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So I've been making gaming more of a focus recently, and I've started my own website now. Even got a Facebook group for discussing gaming and geek culture and it's doing quite well. It's my hope that I'll be able to make this into somewhat of a career path for myself. Reviewing games and films, keeping a blog going accounting my opinions on things in geek culture in general.

It's been fun and I think I'll enjoy writing about these hobbies more over the coming months and hopefully years. I've not decided what the best way to monetise this would be, or even if I want to try or just want to maintain it as a passion project. Only time will tell.

If you want to join the discussion group on Facebook check it out here.
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I look forward to seeing any of you there who want to get a bit of a discussion or debate going.

As for my current gaming. It's just been progression from my last post really. I have my PSVR now so I can enjoy my VR games. I've really been enjoying my platformers with 'Astro Bot' being a delight. I've also been playing the 'Ratchet & Clank' remake which is really quite good.

ASTRO BOT Rescue MissionStar LordThe Star Lord trophy in ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission worth 447 pointsYou collected all ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission trophies. You rock! Now, time to get out and see the real world!

Ratchet & ClankThe Hero of HeroesThe The Hero of Heroes trophy in Ratchet & Clank worth 320 pointsCollect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank

I've also been enjoying my racing games with 'GRIP: Combat Racing' coming out ahead as my preferred racing game at the moment, and 'Polybius' giving me some real high octane gaming. It's also awesome on VR, really intense.

GRIPGRIP LegendThe GRIP Legend trophy in GRIP worth 1162 pointsCollect all Trophies

PolybiusBeast of Universal Love and LightThe Beast of Universal Love and Light trophy in Polybius worth 2919 pointsAchieve ultimate transcendence

Other than those, I've been getting quite deep into 'The Division 2' still, which I'll likely get the platinum for soon as I only need to worry about the Dark Zone stuff and finished each mission on hard mode. What will be interesting is if I can gather enough people to get the Washington Raiders trophy. It's only one silver trophy for finishing that raid, but it alone is worth over 1000TT as it's a legitimately hard as nails raid requiring a full team of 8 people. Currently we have 5 people, but we'll need more to stand a chance... I definitely want to try though.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2Platinum AgentThe Platinum Agent trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 worth 598 pointsUnlock every Trophy in Tom Clancy's The DivisionĀ®2.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2Washington RaidersThe Washington Raiders trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 worth 272 pointsComplete the full Operation Dark Hours raid in a group of eight players.

So yeah. That's my focus at the moment. Hope to see some of you in the Facebook Group.
Posted by BurnedChipmunk on 30 May 19 at 23:19
Harris59 Good luck with the website and group. I've always wanted to take a similar path but I never manage to stick to it in a consistent and professional way (heck I don't even blog here regularly).

I'll take a look at your group, but I don't use Facebook lol.
Posted by Harris59 on 31 May at 15:25
BurnedChipmunk That's a shame Harris. I think you'd have a lot worthwhile to share on the Facebook group, but I can understand some people like to keep their anonymity.
Posted by BurnedChipmunk on 31 May at 23:31