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No PS4 for a while..But I'll have my Vita.. Might finally get through some games on it lol

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PermalinkWelcome to 2017...A bit late
This year hasn't started off that well..All the way back in January I broke my wrist in one of the worst spots possible. Now it's March and I'm still recovering...So to give an idea of where the break happen flip your left hand over and look under your thumb towards the very top of your wrist...Basically where your thumb meets your wrist abd to the far left...It was probably one of the worst spots to break a wrist!

Everyone at the hospital were all like, "Wow, that is a nasty break." or "That isn't in a good area to break it."

My saving grace was the fact it was a CLEAN break with no shattered bits..I now know how complicated the wrist truly is.

Fast forward to March and it's all properly fixed but now my muscles in that wrist are having issues..I can rotate but I can't bend. Pulling and pushing is still painful. I can't cut with a knife cause I don't have the strength..It's only been the last two weeks I've been able to properly sit down and play GoW without my wrist getting sore or after shocks. A friend of mine told me on the weekend when he had his knee fixed it took a year to properly mend so it was fully usable.

Sometimes when I yawn or breath deeply my wrist with tingle very quickly...Like WTF!? Lol

So....I haven't been able to drive since December :( I'm going to ask about that next week. Basically all my independence has been taken away. I can't work either...Well, not what I currently do.

And..well..I got offered relief work at two different schools in the 3rd week that school had been back! I was gutted at the time of saying I couldn't do either. Now I took a look at the school directory and find out they've hired another TA. So...My chances of work there for the year is probably slimmer...I also know the person they hired. I can't be mad at the school or them...But god I wish I hadn't broken my wrist because I bet that call I had to decline work was possibly the offer I was waiting for. I feel upset though. Last couple of years have just been pure shit.

And what's more is I'm not sure I could say Yes to work even now. I'm not allowed to hold or push anything heavier than 2kg..lol :| I'm very restricted in what I can do. Maybe this year will be a write off...

I keep telling myself if my health is no good physically/mentality then I'm not going to do my best. Plus there is chance of doing damage and setting myself backwards..

Still it stings..Seems kind silly,no? But I guess that's human emotions for you.

Typed this all on my phone so if there is errors that is why.
Posted by takutoneko on 16 March 17 at 14:52
Funderballs_007 Well maybe that's all the bad stuff for the year done with and the only way is up now smile
A beer weighs way less than 2kg so that's a positive right there clap
Posted by Funderballs_007 on 16 Mar 17 at 20:21
takutoneko I'd like to say so..haha
Yeah, they do but I've totally lost my interest in drinking beer D: Might change over the course of the year though. I'll wait and see.
Posted by takutoneko on 16 Mar 17 at 20:59
AtsumaKarin How did you break it again? I'm sure you said when it happened but my memory isn't what it was these days, apparently. :(

In any case: we're only in March, far too early to call 2017 a write-off, chin up! smile

I've had an injury of my own recently that I haven't mentioned on here before: nasty insect bite (I believe) on my foot, really swollen, had it almost a week, doesn't seem to be clearing so off to the doctor's I shall have to head, I think. :(

Naturally, being a hypochondriac, I'm worried that I'll be told that I'll have to have my foot/leg amputated...or that I'll get a blood clot and die from the wound at this rate so if I suddenly disappear, you'll know why. laugh
Posted by AtsumaKarin on 16 Mar 17 at 21:15
takutoneko Haha..For the most part I'm positive overall..Basically shit happens and all you can do is just work through it. Just not sure how quickly this will get better before I can work again is why I'm wondering if this year will be a write off.

I might not of said how I did it coming to think of it...But I just tripped over my bed corner. Tumbling down I went! Lol

Oh, yes, you should go and see the doc about that bite especially if it's not going away. It's funny how our brains always go towards the worst possible outcome...But it most likely won't be so make that appointment!!

Ohhhh the plot thickens with the angry sales man as well D: It's turning into a soapy drama...lol
Posted by takutoneko on 16 Mar 17 at 22:11