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Not overly impressed with The Crew 2 so far. Decent racer but such a grindfest!

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Hey guys! Long time no speak!

It's been a while since I stepped foot on this website

You're probably wondering..... what happened to you? laugh

Long story short I've had a lot of things go on in my life personally, of which I have suffered from depression for a long time. If you ever suffer from depression, please do not do what I did and lock it away. Talk to people, discussing it is the best way of getting things off your chest and newsflash.... people are here to help! I locked up my thoughts and feelings for months, distanced myself as far away from friends and family as possible. Don't do this, you will only feel worse in the long term!

You'll be pleased to know however that I am now passed this rock

So what are my intentions going forward?

Well.... I wrote a post over a year ago now which mentioned my end goal with trophy-hunting

10,000 trophies. 100 platinums

I did not forget about this, it's happening soon! smile

Distancing myself from trophy-hunting in general has felt fantastic, I've been playing games for what they are, to entertain!

My physical game collection has drastically changed. I've re-stocked the shelves with games which I enjoy rather than use for trophies and discard.

I aim to become extremely active on the site yet again and contribute where possible. If you need MP trophies on games which I own, feel free to PM me I'm here to help smile

It would be great to get back in touch with as many of you guys as possible, old friends and new!

In summary - StuTheChief is back!

Take it easy guys

Posted by StuTheChief on 07 August 17 at 17:19
Kornfan2007 Good to hear you have pushed through it. Depression is a complete pain.

Good to see you have found a good outlook in games. I did the same when I moved to PS4. I don't care if it has 'Easy Trophies', I want games I will enjoy. I have tried quite a few new types of games with this logic, rather than just looking for quick score. Makes a big difference in my enjoyment of gaming :-D
Posted by Kornfan2007 on 07 Aug 17 at 18:41
StuTheChief Cheers mate smile

Good to see you're still working hard in the GI team toast
Posted by StuTheChief on 07 Aug 17 at 19:11
AtsumaKarin Great to have a new update from you! toast

Really sorry to hear you've been battling with depression, such a nasty illness. I think most of us know someone who suffers with it or have even suffered/suffer with it ourselves. cry

I'm not gonna pretend I know all the answers but yeah, I really hope people have the courage to go get help if they need it!

I hadn't forgotten your goal. I've been waiting (im)patiently for you to reach them. wink

Any ideas what will be your 10,000th trophy/100th Plat or does It not especially matter to you?

I have not yet quite come around to KF's way of thinking and will still whore easy trophy redface I do draw the line at Japanese Visual Novel games because I really *would* be just playing those for trophies as I don't really know any Japanese besides odd words. :P

Annoyingly, they would quite frequently have Gold Rush Plats just to mess with me lol. No matter, we seem to get enough of those as it is! rock

I would never entirely rule out doing them in the future, though it would more than likely be if I take up learning Japanese.

And yeah, KF has been a real asset to the GI team!
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 07 Aug 17 at 20:27
StuTheChief I'm thinking Uncharted 4 for plat 100 atm. Uncharted imo is one of the greatest series' ever.

Cannot wait for Lost Legacy!
Posted by StuTheChief on 07 Aug 17 at 21:41
CloudCode Good to hear from you and happy to hear all is okay. Look forward to seeing you in games!
Posted by CloudCode on 08 Aug 17 at 05:41
StuTheChief toast
Posted by StuTheChief on 08 Aug 17 at 15:47
Jenova_20 Sorry to hear that buddy but i'm glas you're back! smile
Posted by Jenova_20 on 09 Aug 17 at 10:13