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PermalinkFlying to the moon and back...
Really didn't think it'd come to April and I'm STILL having issues with my hand..But yesterday was my first time back with 2 times a day exercising and then from tomorrow back to the 3 times. The pain and tightness has come back...Seriously it bums me out at times. I feel like I'm making progress then I end up having to pop more pain medication. Last week was nice not doing a thing as my hand actually FELT a lot better and I didn't have any tightness in the middle of my wrist. I'm leaps and bounds better but I just want to be COMPLETELY better...haha

However, I've never really heard of anyone getting over a broken wrist quickly....While the break is perfectly healed it's the muscles that need to be reworked that keep causing me pain....I just got to keep telling myself, I am MUCH better than I was or the flexibility is really coming along well.

Why am I complaining about this in my blog yet again? Cause I can..laugh Actually, there is a reason.

I'm sick and tired of playing just GoW!! While I love the game and enjoy playing it every day it's not the same as shooting some heads off. It's not the same as running away from someone hot on your tail. I have been successful in playing a little bit of Harvest Moon and TWD:NF but those aren't exactly what I crave to play..While TWD is full of action and I loved this instalment it's JUST not the same as actually taking the pistol and shooting the bullets yourself!

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Harvest Moon is proving to be a little tricky...I mean for my hand it's not painful..It's easy but some reason I'd love to complete all the trophies and I'm already experiencing a hiccup. I've now read guides for the PS4 version and various comments about the PS2 version. I'm hoping that the last bit of info I read about the PS2 game will be the bit I'm missing (can't do it in year 1). But to make matters worse there seems to be a few versions of this game floating around so I'm even more confused..lol

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Been playing heaps and heaps of this game...IT is paying off....It's kind of a game if you drop for a while it's hard to catch up especially if you're trying to play PVP. I've noticed I started this game in April last year but I haven't been playing it every day since. But hanging around there enough I've met the local drunk (and they LOVE to brag about it...I find it a bit sad tbh and feel they need to seek help..but it could be they're just doing it for attention and not really drunk), I've had people try their hardest to get me to join their guilds and then SPAM me with messages when I decline which in turn makes them get narky, then I've met people who have their head so far up their arses I'm sure they can smell their stinky shit!

There is someone I know on there who LOVES to brag...And make himself seem AMAZING. And I've noticed when someone else HAS something go wrong or really good THEY always have to try and ONE UP it. I find it terribly irritating but sadly I can't block them (or be rid of them just yet).

Little earlier I popped some painkillers and thought I'd try out Homefront...Didn't go that brilliantly....I mean I stayed alive and game was good but my hand wanted no part in the playing angry Soooooooooooo, I'll try next week I guess and I pray for the best outcome. Vibrations of a controller doesn't help either..laugh I probably can shut that off though.

And to end this blog off I have a question..Should I post my Lego builds? I just finished Brick Bank which I ended up loving a lot more than I thought I would.

P.S. Drinking beer makes my tummy angry and in turn my head upset..So, I don't feel I'll be consuming or purchasing much beer this year...A hobby which is kinda good to get rid of...I mean I just like trying all different types of beer not getting like a slab of VB and just drinking that. No thanks. I've a stash of beer though so I'm very, very slowly working my way through the collection. I also was given a gift voucher to spend at a boutique beer shop..haha...But w/their prices I won't be getting much for $100.

P.P.S I'll go watch some violent movies on Netflix instead..I was getting through my collection of stuff to watch then I took a break..THEN they released all this stuff I wanted to watch XD
Posted by takutoneko on 20 April 17 at 10:17
biff_beefcake Post builds!! smile
Posted by biff_beefcake on 20 Apr at 14:00
takutoneko Shall do :)

Oh n here is everything I've done to try and get Rock in HM..lol..I'm basically stalking him xD

Tried following this guide for the Milk Drinking contest with Rock. And nothing happens..Rock leaves the hotel about 1pm and doesn't return until after midnight. I've followed him around when he gets into the hotel but he doesn't ask me to take part in the milk contest. I've tried calling in at different hours but he's never there..always returning after midnight. I tried giving him lots of flowers too..
I've even tried to be there before he leaves in the morning but nothing.
Posted by takutoneko on 20 Apr at 15:00
biff_beefcake What a troublemaker... :/ At least since you have to play for 5 full years to unlock all the story trophies there's plenty of time to nab him and his drinking contest laugh It seems like there are a lot of things that aren't available in the first year, so it seems reasonable that if he's being elusive in year one that he might change it up after that. I hope so, anyway!
Posted by biff_beefcake on 20 Apr at 21:56
UlvenFenrir Sorry to hear about your wrist pain. Im having a bit of issue with my wrist on my right hand but thats just strain from gym and i know how much it would suck if i cant work out. So i understand your inability to do certain things must be immensly frustrating.

But just like with shoulders , theyre some of the worst places to be injuried because of how long it can take to heal. Theres a few things you can do but ultimately i think giving it time to heal is the best thing you can do. Hope you have a good weekend :)
Posted by UlvenFenrir on 21 Apr at 12:49
AtsumaKarin Sorry I got to this one late, taku, was off-site for a couple of days because I was in a bit of a narky mood due to work and didn't want to feel that way when talking to my awesome friends on here. toast

As I said to you in that PM, hope your wrist gets better soon! smile

You love to complain in your blogs, now that you mention it! wink

It's all good, though, that's what it's there for, after all. I can't stand excessively positive people more than I can't stand constantly negative ones, though balance is clearly the ideal...

AAAAAAAAAAND just like that, I've gone off on my own little tangent again. laugh

I totally get that feeling re: wanting to complete some games and not knowing why. Though granted, I like to try and complete as many as possible, though I'm not nearly as prolific as Sensei above me (teach me your ways, Lord Ulven!) dance, some games, I *really* want to have that Plat on my card and most of them, I usually get!

Amongst others, Rebel Galaxy is one I REALLY want to get back to because I was so hooked on that but I got stuck, decided to take a break and got side-tracked so many times. Same with Republique minus the being stuck bit. :(

Yooka-Laylee is the current one, which I should do as that's mostly just time investment, though I want to hopefully beat it without a guide. Highly doubtful due to the pirate treasures (unless something crops up later, which makes that easier...) but anyway...

Hope you solve the mystery of that drinking game. I seem to recall another game gave you trouble with that... wink

I hate arrogant assholes like that guy you mentioned. I try my best to be fairly humble, though sometimes, I probably come across as a know-it-all or bragging and I almost certainly have in the past. laugh

You're not really selling me on the whole online gaming thing lol.

biff_beefcake said:
Post builds!! smile
What she said! toast
Posted by AtsumaKarin yesterday at 11:04