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Well it's only been a few days since my last post but I've powered through and finished my most recent game, Life Is Strange earning my 4th platinum, as well as finished the story on Horizon: Zero Dawn, so all that's left for me to do there is the DLC and finishing off the optional stuff.

Life Is StrangeWhat If?BurnedChipmunkThe What If? trophy in Life Is Strange worth 242 pointsUnlock all other trophies from Life Is Strange™

Horizon: Zero DawnHidden TrophyBurnedChipmunkThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Horizon: Zero Dawn worth 114 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

There must be a lot of side-quest trophies as I'm still a fair way off the platinum. Though it's nice to see New Game Plus isn't requires for the plat, but has added trophies as free DLC, that's cool.

So, now the question is... what should I play next. With me no longer putting as much time into Tom Clancy's The Division I've got a lot more free time for other games (though I will still be playing with friends). I've had my quick pallet cleansing game, and I think now it's time for something big and meaty again and I'd like some help choosing.

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Hopefully I'll get a decent amount of responses. I'm going to leave this up until the end of the month and see what people think I should play. Hopefully it'll help me choose my main game to play over the summer.

I have a lot of shorter largely indie games too, like; AER, Furi, Oceanhorn, Until Dawn, Sonic Mania, Lili[, Shantae, Order 1886, Rime. Infamous First Light and Flinthook.... all of which I could go for the plat on (except Sonic Mania because it doesn't have one annoyingly). All of which can be finished with the platinum in under 15 hours (like Life Is Strange which took only 11 hours), maybe more depending on difficulty. And then there's other somewhat shorter single player games, like the Uncharted series, Alice: Madness Returns, Okami HD etc. that I might also go for. These games are usually around the 10-20 hours long mark but take multiple playthroughs for the plats. So you're looking at a 30-40 hour plat for these... still they're not 200+ hour plats like the ones in the poll, so I've not included them. Though I'll probably play some of the games listed above as palette cleansers when I need a break from my epic open world RPG-esq game de jure.

The hardest part for me, is starting and getting invested in these huge games. It's a bit easier when you know the story campaign is only 15 hours long, but when you know it's a 60 hour long story with a massive open world that takes over 200 hours to complete, as well as having hard mode, new game plus, or challenge mode trophies; designed to make the game feel epic... that's when I get overwhelmed. It was great to finally finish Horizon: Zero Dawn and I hope to spend the rest of the month gathering collectables, exploring the DLC, and getting close to if not actually winning that platinum. Having a definitive "this is what you're playing next" will help focus me, and I honestly don't care what wins because I've been wanting to play ALL of these games for so long now.

Thanks guys for taking part.
Posted by BurnedChipmunk on 09 May 18 at 11:49 | Last edited on 09 May 18 at 11:59
BraveCypher I chose Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

I own the game but haven't played it yet. i'm getting up to it.

So i naturally went with that. From what i can see Final Fantasy XV looks like a really fun game.
Posted by BraveCypher on 09 May 18 at 13:34
The_Monk_BAD_iT I agreed with @BraveCypher.

Enjoy clap
Posted by The_Monk_BAD_iT on 09 May 18 at 13:53
BurnedChipmunk Thanks guys, it seems we already have a favourite.

I'm posting this poll here, on Facebook, and on a few other forums and on Reddit to get a wider audience and hopefully a good number of votes. We'll see how it goes.
Posted by BurnedChipmunk on 09 May 18 at 14:30
biff_beefcake I voted Dragon Age: Origins! It's one of the older ones you have listed there wink
Posted by biff_beefcake on 13 May 18 at 12:53
BurnedChipmunk Yeah, I'm not so bothered by the age of a game. If you follow my feed you'll see I regularly go back and play early PS3 games and I've always considered myself a retro-gamer anyway so if I'm prepared to play my Sega Saturn semi-regularly a PS3 game is unlikely to look outdated to me any time soon.

A few of my RL friends have said I should play Deus Ex and Dragon Age first too as they say I need to finish the older games so I can take part in discussions about them, which I can understand.
Posted by BurnedChipmunk on 13 May 18 at 16:58