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Gonna chill and start my streak up again today....and im gonna do it by trying to finish downwell!!

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So this is more of a spur of the moment blog post because I was pursuing my game library and came across a copy of Mr. Massagy that I had no recollection of purchasing. Then while looking up the Trophy list before booting it up I remembered why I had bought it, several people had told me it was an easy platinum and it was dirt cheap. Now I do not consider myself above making cheap purchases for achievements, trophies or steam trading cards( see my ridiculously high steam level.) but I try to make a conscious effort to limit that now to only grabbing the ones I may actually enjoy playing and Mr. Massagy while I'm sure not a bad game is definitely not in my wheelhouse.

So I began to look into all my game libraries and start highlighting games that I genuinely had an interest in playing at some point and was surprised to find that a large amount of them just didn't appeal to me. Why did I grab that copy of Sherlock Holmes? It was 5 dollars and seemed an easy platinum. Would I enjoy the journey? Probably not it wasn't something I relished playing.

So here I am making a new conscious effort to play games I ENJOY for trophies. Yes my journey will be a bit slower to reach my milestones and catch up with a lot of people on my friends list but I will enjoy the trip even more so. So has anyone else done this when it comes to easy platinum's? Did you ever regret buying a game for that purpose? Let me know if you have I am genuinely curious.
Posted by Eva0102 on 29 May 19 at 13:44
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JAdamGilman You are definitely not the only one, this is a big reason why I purchased a PS4. If you look at my TrueAchievements page you will see how addicting easy completions and cheap $5 games can be. https://www.trueachievements.com/gamer/SomeDudeWABeard

Earlier this month I sat down and comprised a list of all my games that can be completed in under 5 hours and Telltale games that I still have on my Xbox Gamertag. Hopefully I can push through these little by little to get them completed and off of my Gamertag.

While I do have a pretty deep backlog on my PS4 that hasn't been touched, they are all games that I want to play again and complete to platinum. I'm also fighting with myself to not pick up Overcooked! and What Remains of Edith Finch. Yes, both are easy games and free, but I don't want to saturate my PS account with games that I have no intentions of playing for enjoyment.

The only Free game that I have currently played on here is NBA 2K19 The Prelude and instead of picking up the main game I purchased Madden. I did download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered as that was one of the last few CoD games that I actually liked.

I'm really excited for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. I already have BL3 pre-ordered and paid for so I will definitely take advantage of that. So while I do have regrets with my Xbox account I am currently doing ok with PS.
Posted by JAdamGilman on 29 May at 22:11