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So... Death Stranding went from a game that seemed interesting to a game I don't really care for in one night laugh

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The Change
Fellow TT-ers. There is change in the wind. From this point on, I will be limiting my gaming (Not in terms of hours particularly, more so what games I play). I am bringing minimalism to the one area of my life that has always been safe... Gaming! laugh

I have went through my games on Steam, Microsoft and Sony and limited my games and wishlists down to a much more manageable amount toast

I'm not sure you would notice much of a change if I hadn't written this blog. I will still be playing a good amount of games and primarily on PS4. I just won't be buying as many games and probably won't be completing quite as many games for various reasons. In theory, I should end up playing more of the games I really want to play, but we shall see how that turns out laugh

Backlog and wishlist cut
To give an idea of how large the cut to my backlog is, the below image of my Steam categories sums it up nicely. 69 (heh heh wink) Definitely want to play against 841 Uninterested. Unfortunately even cut down it still seems like a huge task redface

External image

My Wishlists have also been reduced to the following;

Sony = 58 games
Steam = 27 games
Microsoft = 2 games

Other targets
Other than continuing to play through my games as normal, I do have a couple of other targets to meet alongside this streamlining. These are both basically to close off Microsoft console gaming for good.

1) Get back into and maintain top 10 XBLA - I don't mind what route I go to do this but I would like to get back into the top 10 and stay there. I don't think at this point that the top 10 will change much and there won't be much movement, along with a few being fairly retired at this point. wink

2) I would like to complete 4 particular XBLA games I had always meant to complete. All 4 are challenging but also ones that I know I was capable of but never got round to. They are also all games I really enjoy so that is a bonus smile

They are;

Black Knight Sword
Capcom Arcade Cabinet
Missile Command
Mutant Sword Reloaded

Future plans
I might finally start blogging on a more regular basis on here, as well as working away on the GI side of things on here to help give back to this site. toast

I hope to get round to some playing some great games through my streamlining, though I am conscious of the fact that a lot of hidden gems I have found throughout my life have come from playing everything and anything warning

I am going to the gym (and about to start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) as well as travelling a fair bit. My time is pretty full of stuff to do but it keeps things interesting smile

Looking forward to semi-retirement but that is still 6 years away. I imagine that will be the next big shake-up gaming-wise, but that is still ages away and we will likely be on PS6 at that point laugh
Posted by Slayer1189 on 02 October 17 at 20:36 | Last edited on 02 October 17 at 21:14
Reevys-91 I must admit, this is something I have been thinking about recently too. A few years ago I had every intention of playing every game I was ever interested in, but lately I've come to realise I just don't have the time to play as much as I used to and there are some things I might not ever get round to. I might need to start where you have and take a serious look at my collection and decide what I really am going to play and what could probably go.

Good luck in your venture, I hope it helps you to enjoy games even more. I've pretty much given up on Microsoft at this point but I'll be mighty impressed if you can beat those XBLA games and get back in the top 10. smile
Posted by Reevys-91 on 03 Oct 17 at 09:32
Dakthore As you know, I've been battling this same problem for some time also and still haven't come up with a solution.

My last list would have taken me over 6 years to complete all the games in it and that's playing 4 hours every single day (some days I'm lucky to play 2 hours) with no new games or anything that deviates from the list.

I also wouldn't classify my list as that extensive either considering the amount of games I have available to choose from across various platforms from retro to current gen redface

I wish you all the best in your venture and coming up with a successful plan and sticking to it as at the moment I'm failing miserably!
Posted by Dakthore on 03 Oct 17 at 11:56
Badger2385 Totally been hitting the gym too and did jiu jitsu for 3 yrs (2008-2011). We have so much in common (maybe).

That's a HUGE backlog cut! I will probably get to that one day, but for now I'm happy plugging away at random games and grinding out trophies with a massive spreadsheet keeping track.

I know I have a lot of games that were "oh that looks kind of cool" buys with no real passion behind it. I see those being a slow casualty, but maybe not. I just bought a 4TB hard drive for my PS4 so I'm going to put as many games as I can on there in hopes of sparking some "let's try a new thing" motivation in me. We'll see if it even works.
Posted by Badger2385 on 04 Oct 17 at 12:59
AtsumaKarin "There is change in the wind!" Damnit, I thought I smelt something. laugh

Nice read! Ooh, a lot of uninterested games for your Steam library there, though I'm guessing some of those might be the many achievement whore titles that you'll play anyway, right? wink

Also: LOL @ 2 MS games! laugh

In any case: I don't think I'm doing a very good job at being a minimalist, quite the opposite but next year, I'll definitely have to cut back due to wanting to learn piano, plus I've got far too many games anyway and money is *starting* to potentially become a problem for me now (had a fair amount of savings at one point) so don't want to risk rack and ruin!

Of course, must-buys will be bought, no matter what!

Good luck with your XBLA goals! You definitely can do Missile Command/MSR, IDK anything about the other 2, really but I'm sure you could do those too. toast
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 04 Oct 17 at 22:42
Slayer1189 @Reevys -You would prob find a good percentage could go. You doing the process would be far easier than mine though! You have far fewer games to sort through plus a major difference in that you have completed alot more of the games you have started, % wise.

@Dakthore - I have no idea how you would manage this laugh Your collection is so much larger than mine, but good luck if you decide to do something similar toast. At least you know you could never buy a game again and still have plenty to play for the rest of your life!

@Badger - We have at least video games, the gym and Jiu Jitsu in common laugh. TBH those three alone are a pretty large part of my overall character. Add in a love for science/philosophy, Travelling/mountain climbing and generally liking to be left to my own devices in my own company and you have a pretty full picture of me as a person laugh

Yeah I used to be happy playing anything and given any game a try even if I thought it looked pretty meh, just as you are now. What tends to happen is most of them turn out to be meh but every so often you find a diamond in the rough so it has great upsides smile

@Atsuma - I have actually played all my achievement whoring games on Steam, so those uninterested truly are just over 800 games I bought but have no interest in ever playing now... oops redface

The two MS games aren't even exclusives! Lightning Returns (to finish that set on Xbox) and Mass Effect 3 (as my character from 2 transfers over so might as well do on Xbox)

Yeah best to stick to must-buys (they are MUST-buy, You are compelled to purchase them wink) if you need to make your savings stretch, plus obviously a good piano will be costly but worth it if you want to learn. I have always been very minimalistic in terms of what I own physically (If all of my possessions don't fit in one car load, I own too much), but due to being able to own so many games digitally and loving to find all the hidden gems it built up.

CAC prob sits between Missile Command and MSR difficulty wise. Black Knight Sword is the hardest of the 4, but I'm sure I get it done. None of them are outside my capability in terms of precision (like Cloudberry Kingdom) or consistency (like War of the Worlds)
Posted by Slayer1189 on 05 Oct 17 at 06:59
Dakthore So a week has passed, how is the wind of change going? smile Mine was to start even more games and realise there is just no solution laugh

I did try to get into Horizon Zero Dawn as I picked it up cheap (still waiting on Crash Bandicoot, Nier Automata and Persona 5 to drop in price as I'm a cheapskate now laugh) but when the PS4 ejected the disc and started clunking I got annoyed and turned it off (that issue really irritates me angry).

Hopefully you will find time to return to Xbox once in a while to do your goals like Missile Command. If only for a short stint as there is still lots of co-op I need to do in XBLA games wink
Posted by Dakthore on 11 Oct 17 at 12:48
Slayer1189 The winds of change have been too busy to even play games! I have played through Hero of the Kingdom II on Steam while travelling but that was only a few hours. redface

I intend to get back to gaming though and start working my way through the games I really want to play.

I'll def be back on Xbox to finish those 4 games and get some XBLA done! That won't be until my house is all ready which won't be until Feb 2018 toast In the meantime I am a wanderer with no access to my Xbox.
Posted by Slayer1189 on 11 Oct 17 at 13:02