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Ps3 crapped out on my dl at 70%..bah...redownload commencing D:

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Sooo, I finished off Bound by Flame last night and really, really enjoyed my time playing the game until the end...laugh That end boss was a dirty stinking bitch but I nuked them after my 5th attempt...Basically, after I went further back into an older save and basically stockpiled pots for Mana and Heath. I also stocked up on bolts and some traps...I ran out of traps near the end of my battle so it was timed well.

Playing the last boss first time round with basically 6 health pots and ZERO mana pots was complete and utter suicide!!laughfacepalm I came close to defeating him though but I ran out of health and well his health was less than half less and my life was dripping out of my pores.

Now, the game is pretty wacky with the dialog..I had to enquire about a dead man's sex life...shock And there was rather a lot of 'sexual' banter in the game and some of the clothing choices for the women were questionable...Put it this way I had little to no idea about this game when I bought it except I liked the idea of an RPG and it's a bloody basic one at that. Still all the talk wasn't off putting it was just..well....If you've not played the game....I'll say it was strange. BUT I'm pretty sure there is far worse games out there than this one.

Besides this the level spike at the end was pretty unfair which was why I went into the boss battle so poorly. I really liked you could craft/buy stuff while you were out fighting so say if you ran out of buff pots and needed to create one but was missing some ingredient you could buy it from WITHIN your own backpack! It was very, very, very handy to have when you're half way across the world from your only ONE craftsman. Only thing I didn't do very well with was MONEY..Things were pretty expensive unless you sold super high valued items like the tainted gems. AND those were the type of gems you wanted to HOLD onto. Compared to other games I didn't think this system was so well thought out unless they really wanted you to farm...And I spent a little over 17hrs in the game...It's really NOT a big game nor is the world. It's a rather small RPG when it comes to RPGs and seriously that suited me fine but I believe the end would of been easier IF the game itself had of been longer so you were more powerful..I was only level 25.

Anyways enough about that game..

My title is what I want to do while gaming...At least I want to put more effort into not feeling so overwhelmed by my backlog. At one stage I did have it under control but now it's kinda getting out of control especially with the rate I play games these days. I did buy some games from the Playstation Sale from online and within actual stores. I mentioned in a status I wasn't going to because I bought a new phone and reality I was going to stick to that plan until a few things changed my mind BUT now I believe I don't want/need anymore games until next year...Might be a few floating around that I'll want but these days I'm always waiting for sales..Never buying at full price except for Harvest Moon...haha.
Posted by takutoneko on 15 June 17 at 11:50
biff_beefcake I'm with you (even the Harvest Moon part)! I've been feeling the backlog tug on my pant leg lately too laugh Especially the PS3 backlog...
Posted by biff_beefcake on 15 Jun 17 at 14:17
takutoneko laugh That's a great way to describe overload of games..haha!! Jenny Craig for backlog games possibly needs to be invested into as well xD

I ain't even looking at my ps3 backlog yet..*cries*
Posted by takutoneko on 16 Jun 17 at 00:22