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Almost summer break time! One more week then no classes 'til September!

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PermalinkGaming for fun feels good again!
Unfortunately, I have the bad habit of obsessing over numbers, milestones, and completions while gaming. This was probably my biggest draw to hunt achievements on Xbox (and also co-op gaming with the bf.) Games became numbers and before I would play a game, I'd check out the achievement list difficulty.
I've gone back and forth between Xbox and Playstation over the years, but always find myself worrying about numbers on both sides. The bf will miss playing games with me so I'll get sucked back into the Xbox system, then I'll miss my Playstation, and again, look at trophy lists first... ugh.

But there is one system where I don't care about achievements... which is PC.
I'm not a PCMR (PC Master Race) but I have always preferred a keyboard/mouse input over a controller (with a few genre exceptions.) Steam achievements don't have point values and while Blizzard games do, I don't care about those numbers. I joined TrueSteamAchievements during its beta to help testing, but have no plans on using it.

Lately I've just been playing a ton of Diablo 3 on PC, and recently picked up Stardew Valley and Fallout 4 on PC as well.
I'll randomly hop in a co-op game on Xbox with the bf here and there when he wants to play together (he doesn't like PC gaming so I'm on my own), but most of my gaming time has been playing for fun on the computer.
Zero cares about achievements or leaderboards lately and it's been nice. :)

I know writing about this on a leaderboard/stat tracking website is futile, but I do want to play my Playstation more. The friend feed and talking about games aspect of this site is super awesome. Learning to ignore chasing platinums is a work in progress. I haven't given up consoles completely, I'm just detaching from number obsessing for a while. Being a happy multi-platform gamer is how I want to play.
No one's forcing me to play for trophies or achievements, but for some reason I can't help it, heh. Being a college student, if I don't get 100% on a test, I feel like I failed. Guess it's in my personality?

I do hope that everyone here is doing well. I miss you guys and hope you don't think I'm being flaky or anything. wave I'll do better staying in touch. toast

I'll also be streaming for Extra Life this year! More details will be posted in a few weeks. clap
Posted by AmyFFX on 09 October 17 at 05:35
takutoneko Glad you've been enjoying playing games on the PC and giving zero fucks about the achievement lists on there.

I stopped caring when I switched from the 360 to the ps4...Reason was the massive backlog of games..Placing crappy games infront of better games because I knew I could complete them with ease and I wanted to up my %. But I don't actually blame xbox for that I kinda blame TA because of all those visual stats and visiting the site every day. Plus watching my friends scores increase and mine not made me want to get higher points as silly as it sounds lol

This time round I'm just over it. I'm playing exactly what I want to play without worry. My backlog is growing but I put that down to just not playing enough over last year n this year.

Maybe one dsy you won't care as much about the trophies and achievements on consoles but for now the PC is that area for you. I guess it matters more if it completely stops you gaming.
Posted by takutoneko on 09 Oct 17 at 06:57
AmyFFX @ takutoneko Yeah, I know that I shouldn't care... especially when no one else does anyways, lol. So it's been nice just playing for fun and just taking breaks whenever I need to.
I'm totally guilty of playing crappy games for points, and I agree that visual stats on these sites can definitely encourage it. Awesome that you found happiness with PS4 and just play games for fun.
That's probably why I've taken breaks from these sites randomly. I'm happy just being a gamer, not a number chaser. :)
Posted by AmyFFX on 10 Oct 17 at 07:40
biff_beefcake wave I always just assumed when you haven't been here for a while it's because you've been busy with school. :)

Gaming is gaming: it doesn't matter what platform you play on or how you do it as long as you (and those you may be playing with) are having fun. And I'm glad to hear that you are having fun! [STARDEW VALLEY <3 <3 <3]

I'm looking forward to your Extra Life stream! smile
Posted by biff_beefcake on 10 Oct 17 at 14:28
AmyFFX @biff_beefcake That is true somewhat, I'm super mega busy with school... especially now that I'm taking a college chemisty class. shock shock I do still game a bit to keep sane though, ha!
I still have a lot of Playstation games I wanna play so y'all can't get rid of me that easy. <3
I'm sooooo excited to check out Stardew Valley! smile I read somewhere that the dev who made it is working on a new game about a magic school RPG! clap
Posted by AmyFFX on 10 Oct 17 at 16:17
McVexy I really wish I had this view on games now - I've been feeling it a lot lately. There's been numerous games I haven't picked up because of their trophies, or games I've been dying to play that I haven't yet purchased due to my current backlog.

It's reached a boiling point recently - I wanted my 30th platinum to be Mass Effect: Andromeda, so I bought games like The Walking Dead (when I was 90%+ done with Andromeda) to allow this to happen.

I now also have a niggling to let my 2,000th trophy be a Platinum, specifically FFXV. So now my playing of that game has been put on hold until I can grab another 25 or so trophies from other games before pinging the FFXV plat.

The worst part is, I know it's verging on neurotic and I try to tell myself to let it go and not worry about it - it doesn't work!
Posted by McVexy on 08 Nov 17 at 21:09