VERY interested in, so it might just end up being the best month of 2019 gaming releases for me. Just look at this line up;

1) Shadowbringers
2) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
3) Cadence of Hyrule
4) Crash Team Racing

Overall, my total games number is 32 at 5 months in. Looking to be on fantastic course to be within my 78 for the year smile

I actually managed to get this out on the 1st! [Slayer is amazed that he was organised enough to get this out on the day it was supposed to. Pats self on back]

I wish you all a happy June's gaming! Lemme know your game plans toast
Posted by Slayer1189 on 01 June 19 at 09:59 | Last edited on 01 June 19 at 10:08
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biff_beefcake Happy June Gaming to you too! And special bonus points for a June 1st update post!! clap My husband is getting a bit stir crazy for Shadowbringers too: he's even switched from PS4 to a fancy PC he built to play on (it's pretty much just a new FFXIV machine laugh) and changed his character for the first time in five years to get ready for it.

I feel like I'm in clean-up mode right now: I'm going to try and focus on getting some discs done and out the door this month! I'm expecting a few in the mail too so I'm going to make it a goal to finish those ones as well. I've also been persuaded into getting myself into Battleborn, which will be a new experience for me, but it does sound like it will be a lot of fun! For the past few years I've challenged myself to "Frugal June" so the backlog attack is nicely in line with that. :)

32 out of 78: looks like things are going great!! toast
Posted by biff_beefcake on 01 Jun at 13:43
AtsumaKarin Nice read but I'll get this out of the way mention of Trials or Apex??? cry

I shall have to look into Baba at some point as it has you bamboozled like someone who just saw a Mirage, as it were. wink

EDF: I may look into that at some stage but problem is, with so many games I want to play (and revisit!) I just don't see me doing so sadly.

ETG is a pesky Roguelite Shmup so will have to play it eventually...then again, I've mostly only heard good things about it so we shall see when the time comes how I find it.

Islanders was never on my radar so we'll skip ahead.

METAGAL is alright, though admittedly, I'm basing that off one stage as well lol. Poor Man's Mega-Man is how I described it and I doubt that would change from beating it but we''ll see.

You touched upon one of my pet peeves re: repetition there (or as we call it: "SNAP!") wink I really get tired of seeing people moan about too much repetition in games when the reality is, almost every game is repetitive to some extent or another.

As you say, it depends how the core gameplay/structure is as to whether it turns out to be boring or not...which is ironic as that's usually when people complain about them (if they don't like it) but happily ignore the repetition if they do.

Where are the people complaining about Apex Legends' repetition? I don't hear them. facepalm

Now, this is not the same thing as gameplay milking/grinding, just to clarify (looking at you, Runner2!) but nevertheless, it's a complaint that's far too easily thrown around and I wish people would stop. warning


I'll ignore the mobile game. :P

GOTY = CAC, that sounds like an oxymoron if ever I heard one. laugh

I'm glad you like it so much, I hope I do too but if I'm honest, I'd be highly surprised if I think it's a 5/5 game. Granted, having so many classic games on the HDD/disc (if applicable) is a good thing but still, I don't have the same nostalgia for it as you so will be interesting to see when I play it. smile

Your eponymous character not being in it must surely make it a 0.5/5? laugh

However, I'm glad you have an even match for your games. smile

As I've said before, this year is literally the only one I struggled to come up with ANY games I was looking forward to and only 2 have hit the mark for me so far (one you agree, the other you don't), Out of your list, only CTR is remotely of interest to me at this time, though CoH might be interesting when I get the Switch.

And look at you for being so organised and even COMPLETING YOUR BIO AFTER YEARS OF WAITING FOR IT!!! laugh

Here's to June! toast
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 01 Jun at 21:51
Gizmo_Monkey I need to play Iron Rain myself too. Still playing through EDF 5 so I was gonna put in many hours into that before moving to this one. Love EDF 5 so I’m sure I’ll enjoy Iron Rain too,

For June I wanna finish up Days Gone have no idea how far I am into the game. It’s a solid 8/10 game not sure what the critics were expecting. It’s like a lot of other open world games and does nothing new but does it well. Much prefer it to RDR2 which couldn’t even get simple stuff right like running or shooting. So why those scores who knows.

Also will be getting Bloodstained when it gets released in June which I backed years ago. So glad it’s finally coming can’t wait to play it.

Other than that just playing through Spyro 3, DQ Heroes 2 and a few other games like Fell Seal and Berserk, Path of Exile and FF/Falcomgames on Steam. I’m interested in playing House in Fata Morgana and VA-11 Hall-A too. Oh I’m also playing a buncha retro games like a Soul Blazer and Super Metroid.

Wanna make a proper start on Fist of the North Star once I’m done with most of the above games and plan on tackling Yakuza Kiwami afterwards and going on a Yakuza/Judgment binge.

I’m plenty busy with gaming but it’s all good. Don’t understand people who say there’s nothing out. There’s actually too much choice.
Posted by Gizmo_Monkey on 03 Jun at 07:30