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Permalink2018 and Onward to 2019
2018 was a difficult year for me, gamer wise. I decided to go back to school to get a college degree and that ended up taking a hard chunk of my gaming time away. I did not land where I wanted to, in terms of TrueTrophy score for 2018, but hopefully I can achieve my goals for 2019. That all being said, here is my GOTY List for 2018.

Best Overall Game - Detroit: Become Human
I was not emotionally invested in any game this year more than Detroit. While it is more of an interactive film then a game, I enjoyed every minute of the tale I chose to weave, and then going back and seeing the endless possibilities of cause and effect. My favorite Platinum of the year.

Best Gameplay - Spider-Man
Even though it is eerily similar to the fighting components of Batman's Arkham series, Spider-Man improved on it in every way possible. His gadgets, his fighting style, everything made this game a must have in 2018. My only disappointment is that they are already done with DLC.

Most Interesting - Bendy and the Ink Machine
This game has been out for a while, but only recently hit consoles. The story to it kept me captivated. It is really short, I was able to play through it in a night, so it isn't winning any greatest game ever awards, but it was quite the show.

Best Remaster - Spyro: The Reignited Trilogy
I don't have much to say here about Spyro, feel free to view my review of the first game of the trilogy. It was the best remaster of the year in my personal opinion.

Biggest Letdown - Fallout 76 facepalm
Youtube and Reddit can tell you why. My heart has been broken enough.

Most Anticipated for 2019 - Kingdom Hearts 3
28 days and counting. I figuratively can not wait any longer.

I hope everybody meets their goals for 2019. I look forward to gaming with you all.
Posted by xclr8rinfinite77 on 02 January 19 at 01:26
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Funderballs_007 Here's to 2019 toast
Spider-Man was great, I have Detroit to play and will play that sometime this year.
Being a huge Fallout fan I was so looking forward to 76, then after playing the demo I cancelled my preorder.
Then seeing all the bad reviews I was pretty disappointed and will probably not even look at this one, even in the bargain bin.
Posted by Funderballs_007 on 02 Jan at 10:23
xclr8rinfinite77 Avoid it. Bethesda has killed much of the good will they have built over the years with the horrifying customer service they have provided following release. I bought the damn collectors edition too and it was a huge waste of money. It will be a while before I buy a collectors edition of another game because of them. It isn't the worst game ever made, but for the high pedestal that Bethesda has placed themselves on, it should not be in the state it is in. Let me know what you think of Detroit when you finish it!
Posted by xclr8rinfinite77 on 03 Jan at 04:39