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Ok, this is literally coming on the heels of my last post, but why are unregistered users part of the leaderboards?

As I've been working towards the top 2000, I ever noticed that once a week I fall a couple places, even if I killed it the day before and added 800+ TT points. It's the once a week scan of unregistered users (I assume).

Even in my quest to complete all the Borderlands games, I was working to take the 7th place, only to click on the gamers who reached it before me and find that at least 2 are unregistered.

I'm torn between being whiny and demanding my top 5 placement, or respecting other gamers and their 1337ness in getting there first and accepting 7th, no matter how wrong it still will be.

So it begs the question, should TT turn into something like psnprofiles and scan everyone and adjust rankings? Or should it just be registered users? How whiny should I be about this. I could probably be in the top 2000 now if unregistered users were removed, or should I take it as an added challenge to my goal?

How important are time stamps of a greater population vs time stamps of registered users?

The heat is killing me and is making me torn a la Natalie Imbruglia.

So I guess the fortune teller's right....
Posted by BenNoddy on 19 June 17 at 18:51 | Last edited on 19 June 17 at 18:52
AtsumaKarin First of all, sorry for replying to this one so late, been thinking about this the last few days and what I'd suggest should happen, think I have an idea now...

To start off with: I definitely understand your grievance with this in general but the reason for which is perhaps not one you might think of at first.

The biggest problem I have with unregistered users is the arbitrary way in which they can be added. I can add 25 being a Pro member, what's to stop me from systematically going through my obscure/rare (and somewhat difficult) games and artificially inflating my score? Sure, it could backfire on me but I'm pretty confident I could easily gain at least 10K TT points using this method, probably substantially more.

Equally (though as far as I know, this hasn't happened), people can sabotage rare games using the same method.

I haven't done it yet for this reason.

I also don't understand the mixed way that they're counted in LBs. In some, they are (such as completions) yet in the main site LBs, they're not. It's genuinely baffling.

I think what would be the best way of doing it is to have a filter where you have members only as the default and an all-users (marking those who are members with their relevant LB position in the members one) and allow every PSN profile added to be put on here. This might even act as an incentive for people to visit the site as they'll see their name in search results and what their scores/LB places *could* be, plus have the additional effect of making scores for games more accurate (at least, if you use the all-users setting) toast

Of course, this probably won't happen anyway because we've had various issues in the past with even getting our members scanned. cry
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 23 Jun 17 at 11:39