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No PS4 for a while..But I'll have my Vita.. Might finally get through some games on it lol

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PermalinkTalking this out cause it helps with motivation :D
Another blog...Seriously, what the frick is going on here?! laugh So, I walked back to the 'dark side' and hooked my 360 up to my PC monitor.

First thing it had to do a massive update as I hadn't been on since 2015 I believe...The updates came in quickly unlike the X1 and I was good to go. Now, with my PC screen means no audio UNLESS I use a headset...BAH...Easy enough, I hooked up my wireless Tritton headset and I had NO sound...


Pulled out all the cords and re-plugged everything in and there was a fresh set of batteries in the headset so everything should of worked first time round but didn't. It took a bit of replugging things in a few times and then FINALLY I had sound...Soooo, in all likely hood my headset is on the fritz..cry Well, the headset is fine..It's the receiver that's having issues but honestly, I'm not mad, it's an old headset now. If it completely stops working I might hook the 360 to the TV but that will be a nightmare which is why I avoided it this time.

Looking at my wall of games I decided to go with a shooter and one that I'd been intending to play for a long time but never got around to it...BLOPS 2. The game fires up and I play a little bit but as I go into the next mission my screen turns completely black...It occurred to me that this is an old game so the loading times might be sucky...So, when it finally loads I think nothing of it and go about my merry way of killing more enemies. Happy with the days progress I quit and wait for the next day for playing more games. Plus it looked like the games campaign was pretty short like most CoD games are which made me happy enough.

This afternoon after kinda forcing myself to play instead of watching a movie I load up the game and plunge straight back into the action only it doesn't last that long...angry I complete the training and fail the tactical part of the game..laugh..I was doing well until the 3rd wave...I had about 3 to 4 minutes remaining on the clock but my brain was still getting used to the button layout of the 360 and well, I was stuffing up due to that mostly. SO, the game enters into the loading area for the next mission and tells me about the side quests for the tactical missions...IF..I can avoid the tactical missions I might leave those for last and just play the storyline bit...

I press A on the controller and my screen plunges into darkness..I think nothing of it because of last time...I wait..and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and go grab a drink and wait and wait....Black screen isn't changing...I do all the usual stuff to see if the console has frozen or it's the game taking a bloody long time to load...Turns out the game had frozen. Soooo, I reboot the console and same issue again..Argh! facepalm

Googling this problem it shows getting 'the black screen of death' for Blops 2 is a super common thing..I remove a shit ton of stuff stored on my HD and go to install the game after removing the update for the game....Game fails at 20% install..Urgh..Tells me disc is scratched...Try again and another fail...So, I take the disc out and wipe over it softly and try again...Game installs to 23% then FAILS...shockfacepalm

This time I take the disc out and see a HUGE ring around the outter of the disc just like what I used to have happen years ago with my original fat 360..I notice little scratches but I've played games that have had more scratches that haven't caused an issue...SOMETHING about that ring around the disc is the issue.

Now, like I say, I either bought this second hand or very,very cheap...I usually rent all the shooter games..I'm thinking I got this from EB years ago on one of their cheap sales that they have and they gave me the faulty disc. EB have been known to sell 2nd hand games as NEW if they look perfect so I'm wondering if that happened...Only reason I'm questioning this is because I DON'T like buying second hand games from EB online after an incident years and years ago with the no disc cover...I basically learnt my lesson...So, I'm thinking something dodgy happened? But whatever, it was years ago and I can't honestly do much about it. A bit frustrating, yes but my own fault for not playing my games quicker laugh EVEN if I did test the game it would of worked straight away anyways so I probably would of still had this issue.

Oh but I did hear a loud spinning/crunching noise at one stage while the disc was in the console..LOL...SO like I say it might be my console with the problem...I'll see after I remove this next game.

On the advice of my friend to play a game that starts with H I went straight for a crappy kiddies game....My collection of unplayed games is filled with a lot of crap...I started Happy Feet 2...IT'S CRAAAAAAAPPPPP!!! I don't mind my bad video games, I even enjoy them to a point but this one is REAL CRAAAAAAAAPPPPPP!!!

Which brings me to my next choice...For all the games I've got there are some games I've just waited to play...I'm thinking of putting all the stupid easy 1k games aside and leaving those for a rainy day (aka probably never) and really get stuck into the games I SHOULD of played ages ago. Cause as I keep saying I've no desire to play for points anymore...I'm not even going to finish Lego games to 1k unless I get the itch to do it,. Plus I figure if I spend all my time on the crappy games I'll never get to the good ones..Or I will but it'll be alot slower.

Reason for the blogging again..It motivated me to actually DO what I said..So, if this is something that will help me I'll probably do it a bit more. I've got to consider what will be my next game because I don't really want to go back to Happy Feet 2.
Posted by takutoneko on 13 July 17 at 10:20 | Last edited on 13 July 17 at 10:26
UlvenFenrir Good read taku. Right now im playing yakuza 0 and im having a blast except for the mahjong minigame. So its also important to play games you actually want to play. Ill play the quick game now and then so atsuma doesnt catch up to me, cant have that son of a bitch do that wink so i usually just shuffle around with what games i play. Long as youre having fun
Posted by UlvenFenrir on 13 Jul 17 at 12:29
Funderballs_007 Crappy Feet 2 laugh
Posted by Funderballs_007 on 13 Jul 17 at 13:05
takutoneko Ulven- Yakuza series is all fuuunnn toast...I'm pretty excited for the new one coming out in August..Well, it's not NEW new but it's going to be worth playing. Yeah, it's important to play what you want..For the most part I've done that with the PS4...On my 360 I just bought more than I could play and also played alot of crap games for points so it took away time from playing what I really wanted..Learnt my lesson and doing so much better with this console..laugh

Funder- Bloody true! I don't even believe children should play Crappy Feet 2...laugh
Posted by takutoneko on 14 Jul 17 at 04:20
ZeroSeven_X Snappy Pete 2! The quest for more Pete!

Yeah...anyway, as my friend Ulven said, good read. I've thought about going back to the X1 a few times, but then I remember that I use it as a drink coaster. Seriously, though, I haven't fired that bad boy up since the stupid AC adapter tried to shock me to death...several times...good thing I leveled up my lightning element defense. Replacing the adapter costs too much money, so I'm just sticking to my first love...PS.

I do, however, have a few turds heading my way courtesy of Gamefly, most notably "Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters" for the PS3...sometimes I find it hard to delve into the past to play the older games, but my insatiable desire to increase an arbitrary set of numbers beckons me.

Well, keep up the great work!
Posted by ZeroSeven_X on 14 Jul 17 at 19:45
takutoneko Sounds like you an the X1 have some bad history and staying closer to the PS is a much safer idea for you shock

Ohhh..I have Green Lantern for the 360..I think believe that's actually one of those easy 1k/Plat games that I didn't complete because something about it I despised lol So, I hope you enjoy it more than me even with it turd like qualities..laugh If you want another turd and super easy get Megamind..Tedious/boring but very easy.
Posted by takutoneko on 16 Jul 17 at 10:04