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February 2019 - In SummaryPermalink
February has come and gone, the shortest month of the year. How did my gaming fair?

Games from January
I continued to play some games I also played in January. Gems of War, Black Ops 4, FFXIV, Word Search by POWGI, DBD, Smah bros & A Hat in Time to be precise. Most of these are exactly as expected, though in FFXIV I let my subscription slide as preordering the new expansion grants a 30% boosted EXP starting March 1st - So I already know what will take a bunch of time in March!

I finished Chaos;Child! toast Big game and a good VN, but honestly nothing on Steins;Gate, which it shares a universe with. Worth a play, but not for people new to the genre and has some issues. I fluctuated with my rating, before finally settling on 3.5/5.

New games in Feb

1) Apex Legends
Yup, been playing some Apex Legends, much like just about everyone who plays BR games at the moment. There are some stuff I really like about it, and other bits not so much, but honestly it is good to see new approaches to the genre and I enjoy playing the odd round. smile

I play on both PC and PS4, depending who I am playing with. I have been playing quite a bit and have been enjoying it, even if I am playing solo with randoms.

My favourite BR game yet by quite a bit. Look forward to playing with some of you on here toast


2) God of War: Ascension
Nothing much to say here. Earned a quick trophy for Hangman, but will be coming back to God of War games later this year


3) Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
I have started this as a game that I will play on my laptop at nights before bed. I have only played a little so far and not even out of the prologue. Had a friend staying which means I haven’t really been playing games on laptop before bed.

First impressions are that I like the overall style and unique light-heartedness it has. I’m really not sure what I think of the battle system. I am hoping as the game progresses there is some depth added to it and it ends up growing on me.

I will be playing more of this and updating my blogs. As I only play this in small chunks I expect it to be a several month project shock


4) One Word by POWGI
Another one I started for the hangman challenge. I have specifically left it where it is, as this game will definitely be used for Alphabet challenge later in the year, especially since I won’t have the freedom to do the alphabet challenge like I have previously.


5) Resident Evil 2
Fantastic example of a Remake. Keeps the core of what made the original whilst adding a lot of quality of life improvements that gaming has had over the years.

So far, I have only completed the Leon A run, so I still have a bunch more to do but I’ll get through the runs over time.

Might go for 100% in this one as when I was younger I did a lot of Resi 2 runs and got the 100%. Regardless though I will definitely at least get the Platinum and DLC trophies.

Is it GOTY 2019 as many claim? Well, I think it is a bit early in the year to know yet wink Despite thinking this a great Remake, I am not a survival horror fan, so I see something like Bloodstained: RoTN giving it a good run for its money.

Apex Legends and Resi 2 are in the lead so far though shock


6) Trackmania Turbo
Another one I put on for the hangman challenge. I have always intended to play more of this game, but not sure where me stopping point is on this one, Possibly bronze on all tracks? Or at least bronze on the first few sets? Time will tell.


7) Trials Rising
So… this one was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t really intend to get it and I am not really a Trials fan. That being said, they aren’t bad and I have played a few entries in the past. This makes for a great game to play in the living room with friends so I impulse bought it laugh

It really is just more Trials with nothing added to the formula, but that isn’t a bad thing. I have been enjoying some of the tracks and I’m sure I will enjoy some of the track challenges and hunting down pesky squirrels!

I know I won’t be going for the plat on this one though. There comes a time in Trials where I am just not good enough to do it. Whilst platformer is usually one of my strongest genre, Trials is a very niche skillset I never quite mastered. Extreme tracks… redface


Final thoughts

So... 7 new games added in February, making a total of 19 so far. Am i worried? Well , to stay on track for 78 over the year, I should be playing 6 or 7 games per month, so I am way over at 19 games by March redface

That being said, I'm not sweating yet! A good bunch of those games I am not yet finished with and some of them won't be finished for months to come, plus I added a couple for the hangman this month which I hope to reuse for the Alphabet challenge later in the year.

March will bring more of the same. Between getting ready for the new FFXIV expansion, more Apex Legends (with some of the chaps on here), more Resi 2 runs and delving deeper into Legend of Heroes, I don't expect to see many games added in March. You never know what impulse I might get though laugh

March and April are also by far the busiest 2 months for me in my job, so the next 2 months will also see a reduced number of hours spent gaming.

What are everyone's gaming plans? Anything you are particularly looking forward to or targets you have set?

Happy gaming, Slayer out toast
Posted by Slayer1189 on 03 March 19 at 12:57
biff_beefcake Nice write-up! My husband is gearing up for the FFXIV expansion, too wink

I've had a bit of a perspective shift this last month: when I was finishing up the pointless grind in the hopeless Shoppe Keep, I caught up a bit on my reading backlog... and well, my habits started changing (both passively and actively) laugh I've decided to suspend the Backlog Game of the Month quest for now and am "going with the flow" with gaming for a bit. I have a few I'd like to start soon: The Sims 4, Little Dragons Cafe, Moonlighter, Slime Rancher, etc. and I've told myself I can start one when I've finished Rune Factory Oceans. Even though it's my favourite genre, I can really only handle one game at a time. laugh

Will there be another Alphabet Challenge? I hope it true: the first one was a lot of fun! It's also when I unintentionally started my current streak lol

Happy Gaming! toast
Posted by biff_beefcake on 03 Mar 19 at 14:03
AtsumaKarin Nice blog as per usual! toast

Re: Apex Legends, far too early for me to say whether I think it's good or not and I CERTAINLY can't compare it to others. Seems well done for sure, me most matches so far. laugh

I'm the same with GoW A, though not for the same reason...just got the online one OOTW so I can come back at my leisure to Plat it later. smile

Need to get back to LoH...ToCS though in my case. redface

Mixups is my reserve game for alphabet challenge. laugh

I honestly got irritated when people said RE 2 was their GOTY...not due to the quality of the game but the fact that it's ONLY JANUARY FFS!!! angry

Just so stupid to make a claim like that imo. I mean, if it's the end of the year and you think it, sure but how can you possibly know? Unless it's the only game you'll play this year, I guess...

Trackmania...yeah, another game I need to go back to. redface

Trials Rising: surprised you beat me to that one. I will hopefully start it soon. This month preferably but depends on whether I beat Spidey/how much time Apex takes up.

I'm worried about your limit lol, just don't see once the year's ended how you'll stick to it, esp. when Castlevania clones (sorta) come up on Steam. wink

Looking forward to dying many more times kicking ass with you on Apex again soon! toast
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 03 Mar 19 at 17:24
Slayer1189 [b]@Biff
Hope your husband enjoys it! I personally think it looks like the best expansion yet! Then again I would think that when Yoko Taro is bringing Nier content to it redface. Looking forward to those raids and the music that will go with the boss fights! toast.

My first thought was wondering if he might be on the same server than I realised the NA servers are totally separate from EU facepalm

Definitely nothing wrong with just going with the flow in gaming toast Hope it leads to a few hidden gems!

As for reading more, been doing that myself. Last year I targeted 12 books for the year but I have ramped that up to 24 books this year! I use to track my books and do their yearly book reading challenge. I almost exclusively read non-fiction. For years as a kid I used to think I hated reading, when in fact it was really that I couldn't get into fiction - except very rare cases where fiction is written 'AS IF' it non fiction, like Sherlock Holmes would be an example that I love.

Not sure if there will be another Alphabet challenge but trying to be prepared anyway! I am really running out of 'X' trophies though, although the Xrd Sign platinum is an X, which I know I 'could' do as it is my favourite Fighting game series and one I have good practice in.

Whatever challenges come up, I look forward to them and seeing all of our merry band of TT'ers on the friend feed toast

Played more Apex and definitely my fave BR game so far. I am getting more familiar with the guns and best way to navigate the map, which is pretty different in all BR games so far. I will be playing for a while I think so we will definitely get more games in .

There will always be deaths but I am sure we will win a few. Usually as long as a game doesn't end super quick can get good results so we will definitely kick ass! wink

Yeah I would never definitively state my GOTY until the end of the year until the end of the year... But I do usually have a fair idea. For instance, in 2017, I played Nier: Automata in March and I was 90% certain as soon as I finished it it would be GOTY. Still, something might have come out of the blue and beat it!

At this point I might even say that despite 10 months left of this year, Nier: Automata has a high likelihood of being my Game of the Decade... just to annoy you wink

Regarding my 78 limit. That is only for this year providing I don't reach stopping points. Starting 2020 the restriction is lifted. As for the Touhou Luna Nights... I'm not sure that is gonna make it out of 2019 without being played at some point... redface
Posted by Slayer1189 on 04 Mar 19 at 00:32