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I go by the name Brave Cypher on PSN. I was a long time Xbox User until recently I been playing Xbox for about 8 years now. But Xbox has been lacking in areas that should be strong such as Exclusives and Backwards Compatibility. Alot of Xbox 360 Games sitting on my shelf is not even in the backwards compatibility list. Games and Gems such as Sudeki, Lollipop Chainsaw and Magnacarta II to name a few. Xbox just seem to worry too much about shooters and racers.

I like JRPG's, I like Rpg's in General and I like a good amount of games with stories in them. I wanna play them all. But Xbox sadly doesn't have games that interests me. I am new to the Playstation Universe. My plan is to play all the games on playstation or at least a good portion of it. I dedicated 8 years to Xbox but i will not be returning there.

I'm going to see what the playstation world and why alot of people are telling me to come to sony.
I am a Avid E3 Viewer and I really love my Final Fantasy Games. I will be documenting everything on True Trophies. Every Game I complete I will write about. Since I was a former Achievement Hunter, That converts me a current Trophy Hunter. Every Platinum i get will be documented here.

In the end i want my entire gaming history and progress written and documented here.
since i have no friends on TrueTrophies and on PSN feel free to add me. I will assume no one pays attention to these blogs unless your popular. but i will write everything here, Read what Interests you. Who knows you might even find a review you'd find interesting.
Posted by BraveCypher on 14 April 18 at 18:38 | Last edited on 14 April 18 at 19:48
AtsumaKarin Hi there and welcome to TT and indeed PSN! toast

I hope in time, you will not come to regret your switch and going from what you said, I can't really see that happening. PSN has a much wider range of games for you to savour imo. One of the biggest disappointments for me with Xbox One is the lack of JRPGs, literally, apart from FFXV, there's very little to offer past smaller titles.

You also have all the weird and wonderful Japanese games like Senran Kagura. There's also the more sensible Persona series and the Tales games.

Then, naturally, you have series such as God of War, Uncharted and The Last of Us plus the other big multi-format series of course, plus many neat indie gems if you know where to look. Of course, there is some junk as well but at least they (usually) offer some easy completions. :P

Then there's the monthly offerings on PS+, which, while overall quality has declined by popular opinion, you can still get some neat games that way. Plus the sales are often pretty damn cool, so I'm sure you may find that a worthwhile investment as well.

In any case, I shall happily add you to help get the ball rolling on that front. There's a really neat community on here and I shall share this blog in my feed to help you there too. toast

Happy gaming! toast
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 14 Apr at 20:18
AFatalTouch Welcome to TT! toast

I did exactly the same as you, played Xbox for nearly 9 years and had the same thing. No story games, and no fun games left anymore. Playstation has so much to offer if you love (J)RPG's, If you dont already have one I would reccomend getting a PS3 (if you do not already have one) as it has many great RPG

I'll add you and see how your journey goes. Always happy to make a new friend toast
Posted by AFatalTouch on 14 Apr at 21:06
BraveCypher @AtsumaKarin

I saw the list of games that Playstation has to offer and I'm very impressed I can't wait to play final fantasy 7, 10, 12 and 14. not only that I have the collection of Kingdom hearts here. I'm definitely interested in God of War uncharted and The last of us. I heard Uncharted has the collection here on PS4
i will dive into those right away.

As for the PS+ offerings i see that Mad Max is in this month. That game was awesome when i played it on Xbox One so i'm glad to see it's here ready to download and play. i will not let a game go to waste because i need games to play so i will check those out.

Thank you for the friendly welcome and request. I can't wait to get started and give my PS4 Pro a Workout laugh
Posted by BraveCypher on 14 Apr at 21:33
BraveCypher @AFatalTouch

Surprisingly i just ordered the PS3 Slim from amazon and waiting for that to get here. then i went to play Asia and ordered Kingdom hearts, some project diva games, and lollipop chainsaw, the saboteur and beyond two souls.. i will see myself busy soon enough smile

with that and the few PS4 games i got including monster hunter world. i will be busy for months to come and with the PS+ i can see a backlog growing. but i will get through them all and i will document them as well. Thank you for your friendly comment and request.
Posted by BraveCypher on 14 Apr at 21:44
AFatalTouch Great choices! If you like Lollipop Chainsaw you might like the companies other games as well, Killer is dead is one of the top of my head. I believe No More Heroes aswell.

Looking forward to it! Curious to see what games you will end up playing. toast
Posted by AFatalTouch on 14 Apr at 21:48
BraveCypher @AFatalTouch

I'll definitely look into those. I just wanna absorb myself in everything Playstation. I'm excited :)
I feel like a new window of opportunities just opened up. so many games i never knew i could play.

It feels good to escape from my old Gears/Halo World.
Posted by BraveCypher on 14 Apr at 21:54
UlvenFenrir Welcome to tt. Hope you enjoy it here :)
Posted by UlvenFenrir on 14 Apr at 21:57
jackdann Welcome and Enjoy the community. Good bunch of guys n gals here.
Posted by jackdann on 14 Apr at 22:19
Slayer1189 Welcome to TT toast We have a great little community here and I hope you enjoy it!

I game on all platforms, however, like you I was primarily 360 last gen, but am now primarily PS4.

If you love RPG's then Playstation certainly has its fair share of them. Not sure if you game on PC but a great console exlusive RPG is Nier: Automata. As you have already confirmed you like Final, Fantasy, there are a few of those available on PS aswell.

In particular, FF Type-0 has a PS4 english release and if you like MMO's then FFXIV is a good one and controls well with the PS4 controller, though it is good to have a USB keyboard for typing.

For great stories that are console exclusive, the Danganronpa series is great IMO. Steins;Gate Elite is coming out later this year which is a remake of the original fully animated which will be good as the original has a fantastic story.

The Nonary games is also supposed to be really good for story but I haven't played them so can't give my opinion.

I will add and you and hope you enjoy your time with your PS4 smile
Posted by Slayer1189 on 14 Apr at 23:11
BraveCypher @Slayer1189

oohh Nier: Automata looks amazing, Thanks I almost forgot about Type-0 I loved that game, And Final Fantasy 14 i'm going to dive into as well. From others i heard ff14 aged really well with plenty to do.

First time hearing about The Danganronpa Series, I will look into that. Steins Gate I know all too well, I watched the Anime. Pretty Awesome Story.

The Nonary games, the only one i remember of that series is the mystery with the 9 doors. might have to give that one a try.

Thank you for your recommendations. I'm going to enjoy researching these.
Posted by BraveCypher on 14 Apr at 23:21
BraveCypher @UlvenFenrir, @jackdann

Thank you both for the Welcome, I will make most of my time here and Engage the Community.
Thanks Again wave
Posted by BraveCypher on 14 Apr at 23:27
Badger2385 Welcome to TT! I made the switch from Xbox to PS 4 years ago (after 3 years dedicated 360 gamer) and I don't regret it at all. Love the community here and love the system - the UI is far superior to the XBOne and that's saying the absolute least in comparing the two smile. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and let me know if you need help with any trophies! Always down to help people out if I can.
Posted by Badger2385 on 15 Apr at 00:43
BraveCypher @Badger2385

Thank You, I'm glad I made the switch with all the game i can play now and with all the games coming to PS4 i feel like i'm in heaven, no lie. I already feel like i have no regrets, I also agree with the UI with a theme and games on the dash. it looks full of life, Far Superior from the "content block" design the Xbox brings. Will do i'll let you know if i need help it will be needed on odds trophies that involve co-op.
Posted by BraveCypher on 15 Apr at 05:35
biff_beefcake Welcome to the community! I'm looking forward to reading about all your progress and accomplishments smile

Happy Gaming! toast
Posted by biff_beefcake on 15 Apr at 05:37
Flakk Welcome, BraveCypher! Myself a recovering Xbot, I switched sides when Microsoft decided that they'd rather beat Google to the living room than release a game console that, you know, plays games.

TrueTrophies is far more than a trophy site for math nerds aficionados. It's one of the friendliest online communities in which I've participated. I hope you stick around for a while. I think you'll have a great deal of fun. smile

Looking forward to reading your exploits.
Posted by Flakk on 16 Apr at 01:00
redknightalex Ha ING come here at AtsumaKarin's prompting, and for the overall lo e I have of blog posts, I found this to be a delight to read and I really ant wait to see how you find the Playstation journey to be! Good thing you enjoy your RPG and JRPGs as they are a dime a dozen here but I never seem to tire from it. I'm also a member of Vita Island where you can find more than a few quirky titles, ones that more often than not Atsuma has tried and I've only thought about it.

Either way, welcome aboard and I hope you do enjoy TT. I'll send you a friend request and yes, I have a LOT of games I haven't even started yet and my completion % is so low that I'm constantly working on it to very little progress. That's my thing,what can I say? smile
Posted by redknightalex on 16 Apr at 05:54
BraveCypher @Flakk

I agree sometimes I couldn't understand the motives of Microsoft what they wanted to do with their console. I stuck by them because i felt change was coming. But I see now that even if change is coming, it's too slow. The things that i really cared about is never going to arrive. People are Requesting all of the Call of Duties on the BackCompact Forums and I want Niche Titles like 99 Nights, Dynasty Warriors, and Sudeki. They don't listen to people like me.

I'm liking TrueTrophies so far, I'm even considering going Pro for a year and really feel it out. The Community is really fun to talk to much more engaging than TrueAchievements, and i was there for a couple of years. I couldn't get anyone to talk to me. The more I think about it the more I'm glad i made the change.
Posted by BraveCypher on 16 Apr at 06:11
BraveCypher @redknightalex

Thank you for your comment, I do my very best to read and reply when i have a moment. I'm still trying to navigate and work my way around the site getting to know how profiles work. Though it's the same as TrueAchievements (my previous dwelling) I never had nor wanted to know more about a site until now.

Oh yes, Jrpg's is my favorite Genre that Xbox lacks severely, to me it's kinda a deal breaker because i see games like Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and i'm like "I'm on the wrong side" I'm not to big on shooters and Racers but i can enjoy them along side my RPG's and Japanese Titles. I'm really liking Playstation. (Now where was I)? oh yes...

The community here makes me wanna know more and learn how to actively engage them. As I play games I am learning all i can, While taking screenshots in the process, When I feel complete with my time with the game Not all games will be platinum'd but i will try my very hardest to complete over a 80% rating. That's when i tend to feel satisfied with the game.
Posted by BraveCypher on 16 Apr at 06:23