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I'm scared...threw up blood at work today. Got a doctor's appointment tomorrow. cry

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PermalinkApex Legends - the birth of a new Legend?
  • Introduction

So as you may well be aware, I made a blog last month charting my progress in this, my first ever online shooting experience.

I wasn't sure whether there'd be a Part 2 but I figured why not as there's more to tell. smile

  • Kill Leader At Last

So it turned out after my last blog moaning about how Slayer1189 kept stealing it from me warning, in my very next session after writing my blog, I ended up getting it with Gibraltar of all people and simultaneously breaking my kill record with 5. dance

External image

Ofc, that's still a LONG way away from what people can do consistently but you can't expect that level from a total newb straightaway. laugh

In fact, I ended up getting it twice that session IIRC, making me wonder why it took so long for me to achieve it. facepalm

Apex LegendsKill LeaderThe Kill Leader trophy in Apex Legends worth 18 pointsBecome the Kill Leader

  • The Rise And Fall Of Gibraltar

This is where the tale took an unexpected turn.

At this point, I was starting to believe I actually would become good at this game as it seemed to be coming together and I was doing well overall, though ofc, some games not so much.

All of a sudden, though, I started to not be hitting my shots most of the time. I couldn't work it out for ages and I kept getting downed. I mean, aside from the Pathfinder hitbox bug, which still hasn't been fixed (I don't think), it made literally zero sense as some shots DEFINITELY should've been registering.

So I went from being a decent(ish) player and getting in amongst the kills/damage to being a total newb again somehow and I have to say, it REALLY got me depressed. Like seriously, was in such a foul mood for days.

Though it turned out even Shadow_Kisuragi was having problems there at times, I don't think Slayer did, I couldn't tell whether it was my internet playing up (or at least contributing) or psychological.

I mean, how do you go from making such great strides improving to consistently playing like crap? cry

As such, my Gibraltar win was a real crapshoot as I did like 60 or so damage and was carried to victory by my 2 random teammates. angry

External image

At this point, though, I was happy to be done with that character as he has next to no redeeming qualities, what with his massive hitbox and even with subsequent patches, not enough health to offset it.

In the end, I ended up taking an almost month long hiatus from the game as I needed to sort my head out and figure out what was happening. Did that Gibraltar Kill Leader game give me false hope of becoming good at this game? Or was there more at work than I first thought?

Apex LegendsApex DefenseThe Apex Defense trophy in Apex Legends worth 24 pointsWin a game as a defensive character

  • The Comeback

So last week, after almost a month, I returned to the game and with the return of recent internet problems, I decided to switch to Wi-fi as I have this weird set-up for Ethernet (plugs into the mains) and as soon as I did that...the internet problems EVAPORATED all but completely!!!

Then when I played my next games...lo and behold, my shots were registering again!!! dance

So as it turned out, my internet DID play a significant part in my decline and my subsequent complex. It was such a relief, I tell you as I thought I was legit going crazy. laugh

Ofc, as it had been a month, I was rusty at this point so it took me a little while to get back into it...but eventually, I ended up getting some more good games (and getting Kill Leader a few times) but could I make it to the finish line and get all the trophies???

  • So Near But Yet So Far

At this point, all I needed to do was get damage with a few Legends, reach Level 50 and get a win with another Legend (either Caustic or Octane) so to begin with, I was just grinding for damage and getting back into the game whilst doing so.

Then I reached the level I could unlock one, so I chose Octane and my goodness, he might well end up being who I main as I LOVE how he can use his special ability to zoom in and out of danger as and when needed. rock

It'll either be him or Bangalore as it stands but I still need to learn how to use some of the Legends, mainly Wraith and Pathfinder, who I think it's safe to say A_Tennis_Giraffe is somewhat obsessed with, given her various statuses of late. wink

However, would the Octane win come? Would it heck as like! I played the game with pretty much all the time I had available but couldn't quite cross the finish line.

Also, some people kept sniping him from me so I had to be Mirage (the last Legend I needed damage with) and ended up getting 5 kills again in one match, I got a little overexcited as Slayer will attest as I thought that might've been a D-D-D-D-Double Figure Kill Count!! the way that was going but alas, wasn't to be.

There was also a near miss with randoms while playing as Octane where my 2 guys were down, I downed a Lifeline, went to heal as the other 2 had pelted me and one of the randoms was pinging like crazy. Hindsight sure is a wonderful thing as they must've been reviving the Lifeline after I'd run around the back of a building. If only I'd climbed on top of the roof and pelted them from there, I could've at least knocked another and rinsed and repeated. cry

But the real kicker was yet to come...

Yesterday, my dinner was almost ready, so I was like: "I'll play as Mirage and get the last bit of damage I need from him and come back to Octane after"....and we only went and WON THE SODDING GAME!!! facepalm

External image

I don't think you'll ever have heard someone so mad at WINNING a game as I was then! laugh

There was another game I played as Mirage as Octane had been sniped from me, I believe and we came 2nd, I think I'd have been inconsolable if that had been a win too...

But it's just as well all this happened as something extraordinary (for me at least) would happen...

Apex LegendsWell-RoundedThe Well-Rounded trophy in Apex Legends worth 70 pointsDeal 5,000 damage with 8 different Legends

Apex LegendsThe PlayerThe The Player trophy in Apex Legends worth 56 pointsReach player level 50.

  • My Finest Hour

So I said to Slayer after my dinner that I had thought about maybe being Team Leader occasionally in our games together...only for him to drop me right in it there and then and say I was in charge. shock

After a few games where I kept dropping hot (as that's what he likes to do), I figured "nope! Let's go somewhere else and try and work our way to victory!"

The game started and we were the Champion Squad (our random being the Champ) so no pressure...

So I looked at the map and thought about it a little...we dropped into Runoff, got some stuff and killed a team that approached us. So far, so good.

So after a bit longer looting and such, I decided to guide us to another area (I believe it was Slum Lakes but I'm still not 100% sure what the names of them all are even now lol) redface but our random said to push further into the map to avoid the encroaching ring, which made perfect sense so I followed.

He and Slayer found another team and downed them before I even got there but I was approaching the scene at 100 mph, honest! wink

As the game progressed, we got ambushed by another team, they managed to down a couple of them but then THEY were downed, it was all up to me...

Fortunately, it ended up being way easier than it could otherwise have been as they were reviving so I got 2 kills from that encounter. smile

At this stage, I had to make a plan, I saw the last remaining squad in the distance and figured with where the ring was situated, the only way to get the win here was to approach Artillery via the west tunnel and take the high ground in there.

At this point, Slayer offered a suggestion to take the balloon that was just inside the ring to get onto a place you could only get to there, so we did.

Still no sign of the other team, the ring closed ever further and we had to move to the other side.

Then that team appeared.

Slayer and the random went into the fight while I stayed on the high ground, I ran to flank them while still up high, they'd downed one and I saw a Caustic running above them. I started shooting, missed, reset myself and all but downed him. Once the enemy Gibraltar's shield went up, I knew we probably had it, went to approach and my team finished them off!

What a way to win! I was buzzing for hours after it! Save for not downing the Caustic and being a bit quicker getting to that other fight, I played the game pretty much perfectly, guiding us to the win, while listening to advice and we all played our part as a team! dance

External image

Apex LegendsApex LegendThe Apex Legend trophy in Apex Legends worth 207 pointsWin a game with 8 different Legends

  • Conclusion

So now I have the completion in the bag, what's next for me with this game?

Well, I will definitely still play this game and try to max out my level/continue to get better and try to aim for 10+kills and 1,000 damage, then push from there if possible.

It will also be interesting to see what changes Season 2 will bring! I hear Solos/Duos will be added, as well as the new Legend, Wattson. I suspect/hope a couple of new maps will be added eventually as well but I guess we'll have to wait and see...

I will mainly focus on Trials Rising for a while but hope to play some Apex here and there besides. Would also like to play with some of you guys on my list who I've yet to play with as well. toast

For those of you not interested in this game, I want to try and write some new blogs sooner or later, it's just finding the time, really as my monthly summaries take hours to write the way I do them...and I have a fair few other topics bubbling in my head I hope to talk about in the future.

Hope you're all doing well, until next time!
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 13 May 19 at 21:50
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Slayer1189 Atsuma the Zoomer! Octane would be a good main for that alone laugh

The journey was good fun and hopefully we enjoy future seasons as well! At least now you don't need to be a certain Legend for a win. So funny you getting mad for winning as Mirage laugh

That also means we can continue playing some high action games by dropping hot (as you correctly point out I enjoy doing) wink

After all, playing specifically to get wins is not the most fun way to play, hence I tend to avoid it unless a random decides to take us for a long game. Usually when I get my win streaks it's because the people I am playing with prefer the long game cry

You were so unsure when I put you in charge but I was like "Nope, not saying anything unless it gets to a final 3 situation :P". Naturally you fit the role like a BOSS! You knew what to do just had to do the assertive bit smile.

Also, I find it funny how even just from the victory screen, you can tell that the Bloodhound on our team had to be using a sniper or shotgun even if you didn't know anything else about the match. In this case it was shotgun, but I just how sometimes subtle info can give away a larger picture.

As for new records/trying to get better at the game...sadly I think I am pretty much at my peak. I might get super lucky to get the kill badge, but I certainly won't be getting any meaningful milestones for dmg done.

I look forward to playing in future seasons and look forward to your milestones as you improve! Already playing with you is like playing with a different person from when you started! toast
Posted by Slayer1189 on 13 May at 22:29
Funderballs_007 Well done on completing Apex Legends, now you can play for fun, we just hit level 100 yesterday, getting a few more wins along the way.
I found it's easier to play with just the one or two Legends now instead of swapping Legends all the time as you end up using all the wrong powers all of the time facepalm
I personally found Pathfinder, lifeline and Bangalore the most useful of legends, Bloodhound isn't too bad either.
Oh well maybe they will add new trophies for season 2 and we can all go back to it then.
Posted by Funderballs_007 on 13 May at 22:43
A_Tennis_Giraffe Great moves friend! toast

Don't worry about the match you won where you only had 61 damage - I had one we won where I had a grand total of 0 damage laugh It was all long range sniper battles so there was no point in me even firing my short range Hemlok and whatever other short range gun I would have been carrying. I just created portals and got ready to revive anyone who needed reviving laugh (But no-one did so I finished with 0 revives or respawns either) redface

My personal best for kills is also 5 but somehow that wasn't even good enough to get me the kill leader trophy. Couldn't believe it! Ended up getting it when I least expected it mid-match where I only had 3 kills.

I laughed when I read that you love Octane! I can't stand Octane and basically whenever Mr Funder and I see our random teammate choose Octane we have already branded them as a moron who'll run off on his own without pinging anything, get all the loot himself and leave nothing for us, run to the first group of enemies he sees, open fire, get downed, then start madly pinging at us despite the fact we're miles behind because he chose to run off on his own, then we eventually come running in with our crap armour and guns (because he left us nothing) and while we're trying to pick up the pieces he then quits. We always know how matches with Octane will end before we start. We've hardly ever been wrong either! facepalm

Anyway congrats on getting the completion, we were stoked to get ours too! smile We're just playing for fun now also, trying to get some of the badges and stuff and maybe a few more wins to add to our trackers. I don't think they'll add more trophies with Season 2 but I'm interested to see if they'll bring a new map or something. And maybe a new legend who isn't bloody Octane! warninglaugh
Posted by A_Tennis_Giraffe on 14 May at 01:25
Leigrez Awesome post and congrats on the completion! I lvoed it so much, that after I got to around level 160 or something (it doesn't keep track after 100)... I went to Xbox and finished it on there. I do really like it but I need something new to keep me interested... cause 1 map, 1 mode and NO Apex crate drops total bs... you should get stuff for winning. That way winners, will have unlocked 90% of the actual stuff, and that would be awesome in my opinion.
Posted by Leigrez on 21 Jun at 23:57