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No PS4 for a while..But I'll have my Vita.. Might finally get through some games on it lol

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PermalinkHave you watch this doco?
Anyone watched the doco called 'What The Health' and actually liked it? Yes, it has some points but for the majority it was pretty much a 'one sided' doco like most are when it comes to being a VEGAN. If you're a vegan, good for you. But I really dislike shows like this that DON'T properly look into all aspects. They NEVER mentioned anything to do with GMO and plants. OPEN your fucking eyes and do research and you'll find information out there..It's not hard to find.

I could never live without meat simple as that...If you want to be a vegan then I hope for your sake you do it completely and utterly properly. It felt like this doco was saying IF you become a vegan then ALL your worries/problems will go away..This is simply bullshit. Not everyone is going to have success and YET they never showed that side of things..I mean why would they? They don't even go into the facts of how you'd do it successfully and carefully. There are plenty of people who 'turn' vegan and end up worse BECAUSE they don't do the research before hand. I respect anyone who does the research and find what works for them but do not expect that just dropping meat will simply fix all your worries.

I'm of the opinion of having a broad diet..Like yesterday I created Cheesy popcorn without using actual cheese/butter...I was super happy to discover this method because when I eat popcorn at home it's usually just salted and that's it. The other day I grabbed a bottle of coffee with almond milk with maple syrup to sweeten it. BUT I won't deny myself a bag of bottle of iced coffee (like DARE or Farmers Union) or a bag of popcorn that has real cheese already on it.

It talked about the pesticides going into the meat and then travelling further outside WHICH is completely true..BUT there was no talk about it affecting the plants you eat IF you just restrict your diet to be 'plant based' only. They talk about the pesticides travelling from the meat into your own body, they never mentioned about the plants that get it as well and so in turn you're doing the same harm. They even bashed organic meat saying you'll never escape the harm of pesticides from normal meat cause it gets sprayed so it travels to even organic food..SAME WITH PLANT BASED FOOD...FFS.

Ooohh and their raves about how bag eggs were for you...REALLY haven't done their research there! Again if you go looking you can find how ONE doctor wanted to become rich/famous so he said they were basically evil for your body...But hang on...This doc should of been called 'BECOME a VEGAN'.

*Deep breaths* Okay, rant over..How is everyone? laugh

After all that fussing about getting the 360 hooked up it had to be unhooked and moved so it's not connected to anything at the moment. And I think my mouse is dying slowly..It's doing some random arse stuff which is honestly making me irritated.

No gaming to speak of...Haven't wanted to...I mean I've wanted to but I haven't had enough SUPER want to play..I guess it's just one of those periods I go through where I'll place my attention elsewhere. Mostly being TV/Movie shows..Somehow trying to progress through those...BUT I can't sit and just outright watch them..Usually doing something else at the same time.
Posted by takutoneko on 11 August 17 at 10:21
ZeroSeven_X That wrath of Tak! I couldn't do the vegan thing myself...way too difficult considering the amount of work that would truly go into it. The stress alone would negate any benefits I might obtain by going vegan in the first place. Plus, my willpower is somewhere between 'devoid of' and 'Oooooo, mocha Oreos, nom nom nom."

I think the major issue with me is when certain vegans (emphasis on 'certain'...I am in no way bashing on the idea of veganism as a whole) attempt to tell you that your way of living is flat out wrong. It parallels the whole Xbox vs PlayStation fanboy war on sites like IGN where everyone bashes the other for no other reason than to justify your own purchase. If you're a vegan and are happy, then live your life and enjoy your choice! Let all the yummy meat eaters enjoy the decision THEY'VE made.

Anyway, I have a 2 pound bacon cheeseburger waiting for my fat, American ass to consume it. Nom nom nom.
Posted by ZeroSeven_X on 11 Aug 17 at 12:27
takutoneko Hahaha @ the mocha Oreo thing xD This doco has gained a lot of attention because IT'S sooooo bad!! Actually, some leading doctor (in natural health) got really pissed off with how inaccurate the document really is. And if this guy is getting angry about it you know it's doing something wrong.

Yeah, you're correct with the vegans who tell others that what they're eating is 'trash' and they always seem to go about it the wrong way (aka angrywarning)..Where as meat eaters or even vegetarians just go 'okay, might not agree with each other but we respect each others ideas'..I've never met a vegan who deals with this calmly. Hahahaha,YES! It's totally like PS vs Xbox..I never thought of that laugh Now who is the vegan and who is the meat eater there? wink
Posted by takutoneko on 13 Aug 17 at 00:34
ZeroSeven_X PlayStation gamers are meat eaters for sure because of the delicious meaty library of games and exclusives. clap
Posted by ZeroSeven_X on 13 Aug 17 at 05:02
takutoneko clap Excellent answer! toast
Posted by takutoneko on 13 Aug 17 at 06:16