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So, hello there, I don't really tend to write blogs at all on here or create much of a discussion these days but I whilst I was looking through the achievers (yet again) for a particular confirmed unobtainable trophy (currently there are now 8 achievers) I started thinking about both hackers and other examples of false accounts such as egregious boosters online and exploit abusers/trophy buyers etc.

So, my mind started to casually drift around deciding whether I, or anyone, should really even give a shit about this behaviour blah blah blah, and how it's pretty much "whatever" if it isn't directly effecting anyone else etc. But while I was randomly thinking about this for a brief moment a comparison came to mind which made me question the entire mentality of why anyone would even bother do such a thing in the first place and also I suppose adds to the conclusion that it really doesn't matter to anyone but themselves.

We all knew THAT kid in the playground of your primary school right? You know the one? That kid who would jump into your playground chatter you're having with friends about how you just got the new exciting cool platformer game that's been in all the latest games magazines and would proclaim, without any hesitation "I've beaten that game, 100% and all the bonus levels". You all look at each other, you know, your friends know and that kid probably even knows you know but no one says a word... The unspoken realisation that kid most definitely doesn't even have the game, let alone beat it. Over time in the conversation the most obvious tells start to show, there is more to beating a game than just a "well done" stamp at the end, a person who's beaten a game, especially if very recently has all that knowledge and information freshly squeezed into their brain, all those little nuances of their playthrough that come through in conversation so naturally and you can smell a liar of completion a mile off.

But hey, achievements are here for to save the day and put an end to the awkwardness and inability to just say "you're lying, dum dum, and your daddy is stinky", now proof they haven't is right there, it's the modern equivalent of bringing your 100% save file memory card to your mates house to show off to them all your unlockable skins and bonus FMVs (only to accidentally leave it there at home time). But, it's only a matter of time until a system has a loophole, a way to break and deceive it. For your memory cards you had cheat codes, gameshark and asking your dad to do the tough bits to get those precious fake stats saved on there to show your mates without doing the work and for today's world we have boosting, exploits, hacking and buying achievements. But despite all this, one thing remains unchanged, no matter how many systems of evidence are in place and how many of them are eventually broken to deceive... It's that unspoken feeling between people, when it is so apparent they haven't done it remains... As I said before, there's just no way around being void of that experience, people can just sense it, and it doesn't matter how many wikis you read up on and how many playthroughs you watch on YouTube, just speaking to a person who hasn't actually done something shows so clearly.

So to the point, why do people bother keeping up this facade. After all, we are not primary school kids anymore (well, I suppose some are I guess, lets not rule them out), the whole idea of compulsive short term unconvincing lying for attention or to impress should be long since grown out of them. As I've said, it's that same moment as in the playgrounds, we all know and I'm pretty sure they know we know, so why do they feel compelled to continue lying to themselves and the rest of the world when we all, unspokenly, know the truth?

I understand, even in adulthood people try to lie and be deceptive and we probably can all think of someone in our social circles who's a bit of a compulsive liar but I feel like this kind of behaviour is distinct and separate to that, because, like I mentioned it's the kind of lie that everyone's unspokenly aware of and continuation and commitment to such a lie is usually only a trait in young primary school age children.

So, why is it that such accounts and profiles exist across all games and platforms, what is the motive and am I missing something? If it's not an inner child-like self what could it be that compels this. Could it simply be the craving of conflict, do people do such blatant acts of deception because they are aware that everyone knows eventually at least someone will call them out on it so they can argue about it and try to proclaim innocence just because they crave conflict so desperately? Aside from that possibility I just can't get my head around the mentality behind it, I'm trying to get in their heads but nothing makes sense to me.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Any ideas as to why people feel compelled this way?

And if you somehow got some interest out of this blog, I don't really write blogs, so let me know if you do since I always love a good rambling and could easily plop out some more written diarrhoea another time.
Posted by Harris59 on 11 March 18 at 04:59
Slayer1189 Oooooh, a blog from Harris smile.

Yeah, it is an interesting topic. First off, from the point of view of "Should we care about people who cheat?". My view is exactly as you point out... Not if it doesn't affect anyone else. If someone is hacking in an online game I think it is fair they get banned as it affects the experience of others. I also think if people want to hack trophies it doesn't affect me but I also think that tracking sites should definitely delete them so that the leaderboards are as accurate as possible for those who don't cheat.

When I was at school it wasn't very popular at all to play games, let alone boast about it laugh. However, I have encountered what you have spoken about before. People who clearly haven't done what they say they have done in games etc.

As you say, this is pretty much a child mentality. They haven't quite figured out yet that it is obvious when you are talking about something you haven't done and no-one finds it impressive. in Some rare cases people do keep that mentality into adulthood though laugh

As for why people do this, I also don't get it, though I will do some armchair psychology just for the hell of it wink.

People (in particular males and children, though it can be anyone) seem to be driven to gain and display 'Achievement, Status and Dominance' to the world. Most well rounded adults do this responsibly, honestly and with humility.

No-one likes a show-off and no-one likes people who are lying about where they are along these lines. Most people are just trying to get on with their lives, doing whatever makes them happy.

Then in comes the rule breaker (the kid in the playground). They will either outright lie to make it seem that they have got achievement, status and dominance where in reality they have not. In some cases, they will even go to shortcuts or break the rules such as hacking trophies so they have 'evidence' of what they claim. Lastly, they absolutely must broadcast to everyone and boast about it, even though that makes it more likely they will get caught out.

I would say it is the same mentality that is why rap artists broadcast with chrome teeth, cars etc, why drug lords feel the need to openly live lavishly, why people say they could beat up this person or that person and the "keep up with the joneses" mentality.

Anyway... all of that could be entirely wrong, but it is how I see it. The whole thing is misplaced egoism, where instead of actually trying to improve yourself and live a happy life, you engage in tricks to try and look like you have been successful in some way, without actually putting in the work. Then of course it isn't complete unless you boast about it laugh
Posted by Slayer1189 on 11 Mar at 14:30
UlvenFenrir i think its very simple when you think about it for a moment. People cheat to gain an advantage over others because thats human nature.

Look at any real life sports, people cheat. Look at online games like gta 5, people cheat.

Anything with a leaderboard slapped onto it, there will always be that one person who will cheat.

Why do they cheat other than to gain an advantage? Because theyre lazy. They dont have the required skill or dedication required to do what it takes. Obviously this is not always the case as some people cheat regardless of the skillset they posess. But its usually in human nature to find the quickest and easiest and above all, the most painless route to victory.

The cheaters who are so obvious on sites like psnp, you gotta ask yourself why they bother because they dont sort their time stamps to make it look “legit” but i guess it boils down to pure stupidity and a lack of self awarness.

Does it affect anybody? Yes for the people who DO care about legit positions on a leaderboard.

Thats all there really is to it imo. There will always be cheaters out there and stupid people.
Posted by UlvenFenrir on 11 Mar at 20:32
Harris59 @Slayer1189 I like the armchair psychology there, I was typing this in bed giving it a little bit of that psychological thought and just couldnt comprehend it. I like your example of a drug lord because the boasting is comparable to a cheater in a game, it puts a bigger spotlight on them and just increases the likelihood of being caught out yet, yeah, criminals love to live lavishly and rub it around for the most part and, well, most those become known and/or arrested. It sometimes does just boggle the mind at times xD.

@UlvenFenrir I don't know, I know we're deep-rootedly individualistic in modern society and want as much self progression and self satisfaction as possible even if we mask it as 'helping others' etc. it's mostly for ourselves but... I just don't like to think of that mentality as being purely just human nature, maybe it is, but I hope there's just potential we're better than than.

I suppose it can effect those who do care about leaderboard positions but, as noted it's usually so obvious that whoever moderates such a leaderboard would easily know to remove them and if they don't surely the community as a whole would know to exclude those people from the leaderboard in their own minds.

"There will always be cheaters out there and stupid people." Agreed. Stupid people are unavoidable in life xD.
Posted by Harris59 on 15 Mar at 03:57