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Permalink87/100 Plats: A Small Update
So tomorrow I'm going in for gallbladder surgery. I've been sick for 14 weeks, waiting since April 4th to have this surgery after they diagnosed it. Had to leave my job that wouldn't work with me just to have it. But their are downsides, they could mess it up and kill me (5% chance). I could also not get better from this (1% chance....these numbers should be reversed). Either way I'll be in the hospital 3-5 days, which means no trophy hunting.

I did earn Platinum 87: Yoku Island Express the other day, so a step closer has been made. There just isn't a lot I can do from a hospital bed. Hopefully I'll be back next week, in some form...otherwise it's been real and thanks for reading.
Posted by StingX2 on 14 May 19 at 14:57
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biff_beefcake Goodness, I hope your surgery is successful. toast
Posted by biff_beefcake on 15 May at 11:09