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PermalinkMy want list (mainly RPGs's)
Here is a list i've compiled for myself for some of the games that I want to get over the course of time.

These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head, and there's alot more shock


- Dead Island: Riptide
- Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 REMIX
- Final Fantasy X & X2 HD Remaster (limited Edition)
- Atelier Shallie Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
- The Awakened Fate Ultimatum
- Eternal Sonata
- White Knight Chronicles
- White Knight Chronicles 2
- Atelier Meruru The Apprentice of Arland
- Fairy Fencer F
- Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk
- Drakengard 3
- Tears to Tiara 2
- Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten Premium Edition
- Atelier Torori The Adventurer of Arland (Special Edition)
- Star Ocean The Last Hope International
- Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunter
- Agarest Generation of War Zero (Collectors Edition)
- Atelier Ronora: The Alchemist of Arland
- Record of Agarest War 2 (Limited Edition)
- Agarest Generations of War 2 (Collectors Edition)
- Valkyria Chronicles
- Ar Nosurge Ode To An Unborn Star
- Atelier Escha & Logy
- Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
- Atelier Ronora Plus: The Alchemist of Arland
- Rune Factory Tides of Destiny
- Last Rebellion
- Hatsune Miku Project Diva F
- Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd
- Cross Edge
- Folklore
- Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns


- Tales of Hearts R
- DanganRonpa 2 Goodbye Despair
- Hyperdevotion Noire
- Persona 4 Golden
- Hyperdimention Neptunia Re;birth 2 Sisters Generation
- Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc
- Criminal Girls Invite Only
- Disgaea 4 A Promise Revisited
- Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention
- Hyperdimention Neptunia Producing Perfection
- Ys Memories of Celceta
- Conception II Children of the Seven Stars
- Demon Gaze
- Sorcery Saga Limited Edition
- Mind Zero
- Sorcery Saga Curse of the Great Curry God
Posted by AFatalTouch on 18 May 15 at 03:56 | Last edited on 03 September 15 at 04:38
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biff_beefcake Did you end up getting White Knight Chronicles and Rune Factory and that's why they're crossed off your list? I really had fun playing Tides of Destiny, I hope you like it too! :)
Posted by biff_beefcake on 18 May 15 at 06:55
EnigmaticFrenzyy yes get ragnarok im so lonely
Posted by EnigmaticFrenzyy on 18 May 15 at 07:02
takutoneko They will keep you busy for ages when you get em! Some good games in that list :)
Posted by takutoneko on 18 May 15 at 08:58
Rick_Nya Final Fantasy X/X-II LE has a really gorgeous box.
Ys Memories of Celceta I reccomend you to get the CE as well, it´s really awesome with a lot o content. The OST alone is 5 CD´s.
I got both for really cheap at
Posted by Rick_Nya on 18 May 15 at 12:57
ScutumMagister Nice want list, lot of great games on it.
Posted by ScutumMagister on 18 May 15 at 13:06
AFatalTouch @Biff_beefcake: Yes, I just recently knocked those 2 off my list (wrote the list prior to making this blog) and I've crossed them off in the process now :)

@Frenzy: Yes, I will be getting Ragnarok once I can get a good deal on it.

@Rick_Nya: I plan to get the CE's for both, the Ys one looked gorgeous, and i'm a sucker for LE's (with soundstracks) I'll have to check that website out :)

@Scutummagister Thank you! They certainly are, and there's alot more that I need to add to this list :)
Posted by AFatalTouch on 18 May 15 at 14:18
AFatalTouch @Takutoneko: Yes, I will be busy with these for quite a few weeks/months my Guess is :P I'm most likely gonna try and get 2/3 a month, so its still quite a ways away before I have them all
Posted by AFatalTouch on 18 May 15 at 14:19
redknightalex Very nice list. I've got quite a few of them already, including some CEs/LEs, which surprised no one I"m sure. The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD CE for the PS3 was a decent set but I'm not overly excited with the PS4 one. Am using the desktop calendar so there's that I suppose.

My only regret is not buying some of those on disc and getting them on the big flash sales as of late. I get excited about the sales, grab a few, and now I'm even going back to buy the games again on disc/card. My poor wallet. facepalm

Can't see a single bad game on this list. Good luck on it and keep us updated! smile
Posted by redknightalex on 18 May 15 at 14:30
ScutumMagister @rednightalex - I've done that several times myself, usually get the physical first and then the digital but I just grabbed Soul Sacrifice Delta from the current sale fully intending to get the region 3 physical copy at some point.
Posted by ScutumMagister on 18 May 15 at 14:41
AFatalTouch @Redknighttalex Yeah some amazing games on there, can't wait to own them all :) I wish I started with PS instead of Xbox, and I would've had pretty much all of these at this point. Sucks that alot of the games are super expensive now (atleast n my country) but hopefully i'll have them all over time..

That's why I avoid games like this digitally, well almost all games digitally. I like to be able to see my games on my shelf/hold them :P Saves alot of space on the HDD aswell.
Posted by AFatalTouch on 18 May 15 at 15:57
Funderballs_007 Not sure if its the same for your region but Dead Island Riptide is on sale at the moment on the PSN store:!/en-au/games/dead-island-rip...
Posted by Funderballs_007 on 19 May 15 at 00:25
EnigmaticFrenzyy Ragnarok had a bunch of deals but was still hella expensive, i just amazoned it.
Posted by EnigmaticFrenzyy on 19 May 15 at 11:41
AFatalTouch Thank you Funderballs, but I prefer my games physical ^^
Posted by AFatalTouch on 19 May 15 at 20:30
Atsuma77 Hi Fatal,

I was just looking at your backlog/RPG's that you want blog & noticed that this was mentioned by Rick_Nya I just wanted to add that they also have an E-bay store as well I got my Dead Space 2 LE from them...
Posted by Atsuma77 on 17 Jul 15 at 05:00